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Although probably not quite in the way they meant. This PlayStation3 advert uses a photo of a sizeable bomb exploding. We could take this update down two very clearly signposted roads.
(1) Feign OUTRAGE over Sony using nuclear imagery to promote its game machine, especially as it's a Japanese company, and ooh, isn't that going to offend people who got nuked in the war?

(2) Just laugh at PS3 being called a bomb by the very people Sony's paying to promote it.

PS3 - contaminating thousands

Taken from here, a site where even advertising people don't seem to understand what this rubbish is supposed to mean (what it means is PlayStation3 is bombing, bombing with the power of 25,000 SEGA Saturns).

Also on the site is this one for Sony Bravias which nicely references Sony's home equipment and its fondness for breaking and catching fire. We suspect this burning Bravia's warranty ran out just last week, too.
Blogger zooms said...
I see the face of a clown in the mushroom cloud. Maybe it means "We are clowns and the PS3 has blown it" - tee hee, or something.
Blogger MrJolly said...
I was just going to say that - more killer klowns than krusty

uddve - german for part of a cow.
Blogger slim1945 said...
If the PS3 were a bomb, it would more likely be like one of those terrorist duds made of peroxide and japati flour.

fnhychk = The noise of a peroxide and japati flour bomb failing to deternate
Blogger slim1945 said...
Hey Mrjolly didn't i pay you to take out Nicolas Bloody Parsons!
Blogger JVC said...
Maybe they're trying to call the PS3 "da bom".

Hello, Sony? The '90s called... they want their ghetto-speak catchphrases back.

hsbld: don't mess with The Godfather.
Blogger UK Rebellion said...
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Blogger UK Rebellion said...
Mr Zorg. No offence but its time you take Bill Gates dick out of your arse.

In the week Microsoft admit serious problems with the Xbox 360 you make a post about the reliability of other brands! Are you serious!

Anyway. What with Peter Moore being fired this week I just wanted to invite you as we are celebrating his career in a series of features imaginatively titled 'Peter Moore Week.'

UK - fighting the spin of UK resistance!
Blogger Muse said...
Yes, make a shitty pointless knock-off of UK:R! People with a sense of humour and a fondness for billionaires widges up there bottoms will stay here though thanks.

Keep fighting the good fight!

P.S- Now fuck off.
Blogger Doctordrill said...
Microsoft fucked up, we all know they aint squeeky clean, but they made up for it extending the warranty to 3 yrs, so how pissed off are we ? making a ukr rip off will get you nowhere, im not a big fan of UKR but atleast its funny, and your slagging off UKR for doing the same but unfunny ?
Never thought id see the day when i defended UKR hahaha
Blogger Chaz said...
"UK - fighting the spin of UK resistance!"

You can try, but to be this good will take you ages.
Jesus, and I thought that old "US Resistance" site was unfunny but this takes the fucking biscuit. Two posts in and I feel like I've got cancer just reading it. When will people stop taking UK:R so fucking seriously? When will Sony fan-twats stop having such miniscule memories and realise that Zorg's tireless and proud campaign is all about Sony killing Sega, and that the 360 is simply a weapon with which to fight that cause? When?
Yes, the 360 is just as shit, but it has achieved great success by having not arrogantly pissing off developers resulting in there actually being a few decent games out there, and by being available at a decent price cos Microsoft aren't forcing some bullshit blu-ray technology on a public who clearly could give a fat fuck.
And it's COMMANDER Zorg! Show some fucking respect, maggot.
Blogger Bjam said...
The mushroom cloud is a premonition someone in the advertising agency had. Their eyes turned blue and they painted it on canvas. It means that when Sony finally gives up the ghost the self-destruct device fitted in every PS3 (just in case) will detonate obliterating everywhere it was successful. So, you shouldn't worry too much.
If Sony's masterplan is to exterminate every chav in the UK in this way, then I am behind them 100%.

I have been looking for a solution to the 'pikey question' for some time now, and this just might be the answer.

Stärke durch Sega!
Blogger DreamCunt said...
Why aren't these people celebrating the guy who killed the Dreamcast losing his job?

I'm doing a crossword, but there's a tough question, I know the answer, do you mentally diseased fuckwits know it too?

Name a Japanese company with a 4 letter name responisble for killing the DC (4)


juzhqjwa - the sound of delusional, unfunny cretins laying the blame at the wrong door.
Blogger slim1945 said...
It was actually Nintendo's idea to annihilate the chavs with the Wii, (Revolution back then) it was going to be their swan song out of the industry but something went wrong with the marketing and suddenly everybody wanted one.

Sony stole the idea at the same time they were stealing the Wii motion sensing technology but had to drop the rumble in case it accidentally set of the explosives back in the warehouse.

Unfortunately Sony's Explosion Engine technology (peroxide and japati flour, stolen from a fundamentalist website) was crap and failed to deterate as planned during Sony's press conference at E3.

The new 80gig model has dropped the Explosion Engine in favour a fertilizer bomb they're calling the "Excretion Engine".

This could be a good move for Sony as they are much more familiar with technology based on shit.

Wikipedia link coming soon.
You're the delusional cretin for taking any of this shit seriously.

We're all just bored sad misanthropic wankers not getting anything done whilst at work and dreaming of the days when fun meant blue skies in 2D platformers and mum still did most stuff for us. What's your excuse for being here? Before answering, please bear in mind that the very fact that we're posting on the internet about videogames makes all of us cunts.

As for 'unfunny' well, most of us like coming here for a laugh - if you don't like it - please take this opportunity to kindly fuck off.
Blogger DreamCunt said...
iwikkym - the act of striking a nerve in a bitterness driven, arrested-development man-child

thanks for making this place funny again, if only for a moment

Blogger colin said...
Wow, that UK: Rebellion thing is great. Now all the deluded, fuckwit, cock snorklering, chavs have one place to gather. Hopefully it somehow gives people sterility. Have fun with your site you stupid fancy boy cum goblin.
Blogger Phil said...
UK rebellion (the site) seems like another lame 'reality' blog from Sony's deluded and insane marketing department.

He doesn't have the imagination to call himself something different from what he named his site.

I'm pretty sure that mushroom cloud is supposed to look like a clown head, looks about as fake as Ken Kutaragi's smile.

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