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Someone went to a lot of effort to take these photos, even though the effort was ultimately misplaced and wasted thanks to a tragic case of mis-remembering.

"I saw your update about the "GamesMaster" store in Elephant and Castle, and rushed out to photograph another store I thought there was in Wandsworth. Imagine my disappointment when I got there to find it was called "Gamesland" and it had already closed down. If you look you can see Iceland reflected in the window of a shop that specialises in "PS" and "Gameboy" and has the old logo for the N64."

"On the plus side, the photos I took are educational/entertaining. First up they have shoes/boots cheaper than Peckham..."

"And its a vibrant place. I'd lke to remain anonymous too please, in case any Wandsworth hard people get upset. Cheers - K****."

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