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Delivers another batch of completely amazing publicity photos. The fun they have in that office. Must be like SEGA during the glory years down there.

Wii Fit

This poor model is about to get destroyed and humiliated across the entire internet, even though she's clearly very lovely. We can only hope she was financially compensated enough to make her imminent web forum nightmare worthwhile.

Wii Fit

Dad's joining in. Good old dad. He seems to be enjoying games much more these days, especially when his daughter brings her friends around to play.

Wii Fit

There is no way a man would get that excited about a woman's exercising game.

Wii Fit

Dad's also started doing lots of press ups recently, ever since he signed up a MySpace account.

Wii Fit

Thanks, Nintendo! Sadly, we can't play Wii Fit due to feeling very vulnerable and exposed when not wearing socks and shoes.
Blogger Cyber Razor said...
The last one can almost stick her foot up her mimsy!
Blogger Richard Parker said...
Farewell Nintendo, we’ve had some good times together haven’t we? But now the magic is gone and it’s time to go our separate ways. And by the way, if you don’t come and pick up your game cube from the flat by the end of the week, it’s going in the bin.
Blogger Saphion said...
Where in the hell are all the DS games, and more importantly, Animal Crossing Wii?
Blogger Zed said...
Is that kid in the second pic the secret love child of Pat Sharpe?
Blogger JetsamParadise said...
A game where you win by performing push-ups? Do Nintendo not recognise the average gamer?! For the past ten years they've trained me to sit on my arse and play Super Mario. How is this the logical progression?!

Perhaps Nintendo could make a game for those of us less able (read: 99% of the gaming populace) in which Mario stares back at us from the TV screen and gives us words of sympathy about how it's okay to be a lump. Then he could shove on some Yoshi's Island and let us wallow.

"Don't a-cry, look at a-me! I'm a fat plumber and people like-a me. Play some Yoshi. You like-a Yoshi. That's a-right, eat some more cake..."

VERIFICATION: feuxknb – A prosthetic that a Frenchman uses to play pranks on hookers.
Blogger Daniel said...
Ah...Nintendo really does love me. Now I no longer have to visit two sites to get my video game news and my foot fetish pics!
Blogger Ian said...
I'll be damned if I'm doing fucking push-ups, game or not.

Also, that sensor thing looks suspiciously like a bathroom scale. And my lady is still bound to accuse it of being inaccurate.
Blogger PhotoBoy said...
I think this was Nintendo's plan all along. Father an army of fat bastards who can barely leave their arm chairs thus creating a captive market desperate for something to help them lose weight. Their plan is brilliant!
Blogger Mulvaney said...
This post has been removed by the author.
Blogger Mulvaney said...
The spoonerism of "Pat Sharpe" is "Shat Parp"
Blogger Cunzy11 said...
These "people" clearly aren't gamers. Look at their flats. No stack of game cases lying around or 400 types of cable or peripheral and five types of consoles and four ashtrays and some pizza boxes and a little Kasumi statue hidden under the sofa.

Dear Nintendo if you want believable photos, my flat is available for photography for a good rate at a guaranteed 1 decent DS release per month/hour.

Blogger Delmorpha said...
Now is it just me, or were anyone else's eyes immediately drawn to the camel toe of "Red" in the first picture? That and the fact shes a bit bow legged... just me? I'll shut up then!
Blogger Stefan said...
This post reminds me of American Beauty
Blogger monoculture said...
Do you think they got three or four years knocked off their sentences for appearing in these ads?
Blogger Slight said...
Dad's clearly only playing the pushup game so that he can look down the top of the female avatar thingy. Look at the expression on his face the perv.

jctniwdi: a CAPCHA string.

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