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Sony's obviously going to announce a shameful, fan-base-angering European PS3 price cut at E3 this week, or at least throw in some shit games for free you can eBay. PS3 sales must drop to ZERO this week. Make them suffer.

PS3 'bargain'

Buying one off some idiot who paid full price and can hardly even give it away is acceptable, though.
Blogger Ren said...
"Played once great entertainment" Yeah must have been a real thrill.
Blogger Leatherface said...

So now they're getting it for $355 less than us.

I hope you die, Sony.
Blogger FridgeBadger said...
Depends where you put the comma - "Played. Once great entertainment system" makes more sense.
Blogger BlueTemplar said...
Ken Kuturagi : ""Our goal for PlayStation 3 is for consumers to think to themselves, 'I will work more hours to buy one'. We want people to feel that they want it, irrespective of anything else."

Blogger BlueTemplar said...
Paying over the odds for a crappy half-arsed piece of black plastic crap only to try and flog it off at a massive loss after realizing that the only games out for it are either average or sloppy ports from a better system.

This is living.
Blogger Endemion said...
yeah they cut the price by $100? Bullshit.

They are bringing out one with an 80gig hard drive for the old $599 price. This will blantantly replace it I imagine, so they get to advertise a price cut and then sell a few for a bit less and then switch to the old price again for the 'better' 80gig one.

Does it cost Sony much more for an 80gig hard drive than a 60gig? like fuck it does PLUS I also just saw that the 80gig has had the hardware PS2 emulation dropped in favour of our Euro style shit machine.

Saving them more money...So if they do stop the 60gig and switch to the 80gig they have basicly left it the same price and reduced their its a bit like a price rise then really?

Or is my logic massivly flawed? If it is I am sure some kind person will point it out.
Blogger Grill said...
Does that say "played once, great entertainment system" or "played, once great entertainment system"? Damn semantic brackets.

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