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It's like she's aware of you, looking at you and interacting with you! She might even be interested in hearing what you have to say about games! Or she might be saying "NO! PLEASE STOP! I'LL DO ANYTHING!"

Emily Booth, talking to you like she's interested in you

IT WAS FROM THIS MAN: "I'm sure someone else has already done it, but just in case they haven't; I have. It looks a bit like one of those reticulated animal cards you got in Frosties "back in the day". It's not really as rude as you might be hoping for. However, you can just pretend that Emily is talking to you all day. Michael".
Blogger giginger said...
She looks like she's got a sutter and trying to sing The Lion Sleeps Tonight.


Just watch Cradle of Fear and see her naked in the shower. Highlight of the film for me.
Actually, that's a lie. It was the amputee sex.
Blogger DIN0 said...
That really doesn't look anywhere near as cool as I'd hoped.
LOL - you probably won't believe me but I'd imagined it would have looked like she was miming a blowy! Looks more like she's blowing a mime, or something. I dunno, I sit here and do my best to be funny and that's the best I could come up with. Ahhhhhh bollocks to it.
Blogger Cunzy11 said...
The soul of Debbie Harry is trapped in Emily!

Would/wouldn't btw.

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