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Shit sales of PS3 blamed for magazine closure! Raging editor slags off Sony strategy in press release! Good times had by all! (except several hard-working, under-paid Imagine freelancers, who are now wholly dependent on Google Ads revenue from their cynical industry blogs to pay bedsit rent).

From the press release:
Nick Jones, Editor in Chief of Imagine’s PlayStation titles commented, "The fact is that the PlayStation market is at an all-time low and this has been reflected in the sales of PlayStation magazines. With a lower than expected PlayStation 3 installed user base, no price reduction of the hardware, and few triple-A games until much later next year, we have taken the decision to merge PSU3 with Play and focus on our most long-standing games brands and also our new launches."


We would miss it, had we actually been aware of its existence.
Blogger Nikomus said...
Surely they've got their acronym wrong, and it should be PS3U? That can't have helped their sales.

Unless a few power supply fanatics accidentally bought it once or twice.
Blogger ThwartedEfforts said...
Blogger Zoloft addict said...
Can't see how they could fail with such an appealing, bare chested wrestler cover as that.

It'd be harder to explain buying that to the wife than a copy of Nuts.

Neither of which I'd actually do of course.
Blogger Nikomus said...
Well, I guess I thwarted your efforts then.
Blogger colin said...
If the Undertaker is so tough, why's he wearing some kind of makeup around his eyes?
Blogger phorenzik said...
I was going to make that joke you bastard!
Blogger colin said...
Also, that thing where the dollar sign should be looks silly. You people over in, like, Francania or whatever it's called, totally need to start using dollars like normal people. I recommend the Canadian dollar, as the one from south of here is soon going to be pretty worthless.
Blogger bilal said...
canadian money rocks - it's got both our queen on it AND some ducks and a pond and pond reeds and stuff.

it ticks all the boxes in my book anyway

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