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Gemma's co-hosting Live with perennial games presenter Iain Lee. We're not entirely convinced Gemma knows very much about games, but that's unlikely to have been the main reason she was booked.


"Proof, if it were needed, that the Wii does indeed not make you fit in any way. And don't judge me for having been to The Sun website, I just go there to read the articles (and find out what's happening on the latest witch hunt). Cheers - Ben."


Iain Lee's got a bit fat.


This is the first time we have ever wanted to "be" Iain Lee.


Imagine how much more relaxing it would be, dear Gemma, if you were to actually turn the fucking TV on. This show is going to be a disaster.


Attending still appeals.


Yes! Gemma hates Iain Lee just as much as we hate Iain Lee! We will add this to the list of things we have in common with Gemma Atkinson: 1. A hatred of Iain Lee.


She has legs, and knows how to use them. We doubt she's quite as adept with a Wii controller.


Go on, Iain, try to get off with her after the show. It'd be a massive victory for the common and slightly geeky man.
Blogger John said...
The official phrase is 'TV's Iain Lee'
Blogger Nick said...
You're right, Iain Lee has got a bit fat, and his annoying, newly chubby face has subsequently distracted my attention from a far more worthy cause - Gemma Atkinson's norks.

Plus, in every photot he looks like he's running through all his various cum-faces.

For shame.
Blogger Otelo J. Funk said...
I'd love to play with those knockers
Blogger Bazzlad said...
Hahaha - on the plus side he's smart enough to do what I used to do, play 1 player with the correct controller and give the other player (normally a young naive relative) a NES control pad so they think they're playing.

Xbox and PS3 pads. Rock and roll.
Blogger Chris said...
She can play with my joystick anytime etc etc...

Nice down-the-shirt shot on the last image, shame Ian Lee spoils the view.
Blogger PhotoBoy said...
I just hope the reason Gemma isn't holding the 360 pad in any of the pictures is because she wasn't able to prise it out Ian Lee's hands, rather than because she has any kind of love of Kutaragi's monstrous abomination of a console.
Blogger Cunzy11 said...
You can tell they aren't really playing a game because TV's Iaiaian Lee isn't sitting on the edge of the seat. No one plays sitting at the back of the seat. Plus, the cameraman would be in the way. In addition they have two different controllers. Also, Iaiain is a girl.
Blogger cowbrain said...
For 100 coins can I get 1up?
Blogger Crispy Floyd said...
"Sofa so good?" - Caption writer sacked, dreams of writing headlines for tabloids out the window.
Blogger Josh said...
Who is that lardy tubster and what has he done with Ian Lee?

Also, where the fuck is the hi-res of those thighs? THOSE THIGHS.

Blogger Platy said...
women are cool ... but you know what is best ?

confirmation that Sega still remeber that Alexx Kidd existed

bonus point for the dawrf from golden axe too ...and i think that the shenmue dude wasn't confirmed yet =D
Blogger Pod said...
Don't hate Ianiananin Lee, love him.
Blogger Guru Larry said...
Wow, she really is a gamer, she can't even hold a PS3 pad properly, then again most people havn't held one anyway.

Now I understand why didn't invite us to film there as they knew we'd just take the piss constantly :D
Blogger Anthony Barret said...
So in real life is she like...12 feet tall? Everything about those pictures seems to indicate (to quote a Rob Schneider movie) ONE HUGE BITCH! Hot as hell but usually you see a face like that on a skinny girl. It's too bad I already fapped for the night.
Blogger Lee said...
I have a sneaking suspicion that in picture 3, Iain has dropped his guts.

Gemma deserves better.
Blogger Netizen said...
Iain Lee has never looked more like a 'real' gamer than he does now. It's sad, but also kind of endearing.

Which is all wrong.

qieukp - the sound of aforementioned gut-dropping.
Blogger Cap'n Puzzler said...
All you need to convert the Iain Lee hatred into love is a few listens to his radio shows.

He's now on Virgin Sunday nights, but there's some vintage stuff on old LBC podcasts.

I also play with him on Xbox Live and he's a thoroughly nice bloke; e.g. I got kicked for having a low ping so he quit and started a new server so I could join him, and when some kids had a go at me for not realising it was pistols only he had a sharp witted go at them on my behalf. I harnessed his power and influence.
Blogger Montague said...
I reckon they're both playing Oblivion on different consoles to truly work out how inferior the PS3 version is. Gemma's got the PS3, because the far more effeminate TV's Iain Lee couldn't handle Sony's atrocity.

Good on you, Gemma.

Nice boobs too - but look out, TV's Iain Lee seems to be catching up!
Blogger John said...
Oh my god, she's not using her shoulder buttons.
Blogger ian said...
What the fuck is going on? No-one's proclaimed WOULD as yet. Poor show!

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