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It's been revealed that 55% of the total sales of PS3 were in the first four weeks. Which again makes us highly suspicious about that 'record' opening weekend where PS3 was allegedly the fastest selling console ever. Sony are now resorting to even more drastic measures by releasing a pointless 40gb version of the console - so desperate are they to get something on the shelves at a less than extortionate price. Not that it well help with the lack of any decent games.


Package holidays to Baghdad
Jade Goody's perfume
The Thick of it - Series 1 DVD
CRT Televisions
Nokia N-Gage
Blogger Justin said...
I would bang Jade Goody until my dick fell off, a proposition which I have no doubt she'd find charming and witty.
Blogger Halverde said...
Jade Goody would deffo let you do her in the arse. Lucky really, because there's not much use anyone could get from her disgusting flaccid vulva.

hgawmmxf - are you fucking kidding em?
Blogger Sponge Finge said...
That semicolon before the list should be a colon.

rpbusivn - Verbal abuse in a posh voice.
Blogger John said...
No no NO!!
The 40gb PS3 isn't official until Sony DENIES the rumour...
You've learned nothing.
Plus, semi-colon, Jade Goody is fat and The Sun tells me she's a racist which means I shouldn't like her, right?

oybyaljq - a northerner requesting impolitely that you buy a "ljq"...

I tried
Blogger Fernando said...
"Nokia N-Gage"

Damn right it is!
Blogger Jawatron said...
Jade Goody looks like Gordon Ramsey.

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