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Found by our curious reader/mascot "Andy The Squirrel" - it's a two-piece heart-shaped pendant that will keep the two lovers close, even when they are far away (ie, even when Tails has got stuck on some scenery, scrolled off the screen and died).

'I'll always come back for you when you scroll off the screen - Sonic xxx'

Located on that funny Japanese Sonic Team blog thing that often houses amazing SEGA material.
Blogger Segan said...
Have the Japanese figured out that he's not a girl yet?
Blogger Ben said...
that is pretty gay. I feel sorry for the girl who's boyfriend buys that

cxyef - not what ef would be thought of if he bought this
Blogger luiggi said...
which part is for the boy? Tails or Sonic?
Blogger TwoTailedFox said...
Trust Andy to find that.

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