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SEGA's remaking the original Saturn NiGHTS for PS2. We might as well have not bothered with the last ten years. Here is a poor quality photo of it stolen from Gaming-Age.

The photo-taker did well to stop any tears dripping onto the paper.

NiGHT NiGHT everyone :(

What next? A SNES version of Sonic? SEGA Rally for the PlaySta... :(
Blogger Ino said...
I'm so confused right now.

what do you suggest we all do, cmdr zorg?
Blogger Cmdr_Zorg said...
We should all rush out and buy 60GB PS3s so we can play it via the amazing "backwards compatibility" feature.
Blogger Cunzy11 said...
It might be time to hang up the Dreamcast joypads. All that work in vain Here are some alternative obsessions for Zorg and co:

2)A page about gadgets and promotional photos. It should be ironic.
3)Drinking in parks
4)Being an industry "insider"
5)Writing for children's television
6)Claiming to be the father of New Games Journalism with some shitty review you wrote years ago.
Blogger Hughes. said...
Yeah, but it won't have the gruvy controller an' ting. I'll probably buy it though, it'll save me from buying a fucking Wii.

dsrrxylc - the way dyslexic people spell dyslexic
Blogger Ross said...
If it costs less than £80, it'll be better than getting the Saturn version off eBay.
Blogger JDB1983 said...
Oh dear, why? Why?


I'm honestly shaking with disappointment now.

Blogger bilal said...
i'm seriously thinking zorg's just moaning for the hell of it

you can't seriously be annoyed that they're redoing it for the ps2?

i heard about it today and didn't pay much attention at first as i thought it was just the wii one for ps2.

there's still a chance they'll crap it up, but it's not like it's stopping them from working on something great...

seriously, what else are they gonna do?
Blogger Jayenkai said...
If they could be bothered to redo NiGHTS for a console from that generation, then why the hell didn't they just do it for the Dreamcast like we all wanted!?!?

qnemuhq : Home of QN emulation.
Blogger Madmarkus said...
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Blogger Warmwaterpenguin said...

Just die. If you don't know why this news is CRUSHING then you have entirely missed virtually every UK:R post ever.

Omhgii: Internet acronym for "Oh my holy god, Bilal is a twat who doesn't know his Sega history".
Blogger Nick said...
Wicked. More reason not to buy a PS3 or X360 :)
Blogger colin said...
Oh my God, I just realized something. With the PS2 game production being so slow, and the PS2 owners who haven't upgraded yet looking for something/ anything to play, it is quite possible piles of complete chavs will now play Nights. Heck, they'll probably all think it's originally a Playstation game, as they are so fucking retarded. You'll hear chavs saying stuff like "yeah, Nights on the Wii looks gay. The original on the Playstation was a lot better".
Blogger bilal said...
i love how EVERYONE who posts here thinks they're the only person on the whole entire internet who gets UKR.

i'm a sega boy through and through, but i'm glad it's coming to ps2. or at the very least i'm indifferent.

i don't give a flying fuck what you think.

i understand that all these shit comments are thanks to UKR getting a 'rep' on the internet, and people on here have taken it upon themselves to be all vigilant against americans and sony boys, but back in the old days i wouldn't have had to deal with this.

grow up, mate. when UKR does anti-sony it's funny. when people like you do it it's just shit. you look like someone trying to do kick-ups in front of ronaldinho. stop trying to suck up with your sega-loving in the hopes of getting a free t-shirt.

Blogger Slaaaaabs said...
Sega are going senile
Blogger Gareb said...
Trust me Bilal, no-one wants a T-shirt, free or otherwise.

Ask Zorg.
Blogger bilal said...
gareb, that's even worse :(

on the one hand i'm getting gunned for thinking outside the box, and on the other the so-called 'real' sega fans don't even have the sega vest?

and as if wearing it to king's library wasn't enough, i took them to japan. they never knew what hit them:

the sega vest gets lots of laughs, the RIP one less-so, as i have to explain the significance of it, and anyone who doesn't 'get' it just thinks i'm trying to be goth and wanna die...
Blogger Cmdr_Zorg said...
Does anyone know how I get Blogger to make Bilal's name appear in gold and in bigger letters than everyone else's?
Blogger Saphion said...
What in the fuck is going on here?
Blogger bilal said...
well you see saphion it's like this:

been reading ukr nonstop for about five years now, best thing on the internet, etc etc.

aaanyway, it just pisses me off that whenever i type a comment that's even a smidgen below the expected zorg-let-me-just-unzip-you-there-and posts, i get accused of not 'getting' ukr.

lucky for me i have this bloody photographic evidence in the first place as over here, once people even think you don't get it, you've had it(it's like when i had a go at the kebab shop update on idiottoys)

but in spite of your average 'proper' ukr reader considering himself so wickedly elite, i think the comments sections are starting to read like kotaku, gamestop, etc(with added jade raymond porn).

having been recently inundated with dopey foreigners who stumble upon here and don't get the humour(thanks to sites like those linking here) has naturally raised the threat level from yellow to red, but seriously, don't confuse mild critique with something else.

and zorg, no special treatment necessary - i'm just a regular guy trying to do my bit to spread the sega love
Blogger Cunzy11 said...
/plays violin
Blogger bilal said...
Blogger Cmdr_Zorg said...
Well if any of you ever work out what "the point" is of UKR, please let me know.
Blogger Saphion said...
Don't know about you lot, but I always thought the point of UK:R was an excuse to do a lot of celebratory wanking. At least, that's what I've been using it for.

Blogger bilal said...
touche, cmdr zorg.


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