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We got this from Kotaku. It's some news about a British company that have made some Outrun T-Shirts but for some reason have forgotten to tell US that they've made them and even more strangely, have neglected to even send us some for free in return for publicising the fact they've produced some Outrun T-Shirts.

That could have been a picture of us wearing an Outrun T-Shirt

Their T-Shirt has Yu Suzuki's name on it and the arcade board number, which we knew, obviously, it's the sort of thing we recite in our sleep. Anyway, we're sure this minor oversight will be corrected immediately and we'll be wearing our new Outrun T-Shirt to work by wednesday morning at the latest.
Blogger Pekka said...
40 dollars? Yeah sure...
Blogger mrplow said...
Posting on a saturday, what the fuck is this?!
Blogger Mark said...
Why are the t-shirts black though?

Blogger Bas said...
Overpriced, if they were cheaper I'd get one.
Blogger Tin o beans said...
Those shirts are wrong UK:R, don't be fooled! Phonie alert!

Here's why:

1. "Never mind the polygons" trying to put sex pistols and videogames together is a stupid idea.

2. every shirt is labeled the same on the backside:

Not for commercial use
Not for sale
not for profit (@40$ lol)
Not for re-release
Not for use in the dark
... (keep on going with stupid shit that sounded like it came from the great minds of graphic designers who did nothing but adverts in shit magazines)

3. They put this shirt in a series along with Mario Kart and ... Loco rocco?! And to top it off, Outrun is Number 3?!! Well at at least lettering is blue...

Fuck these shirts, they were not made by real sega fans, the only sensible thing we could do is buy them all, and melt them in a fire and send the big smelly acrylic ball back to them with a tag that says "Fuck off".

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