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Sony PR blog writers NAMED and SHAMED, along with some odd choices of keywords to describe the world's least popular games console.

PS3, Sony, gaming, free, online, XXX, Home, The Getaway, Viagra

"I was just going through the list of meta keywords used on Sony's Three Speech sham blog (don't ask me why) when I noticed something quite peculiar. Among the meta keywords used were the following:

"Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, HD DVD, Eurogamer, Backward compatability"

"Why any of these words would be used to describe the PS3 is beyond me. Anyway. Thought you'd be interested - James."
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Keywords for UK:R:

meta name="keywords" content="Gemma Atkinson, Ulala Cosplay, Cream Cosplay, Lara Croft Erection, Ulala Upskirt, Richard Jacques, Emily Booth, Restraining Order"
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