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Rico Shen, the amateur photographer who bought us the Microsoft-branded ladies a few weeks back, has been harassing girls at game shows again. This time at the Taipei Games Show 2008. Taipei, we have subsequently been informed, is in Taiwan. Not Korea. Although it could be argued [CONTENT DELETED]...

Rico Shen: BRAVE

SPOTTED BY: "UK:R's intrepid correspondent in the East, Rico Shen, attended the Taipei Games show earlier in the year. Not much happened other than the unveiling of a coloured PS2 and the goods are nowhere near as spectacular as Rico's earlier offerings."

'So, how do you make a game?'

"But given that you must be really scraping the barrel in terms of updates by just posting a raw Wikipedia dump, you might want to take a look at his latest set.

Burning logos on with prods was outlawed in 1998

"This is one of the few usable pics, featuring the most in your face branding of a woman possible."

Red, then blue

"That might be worth something. It is live, unscripted holding, quite brave from a developing nation like Taiwan. Lee Jie-Shing on the right must really show a bit more teeth if she's to last in this cut throat industry."

'So, er, where are you from? Oh...'

"Please keep my name and email handle out of it if you see any of those images fit for update - Mr XXX X. XXXXXXXX."

Please spare me, Mr Photographer man

Look into her eyes. She's clearly terrified. If you're not used to seeing barely masked terror in the eyes of a lady, trust us. That's what it looks like.

The Sugababes circa 2012

Korean girl band Siren was there. They are clearly struggling a bit if they have been reduced to attending games shows in Taiwan.

Mum? Lover? Sister? Twin?

Would like to know/read the backstory behind that couple, particularly regarding how they came up with the ideas for their hair.

Taiwanese Hellgate cosplay

Taiwanese Hellgate cosplay. Remember this image, you will almost certainly never see Taiwanese Hellgate cosplay ever again.

Glossy coats, bright eyes

Yes, I will have a leaflet, please. Thank you. What a lovely leaflet. Very glossy. Nice full colour repro. Are any of you also prostitutes?
Blogger Cunzy11 said...
100% would. Even the clones just to say I had.
Blogger Ooshka said...
The one with the PS logo on her arm and holding a pink PSP: absolutely would with no hesitation or guilt even though I'm married.
Blogger Robotron2084 said...
Are you mad, Ooshka ? It's clearly a male, and he forgot to peel off the playstation sticker he uses on a daily base to remove his abundant limb's hair.
Blogger Ooshka said...
And your point is?
Blogger Creepy Uncle said...
I err accidentally discovered this movie of a horrible old woman being given one on a sega touring car machine. Not sure if the link is allowed here or if anyone would actually want to see it for that matter so here is a little pic
Blogger PhotoBoy said...
Speaking of traps...
Blogger Josh said...
The double-pigtailed one in the first post wants me. Look. Ohh, flirting with me like that.

I know she's looking off-camera. That's where I was stood. IN MY DREAMS.
Blogger FuzzyPiggy said...
That gamer guy with the serious face, pulls a sideways whisper, "Just keep smiling bitch, I'm paying by the hour! That's it nice and easy, yes, you'll get your money and if we get away with this and all matess see it, I won't rip the head of your hamster and feed it to my mother!"
Blogger Lebowski said...
I challenge everyone to send high res photos of Taiwanese Hellgate cosplay to UKR... just to prove them wrong.
Certainly not to ogle at, that's for sure.
Blogger Branch-me-do said...
OMFG WOULD to ALL THE GIRLS, even the one with the stupid Lily Allen pudding bowl fringe.

Let this be a lesson to you, marketing idiots trying to convince us to buy PSPs with trannies as your models.
Blogger ian said...
The one on the left in the first picture would fit right in to a Cluedo set, elongated neck an' all.
Blogger slim1945 said...
What's Salma Hayek doing in the 7th pic down, on the far left?

Word Verification : "zudsz" a German make of bubble bath
Blogger SMEGHaMMeR said...
Grammatical/spelling error in the first sentence. You don't see em often on here, but i'm disappointed you haven't spotted that one Mr Zorg. Proper chav error too..

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