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What looks looks like a Greek games shop. Funny Greek words unknown. If you understand funny Greek words, please let us know what it says. Hopefully it's not something rude or about Sony being the best and Sonic sucking cocks!

Funny Greek writing

"Took these last summer about 100 miles north of Athens. Unfortunately I have no idea what the funny Greek writing bit means - Nick."

Funny Greek writing CLOSE-UP

Sadly, Nick only supplied that one short sentence as explanation. This is not ideal. We now have to think of things to say about three other photos of the same thing from slightly different angles.

'The children's bicycles were found outside a local shop 24 hours after they disappeared'

He did at least resize his images to 500 pixels wide, so it saved us a bit of work.

Stained brickwork, reeking of decay

TOMORROW: Felixstowe!
Blogger Tysoe_J said...
Is that some original artwork?
Blogger Henry Winchester said...
When it said "100 miles north of Athens", I assumed it was in the sky.
Blogger Chris Coltrane said...
My Greek colleague says that the Greek writing on the sign just says "games" or "toys" depending on how you translate it.

Then again, he rapes, so don't necessarily listen to him.
Blogger Choobs said...
ΠΑΙΧΝΙΔΙΑ = toys. Not games. Toys, bicycles, table games, card games, shovels and buckets for brats to make castles in the sand. Nothing to do with computer games. nothing to do with anything having to do with electricity.

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