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Japan. Land of the humorous mistranslation. These photos come from the SegaWorld in Koriyama, Japan, where a sensationally poor collection of Sonic The hedgehog poetry adorns the walls. In the legendary writings, Tails is referred to as "spunkiest" - yet more evidence of his much-rumoured homosexuality.

"I'm sending you a few extra pics to give it some context... Like the crap picture I took of the outside of it by day - the reason the picture is so shit is because I'm on a bike and there's a motorway in between me and SegaWorld and I'm not sure if I'll be capable of getting any closer than this."

"Thankfully, I do, and what a place it is! There's lots of UFO Catchers full of Stitch. My pride tells me that this shouldn't really be allowed in a Sega establishment, but something else catches my eye..."

"Amazing Sonic poetry. Complete with spelling mistakes."

"And there's more - Tails' own tribute seems to have been censored by the light fitting."

"Amy's tribute was actually quite enlightening, since as far as I know, she was only in Sonic CD which I never played. Now at least, I know she's a 'togh cookie'."

"As for the rest of the 'World', it mostly contained Virtua Fighter 5 cabs, an old Jurassic Park, a beautiful selection of 40p-per-play Afterburner Climax cabs and a 'Let's go Jungle' cab which was surprisingly decent although one of the fire buttons was a bit broken. There was also some sort of weird Fantasy Zone game that involved shooting things on a carousel, which pleased the SEGA fan in me, but evidently not enough to make me play it."

"The upstairs, predictably enough, was all pachinko machines and horse racing simulators that you could gamble on."

"As I left, I went into the used book store next door and bought some used Dreamcast games. And then had a burger."

"All in all, a reasonably good day. 7/10 - Tom."
Blogger Mainman said...
Since these must've gone up around the time that Sonic Adventure 1 was released (I'm guessing based on the artwork used), I'm left wondering why there was no sign of a Knuckles poem. Perhaps an E-102 emo ballad? Robotnik* haiku? I'm sure another UK:R reader can fill that gap for me.

vvxmjnn - Extreme Japanese genie.

(*Turns out that 'Robotnik' is Polish for 'worker'. Who knew?)
Blogger Thomas said...
I think there might have been a Knuckles one, actually, bit i must have forgotten to take a picture.
I heard 'Robotnik' was closer to 'slave' from Chzec but maybe not then...
Blogger Jawatron said...
In Rose's poem neat could so easily and effectively be changed to meat.
Blogger Halverde said...
Rose wants to take Sonic's mighty meat.
Blogger Saphion said...
Hilariously, swiped the cat/Sonic update and credited it to Penny Arcade of all places.
Blogger LewieP said...
Wow, that is meta. read my post on the PA forums, and cited it as a source. My source was UKresistance.

Crazy interwebs.
Blogger Derg said...
Her name is Cream. She likes the big screen. It makes her wanna scream, PSP PSP PSP PSP PSP PSP PSP
Blogger Duckula said...
That fantasy zone carousel is the best thing I have ever seen.
Blogger Ooshka said...
Can someone please explain to me again why the fuck Tails is called Miles Prower? I'd completely forgotten about that until this post, having successfully blanked it from my subconscious for a good few years.

Why? Why the fuck WHY?

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