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Five out of what seems like the 27,000 updates we have lovingly cobbled together for some other bits of the internet over the last week.
  • This thing which is a textbook piece of rabble-rousing. They fall for it every single time! Wasting the energy of PS3 fans like this is one of the many ways we fight. If one man doesn't go out to the shops to buy a PS3 game because he's busy slagging people off on the internet today, it will have been worth it.

  • This thing where we did more purposeful rabble-rousing again two days later, to see if they'd fall for it twice in one week. They did!

  • This thing about experimental teenage dress-up activity.

  • This thing about adding vibration to Sony's rubbish SIXAXIS controller, because we are contractually obliged to occasionally write something about Sony products. There is nothing in our contract about having to be NICE about them, mind.

  • This thing about Dr. Kawashima being mental, because we are also obliged to occasionally be nice about Nintendo's "magic wand" machine.

  • This thing about a serious piece of tech and gaming news, because you can't not use pictures like this when they come along:

  • BREAKING IMPORTANT TECH NEWS, with me, Gemma Atkinson

    Sony slagging. Mild porn. Anger generation. Confusion. Complaints. We can't give any more than this. "Must click through - 11/10."
    Blogger Crispy Floyd said...
    Experimental Teenage Dress Up activity? The expectation, the possibilities, the probable semi illegal contents, and the life crushing anti climax.
    Blogger Cmdr_Zorg said...
    Sorry. Internet dirty trick. I'll be more restrained next time.
    Blogger shonky said...
    The rabble rousing posts are inded text book. Herding all the PS3 nutters into the comments section like that... it's like watching "One man and his dog".
    Blogger colin said...
    Why can't PS3 fanboys spell? Oh yeah, because they're all either 12 or retarded.
    Blogger FuzzyPiggy said...
    I think Halo is shite, dull and repetitive toss, but even I know that the character's helmet has a smoked glass visor! That twat as Master Little Chef of whatever the **** he's called, managed to source a bit of clear perspex, but could get tinted? Sorry if I was in the kitchen and my kids walked in like that, I'd be straight round to the local orphanage!
    Blogger Tom said...
    I am loving your work with the PS3 fanboys - Is there nothing more enjoyable internet wise than watching the rage of a deluded 14 year old mong who cries like a wounded animal when confronted with the sheer shitness of his horrifically over-priced console?
    Blogger ian said...
    Gemma Atkinson is the embodiment of all that is right in a woman. Until she opens her mouth.

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