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Ages ago, we did this rather harsh update about a trip to the GamesMaster shop in Peckham. To this very day, we still get one or two angry emails a month from someone in Peckham - emails which are pleasingly full of the sort of threats of knife/genital violence you might expect to get from a resident of Peckham.

Well, there is ANOTHER GamesMaster shop! It's a chain! Or a franchise. This one's in Elephant and Castle, which is another bit of London you go through on the bus or train while feeling sad that it exists and some people - often through no fault of their own - have to be there.

'Dear GamesMaster, how do I get out of South London alive?'

"I have been reading your archives with interest of late. One thing that caught my attention was the mention of the GamesMaster shop in Peckham. It isn't the only one. I go to uni right next to the Elephant and Castle roundabout, and as a result have spent more time in the hideously ugly shopping centre nearby than any sane person should. In other words, I've been there. There is a GamesMaster store inside. I have attached pictures as proof."

At least they get SEGA POS materials

"Sadly, my hopes of being greeted by a xylophone playing cyclops offering game tips were dashed as soon as I walked in the door. They did have a fair number of Gamecube games in stock, which was kind of nice. There was even a small shelf of games for the first PlayStation being ignored in the corner, with a SEGA collection for PS2 prominently displayed above them."


"No Dreamcast games, however. They appear to have vanished from every single store shelf in London, sadly. By the way, this was in the middle of the day. It's usually much darker inside than it was when the pictures were taken. Even on sunny days, the Elephant and Castle shopping centre feels like the middle of the night. As a bonus, in the market outside, I found these game accessories for sale, in white boxes with a pale blue Wu logo. Fantastic - Rob."
Blogger Simon said...
I missed the original Peckham update so this is all new to me. There is something entertaining about rubbish independent stores.

Not especially witty, but I had the misfortune of visiting an independent games store in Peckham.

I had a job which is part involved delivering games posters. This store had requested a visit and I duly arrived with stacks of free posters and the such and all I got in return was abuse.

I guess having to spend your working life in Peckham must twist you up inside.

Also for a long time there was a shop in the main road through Peckham adorned with "We chip Playstations" in big letters on the window. A testament to the importance of video games to the community there.
Blogger Halverde said...
"You're just an arrogant, bigoted, egotistical, know-nothing tit. I wish one of the actual muggers, who fyi only roam the back streets - and even that tends to be late at night - had actualy killed you. It's a misfortune for the world that you're walking carcass of prejudice is still taking up space" -- I love it.

How do you feel about Ealing? Do I have to boycott this site now?
Blogger Simon said...
The bile of gaming fanboys is one thing, but threats of physical violence from somebody 'cos u dissed their hood, bruv' is truly something of an achievement.

Zorg. Your work here is done
Blogger Alvy Singer said...
I used to commute via Elephant & Castle everyday and, obviously, traipsing through the shopping centre was a constant thrill.

Occasionally, when in dire need of a GBA game to numb the train journey, I'd venture into Gamesmaster.

The dingy lighting and obscene prices always forced me to leave within 60 seconds, lest the resulting deep depression sent me on a gun rampage or something.

Interestingly, barely a week would go by without a new police sign going up looking for witnesses to a murder. Good times.
Blogger Tomleecee said...
The depressing lack of shops no longer stocking Dreamcast games isn't just a London-centric cancer, it's Nationwide. Even Gamestation is no longer stocking our favourite broken-hinged cases of joy.
Blogger mrplow said...
Hahaha I've been to that shop too, cos I also go to that university too as well.

Yes I'm a student. I am also a crap DJ. So I can now pride myself in being in Idiot Toys' least favourite demographic.

Anyway that shopping centre is surely the most horrific place anyone could ever hope to spend their lunch hour strolling about wondering what to spend the no money they have on. It's so awful it even makes the Wetherspoons over the road look like a haven of sophistication.
Blogger Craig said...
This franchise must come from hell. They've spawned in two of the most damned places in London.

I thought Peckham was bad enough, but Elephant and Castle is an insult. Accessing that craphole requires navigating an underground labyrinth of tramps and urine stains, a market full of dodger dealers wanting to steal your coat and 17 year olds taking their two kids shopping.

Though... there used to be a game shop on the second floor of that place which had every Street Fighter arcade game ever (it closed about the time of the Alpha series, though)... that place was cool.
Blogger WillPS said...
I wonder if Dexter Fletcher is the owner of this shambolic chain?

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