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Just like it won E3 1995 with the Saturn! The glory days are back!

Sonic on Xbox Live Arcade! :)))

Sonic 1! On Xbox Live Arcade! Now! For an entirely reasonable 400 credits! This is now the reason Xbox Live exists and the reason we have continued to exist for the last two years. There's not much left to look forward to now, though.

Sonic Rush Adventure

Not just ONE 2D Sonic game, but TWO 2D Sonic games! Here's a trailer for Sonic Rush Adventure. If you were paying attention about two years ago, you'll know that Sonic Rush was a sensational return to form for Sonic - if you BOTHERED to play it properly and didn't just put it down half way through level two. This is more of that!

And not just TWO 2D Sonic games, but more stuff on the new NiGHTS as well! There's an alternate version of this video on YouTube where someone's put the Saturn game music over the top, which makes a huge difference.


Still! New NiGHTS! That's more than it looked like we'd get three years ago, when it seemed SEGA was going to only make pachinko machines for the rest of time.

Gears of Killzone is the best we can come up with

This is a joke. It's one of those generic aliens from Killzone 2 falling down a slippery slope, just like Killzone, PS3 and all of Sony's money in the face of this SEGA onslaught!
Blogger Kaiser Tia said...
Great news, but I'm still waiting for Space Channel 5 Part 3, Rez 2 and a new Jet Set Radio.
Blogger Tim said...
The "in a world" bit made me want to punch SEGA in the face.
Blogger Saphion said...
Needs more Phantasy Star Online.

Hurrah for more Sonic Rush!

afrukke: Can't think of a meaning but it sounds fantastic.
Blogger Wim said...
Actually, add "n" to afrukke and you get afrukken which, I shit you not, means wanking over here.

Which, ironically, is what I'll be doing to this NiGHTS trailer.
Blogger Mentski said...
Sonic Rush = Great. Mainly because Sonic Team only have a bare minimum of involvement in it and the Development is contracted out to Dimps. Good job too. If they'd had made it no doubt I would of poked my eyes out with the DS stylus long ago.
Blogger monoculture said...
What the hell is a Sonic?

Is it some kind of new PS3 add-on? I sure hope so!
Blogger James said...
Hate to say it, but Sonic Rush Adventure looks like it's going to be severely lacking. Judging from the poor screenshots and new racoon character... and captain wiskaaaaar.

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