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Poor old Three Speech has had the tough job of doing lots of updates about Sony's ABYSMAL Tokyo Game Show performance. They're not even attempting to put a positive spin on anything. It's brilliant.

Three Speech shame, Round 5

Here are some of the best comments from this update about the TGS DualShock 3 announcement:

"My question is: Why the hell do America and Europe have to wait until spring 2008 to get the new controller when Japan gets it in 2 months?!?! It is not as if there is any localisation to be done! It's a really moronic strategy really."

"I think that nowadays I've wasted my money with PS3, no LBP, no Home, and now, a new controller with rumble, a thing of the past said sony in E3 06."

"Can you ask Sony why America and Japan are getting vibration this November and we're not getting it til Spring? Cos a lot of us are pretty ticked off at being screwed over again!"

"I still remember an official statement by Sony, just less than one month ago, they say no rumble feature under development for PS3 controller, neither in future."

And here are some from this one about the delay of 1997 3D PC avatar system Home until next "spring":

"'You get what you pay for'!?!! A 425 bookend isn't what I had in mind."

"I really don't see how anyone could be delighted with the quality offered by PS3 so far. Underwhelming European store updates, games coming out weeks after their 360 counterparts or being shunted into 2008, new SKUs and controllers barely a year from the initial release. I really wish i could afford to say the games are just a bonus but i bought the thing as a games machine and so far it just hasn’t delivered."

"I thought Sony were telling the truth in their pre-launch hype that is why I bought a PS3 at launch. Singstar was supposed to be a launch title for goodness sakes. The pre-launch title schedule looked amazing, now we get shafted time and again on pricing,releases,information and store updates."

"Seriously–how do the execs at Sony expect to turn things around with crap 1st party software (Warhawk excluded), delays, and a crap online service(currently... and maybe still in the future, if @ Home doesn't show up in Spring...)? Seriously? Are the Sony execs even tuned in?"

"Developers are jumping ship too as they keep slandering it, the 'competition' is owning the PS3 on all fronts. The PS3 doesn't really have anything that sets it apart. Where are all the classic games we were promised for the PSN ? I'll tell you, they're on the Virtual Console and on XBLA."

PRIZE WINNER: "Simply not good enough. The Delaystation3 is beyond a joke, delays, more delays, no news or information from Sony, poor ports of games. The store is substandard at best, you are trying to con us into buying aged PS1 games for a second time. The so called console seller Hevenly Sword was in my opinion a step backward in gaming. I am not at all happy with this situation or this console. I cannot believe Sony have treated loyal customers in this way."

"Vote with your wallet people, its the only thing that hits these corporations."

Well done to all concerned! And a particularly big well done to Sony Europe, for continuing to fund the internet's largest anti-Sony blog.
Blogger Swany said...
well i'm laughing :D
Blogger Shumar said...
That shits made by Sony. Those posts are deleted now.

Actually, its probably made by the morons who made that "All I want for christmas is a psp" shit.

Smells the same...
Blogger Jawatron said...
wait... there's a PS3 now?
Blogger Friday said...
It's the new console from Sagem or someone (I think that's who it is - all these Japanese companies sound the same to me!).

Anyway, it can't be very good as it's 357 generations behind the X-Box, and I'm not sure what number 'WII' is as I wasn't much cop at Latin TBH, but 'M' is 1000, so it must be loads less that the new Nintendo (they were up to 64 _years_ ago).

Capatcha: Spasze[0] <- could be from them!

[0] Really.
Blogger Saphion said...
"And a particularly big well done to Sony Europe, for continuing to fund the internet's largest anti-Sony blog."

Blogger Nikolas said...
well my favourite is...

"Rumble’s in the house! whoop whoop!,
Comment by linton — Sep 20, 2007 @ 10:59 am"

The 1990's sure are excited about rumble. The 13 year old that wrote this is pretty hip.
Blogger suresuresure said...
Could the downfall of Sony in the gaming business, likely cemented after the PS4, signal Sega's second (third?) coming with a brand new console in 2012? We may actually be facing Utopia, not Armageddon!
Blogger tentonipete said...

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