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Definitely remember lusting over this in the Argos catalogue, and begging mum and dad to buy it for Christmas. Even though, being 23-years-old and in full-time employment at the time, we could've just gone down to the shops and bought one for ourselves.

TOG rating 9.5. Tear absorption rating 8.0

TOUCHING HUMAN INTEREST STORY: "My grandma bought me this duvet set back in the 90s and I'd use it whenever I went to stay over."

SEGA Humping Wank Pillow

"Somehow it ended up fully in my possession and I still use it to this day. I'm pretty sure I had a notepad and pencil tin back then with the same design on as well."

'Ah! A Sonic duvet! Please tell me story behind it...'

"It's definitely my favourite duvet cover set and always a good conversation piece. I used to think that the golden outlines on the text on the pillow case glowed in the dark, but they don't - Joe, Sheffield."

Pull tightly over head and pretend

A remarkably clean an un-stained example.
Blogger RangerBitch said...
I had that on my bed that I used when I stayed at my mums. It was a very starchy set. It's probably how it manages to prevent all the awesomeness from leaking out.
Blogger phorenzik said...
I had a notebook and pecil case tin with that design on. They do exist!

Also, I wanted this duvet cover set but my parents bought me a Popeye one instead because it was cheaper and they thought I'd like it equally as much.

I didn't though.

It ended up getting ripped and I managed to get the dog blamed for it.
Blogger Joel said...
We also had this

I think my brother has it now
Blogger supersonicjim said...
I had one of them and me mam gave it to the less fortunate children.

Blogger Ben said...
omg i've still got this too...

the more I read this site the more I curse how much I have in common with it's audience :(

no offence
Blogger arg0n said...
Bloody hell, I'd forgotten about that set - I too had one. Wanted the curtains, lampshade and bin, but wasn't allowed them for a reason that I seem to have forgotten...

Word verification: ylexh - Text speak for 'yer legs hurt?'... in Scotland.
Blogger shonky said...
"... always a good conversation piece."

He: "Do you want to come in for coffee?"
She: "Sure, ok, just for a minute"
She (aside): I know I've had 15 bottles of Hooch but he seems quite sexy.
/cut to upstairs landing
She (giggling): "Funny that you only have a TV in your bedroom"
He (closing door behind them): "Prepare to be impressed"

/He turns on the light and points at Sonic duvet

She (sobbing and suddenly sober): "Oh God"
He: "I know! Isn't it awesome"

/cut to taxi

Not to be continued
Blogger Urban Reflex said...
I had one of these two! And the notebook and pencil case! And the curtains too I think. Not sure about them though.

Probably have it all somewhere. To be fair I'd rather have a Sonic calendar (for example) than a nudey ladies one. Just so much class.
Blogger Ben said...
my mummy has sent me pictures of the jacket i mentioned a while ago. i'll email them to zorg shortly, i want my ukr fame too

ibinwm - the new mobile operating system
Blogger lesalanos said...
I had one of these too! Even if I still had it, it would be impossible to post any pictures because it would be breaching the international spunk-limit

I think the reason why I hate the sonic games so much is because I loved the merchandise Oh! much more
Blogger RangerBitch said...
There was also a folder binder and pencils featuring the same design.
Blogger radlord said...
look how ravaged by the passage of time and cheap washing powder the black has become.

I wonder if they ever appeased the idiot manchild market and made a double bed version.
Blogger jimmy jackson said...
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Anonymous Lee Soady said...
i had that, i still have the bed set in my attic, along with an old-school Sonic plushy toy (Mega Drive era), i shall hopefully upload a pic of the plushy soon.

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