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We have simply stolen these arcade photos from a site called Sega Nerds. They include such delights as the Segasonic Cosmofighter, Desert Tank and Hard Dunk. They say the arcade is in Guam but that might be a joke or lie. It's hard to tell with the internet. Here are the photos.

Segasonic Cosmofighter

Even a broken Segasonic Cosmofighter should be in a list of the world's top ten greatest arcade machines.

Desert Tank!

Desert Tank was part of SEGA's career gaming series, which also included games like office sim "Desk Desk Admin", catering game "Fries With Everything!" and mobile phone salesman simulator "Get Minutes".

Hard Dunk!

We'd like to Hard Dunk all over that!

We will take care of you

There is also a photo of a slightly confused and frightened little girl, no doubt wondering why being in an arcade is not as much fun as it is supposed to be.
Blogger Javier said...
Isn't anyone gonna say 'Would'? Come on!!!
Blogger Sinnyo said...
I had to take a second look at that last photo. Is there a child sat inside the Flintstones machine in the background?

(I'll leave someone else to the witty description of 'pshpui')
Blogger STE said...
i first thought that the kids were photoshopped on to further the guam joke, honestly
Blogger James said...
Anyone else scroll down too fast and have "We'd love to slam dunk over that" hovering over a picture of a scared little girl in an arade.....

Blogger JohnnyHash said...
I'll give it a try pshpui- the sound made while slam dunking all over a scared little girl (preferably in a Sega arcade) wait what the hell why does spell check tell me Sega is spelled wrong of all words it should know Sega!
Blogger cowbrain said...
JohnnyHash: Look at your keyboard. Inbetween the 'M' key and the '/' key there are two very useful keys :)
Blogger Branch-me-do said...
She sits inside the machine and operates it! You know, like the rat-like men at your local fairground who try and goad you into playing their crooked game of darts to win a bootleg Shrek toy for your bird.

Being Guam, there's no child labour laws, or something.

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