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Two separate updates from readers who went on holiday to Disney World, rather than our more common reader break of three weeks sex-tourism in Sri Lanka and Thailand. One photo shows an abandoned PS3, the other highlights Disney's immortalisation of Dreamcast in its "1990s" display.

Shame Disney is currently on its knees in front of Sony's Blu-ray division, but still. Some distant future children will know that Dreamcast existed.

Cockle-warming abandoned SHITBOX

"While on a recent trip to Disney World some of the EPCOT staff were recommending 'checking out the awesome PS3 console' they had at Innoventions. I later discovered the said PS3 being ignored, despite the fact they decided to make it more appealing by calling it a Wii. I returned later in the week to find it being played, and watched in pity as a boy struggled to get to grips with Need For Speed. He then offered me the controller to which I laughed a hollow laugh and explained to him the many wrong paths Sony have taken over the years. I didn't really of course, I just said 'No thanks' and walked off - JP Shooter."

Dreamcast: Ruled the 1990s

"Came across something that warmed my heart when I was exploring the Pop Century Resort at Walt Disney World. Just to quench your curiosity, I practically live there. That's why everything SEGA/Sonic related I find comes from Disney. Anyways, Pop Century, as the name kinda implies, is a resort themed to decades. Events that were going on or items that were popular during a particular decade are used to decorate the wings of the hotel and the exterior of it (EX-Giant Yo-yos for the 50s, popular slang made into signs and stuck on the railings). In the main hall, or check-in area, there are display cases hanging on the wall that hold particular items of interest from the decades represented at the hotel (In this case it's the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80, and 90s). And what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a beautiful, brand-new SEGA Dreamcast in the 90s display that certainly brought a tear. It was wonderful to see the Dreamcast shown as part of the 90s display, even if its total time in the 90s was only 3-4 months. Here's a pic to warm you and everyone else. Other items in the display include Pokemon cards, a Gameboy, and... Pocahontas.

"So enjoy and relish, it certainly brought a tear to my eye, and attention to my being. Just because a loves a video game system and company so much, he's escorted by security off property. What a world - supersonic70645."

REQUIREMENT #4: Alternate photo without flash

Again. People. Please. Be brief with your sighting reports. Three short sentences is all anything ever really needs. You're just making it harder on yourselves. Well done on providing an alternate photo without flash, though.
Blogger SMEGHaMMeR said...
I always wanted an orange swirl... Got bored of the blue one pretty quick =]
Blogger PhotoBoy said...
It might be from the '90s but my DC is still plugged in and hooked up to my monitor via VGA. Even when I'm short of plug points it doesn't get unplugged. I'd happily unplug the PS3 to prove a point but I didn't waste money buying one of them in the first place.
Blogger Me_Ur_Daddy said...
silly sega fans, its ironic cus you tards bash sony just cus they killed off your precious and also demolished nintendo as we know it(minigame/shovelware galore, they literally dont have standards anymore) and are now demolishing 360(lol @ MS for getting outsold by a more expensive, game lacking, bad publicity magnet) yet sega is showing preference to sony every day with it's big titles. yakuza 3, valkyrie of the battlefield, and more. soak up the tears ladies lol!

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