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A PlayStation3. With a DEMO. And the SIXAXIS controller that's about to be made obsolete. And still no HDMI cable so you CAN'T ACTUALLY WATCH Blu-ray films at HD resolution, rendering the entire HD argument obsolete.

But people keep buying it, so Sony keeps shovelling it. Anyone who buys this is heaping shame upon the nation.

Innovative new motion controller included

In the greasy hands of a small number of idiots for the usual Sony price of £TOOFUCKINGMUCH at the end of March.
Blogger Gnac said...
Can you actually ding cars in GT yet?
Blogger Blarg said...
Blogger aNt said...
You'd be better off getting this.

You can get an extra 5% (£15) off with a Varsity Bars discount card as well.

Word verification: pckyl. E.g. Sony was in a pckyl this week when it announced the delay of Gran Turismo 5.
Blogger PhotoBoy said...
So it's a PS3 with a smaller hard drive, no backwards compatibility, no rumble and a demo of the next GT? Utterly pointless.

And since it doesn't have an HDMI cable, you'd be much better off buying a Dreamcast with Daytona, Sega GT, Sega Rally 2, Crazy Taxi and 18 Wheeler. I bet GT5 doesn't have crazy taxies or trucks to race... and with all that money you saved you could buy a 360.
Blogger colin said...
Photoboy said:
and with all that money you saved you could buy a 360.

Yeah right, like that would be a money saving plan. With the PS3 you buy it and then it just sits there all day, not costing you a penny. If you bought the 360, you'd have all kinds of great games you'd want to buy, and then you'd be out all kinds of money buying them. The PS3 is actually a much cheaper bet in the long run, as there's really nothing else for you to do with it once it's bought. It's part of the ten year plan.

* Buy PS3.
* Save money for ten years.
* Put a down payment on the PS4.
* Look forward to PS5 (which will launch with Metal Gear 4).
Blogger lmaonoob said...
I want...

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