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This is the update we have been waiting to write since May 2005, back when Sony issued some huge lies about what Killzone would look like on PlayStation3 - had PlayStation3 been released in 2023.

Sony has now revealed what Killzone actually looks like on PS3. It looks like any old Xbox 1 game set in the Tom Clancy universe.

The original Killzone lie

This is Sony's original suggestion of what Killzone would look like on PS3. It was, even at the time, clearly one of the biggest lies ever told in the interactive entertainment industry.

Killzone 2, JPEG compression 4

And this is the truth. Killzone 2 is the world's most generic action game. Even better, go over to Euro PS3 PR blog Threespeech and see amazingly deluded PS3 owners saying this looks anything other than utterly disappointing.
Blogger NaViTo said...
This capture is from a pre-alpha of the game. It's confirmed by a dev on the official board.

This is comparision is a totally shit! jaja

Blogger RoboSel said...
When I saw this screenshot an hour ago, I thought it's only a matter of time before we get a lie watch update on here.

Good work Zorg!
Blogger Cmdr_Zorg said...
Fucking Sony delayed my lunch by 30 minutes, but it had to be done.
Blogger Friday said...
I've got to agree it's unfair comparison at this stage - it will only only hit home just how far removed it is from the pre-rendered CGI when it's visible in motion. That doesn't stop it being a highly amusing comparison of course.

I like the comments from users like 'Brian' - as if the PS3 having BluRay means games on it will somehow be able to have higher quality textures, even thought it doesn't have more VRAM to store them in.

How many > 18 GB (max DVD capacity) games do these users own anyway? Maybe they are holding out in anticipation of a new HD Wing Commander.

I see some have already given up and moved on to "well, it's the gameplay that counts" argument. Probably not the best angle given the history of the Killzone series. Oops.

It's only a matter of time till they are all resorting to that line I'm sure. This is going to be fun. I can't wait!
Blogger Bas said...
I want to see it moving, then we can decide. It'll obviously not look as good as the E3 demo, but the graphics may be pretty hot after all.
Blogger Endemion said...
I feel sorry for the forgotten victim of this story! Emily booth, her update from today sits below this one over looked and unloved. Though hey, it was abit of a shit update compared to this.

On the Killzone thing though, Hmm I think it just gets a big 'Meh so what' until I see it moving and can judge one way or another.
Blogger Tony said...
This is the dumbest site ive ever read. get some girlfriends fanboys. you call people at threespeech diluted but you guys are obviously top notch journalists eh? keep drinking that kool-aid.
Blogger Andrew said...
Yes, that's right, Sony's master strategy was to release a ridiculously good looking video to build interest and hype, then wait two years and release a dogshit screenshot that depicts a game about two orders of magnitude less detailed. I'm not sure what step 3 is but I am sure they have an ace up their sleeve.
Blogger Endemion said...
Yes Tony, we do think Threespeech is Diluted, there is the odd sensible post on there diluted in a sea of fanboy rantings.

Thats how it reads to me anyways.
Blogger Carlos Alfredo said...
The high def screenshot is only a pixelated vercion of a small screenshot.
That why it looks pixalated.
And by the way, the dvd only holds max 10 gb.
Blogger anonymous said...
Come on Zorg, the record's broken. Stick to the Sega updates, they're actually entertaining, unlike the stream of endless boredom that is the PS3 bashing. You hate it/Sony. We gathered.
Blogger stx said...
More like cockzone 2.
Blogger jaffacake said...
dilute is what you do with cool-aid, which perhaps you have had too much of in powder form? Read the side of the packet.
DO NOT try to delude your cool-aid it will only make it angry.
Blogger Chris said...

What a joke this little blog is. Killzone 2 looks friggn awesome..

Have seen the E3 2007 demo (private showing NDA had to be signed) - it destroys anything on the crapbox 360. This makes Halo 3 look like it was developed for the Wii!!

Once you see the real action you will understand why Sony is extemely confident in the PS3 and could care less about the crapbox 360 or Wii. They will own the gamer by the end of the year.

I still could not believe the demo...never have I seen anything like it EVER. WOW!

My guess is cmdr_zorg is about 16 or 17 years old, extreme zits, hairy palms etc...
Blogger Saphion said...
Oh christ. Someone left the Witless PS3 Fanboy Floodgates open again.

God help us.
Blogger PhotoBoy said...
So Chris, why would Sony give you a private showing of a demo that's going to be on display for the press by tomorrow? If you really had signed an NDA you wouldn't even be allowed to hint at having seen it. It doesn't really add up does it?

Did you think someone would believe you're some sort of super secret industry insider who gets private showings of all the games? Especially when you write like a 14 year old fanboy?
Blogger Leatherface said...
Fuck off and die, Chris. Dick.
Blogger SonicTattooRoss said...
Here we go again, do these people actually scour the internet just to piss people off who don't wank over ps3.

I would start by telling them we don't care that halo3 looks like a wii game or that wii and 360 are shit we may even agree with those two statments. I'd tell them its our love for Sega and therefore by default our hate of Sony that brings us together, but theyre all too young to remember the blood shed and too ignorant to listen So fuck it and while I'm at it FUCK OFF!
Blogger Madmarkus said...
"This is the dumbest site ive ever read."

Hasn't that been in every comments section for every Anti-Sony post so far? Is it just the only real Sony fan in a basement somewhere?

Clearly they are right, and Halo 3 looks shit by comparison >_>.
Blogger Richard said...
Bah, it's Apples and Oranges... or should I say, Apples (not Sony) and POISON BERRIES (Sony). DOWN WITH SONY AND THEIR LIE MACHINE, WOOOt.
Blogger Esa said...
Is it just me, or does that look like Xbox's Black?
Blogger ThwartedEfforts said...
I'm loving how the gun takes up approximately the entire screen area, presumably to hide those 1970s style shadows and wall textures that look like they came free with an issue of Amiga Format. Makes you proud to not still have that £500!

At least, that's what I said on the Threespeech blog this morning, only to have it deleted half an hour later. Ironic how the site's name alludes to 'free speech', the mendacious cunts.
Blogger Aren'tWeRunning? said...
Is it just me or are the graphics of the first shot not looking any better than GOW ? which is the fittest FPS ive played.... death to the PS3
Blogger Friday said...
If anyone thinks that Killzone screenshot looks "amazing" I have an old PC and several old games for it that will, by the sound of it, cause them to spontaneously orgasm.

Not clear why the kids are asserting that "it looks bad because it's blown up" - if it's a PS3 game I don't know why that would be the case (given they'd just use a 720p/1080p native screenshot, surely...) and of course when scaled up everything would be scaled up proportionally - which is of course not what we see.

What we see are crude lighting and shadow effects that are at best reminiscent of Battlefield 2 on a low end PC (i.e. without AF filtering). That was really good when it was released a few years ago but is a bit lame for a supposedly knock-your-socks-off PS3 title that hasn't even been released yet.

I'm looking forward to future updates on this one....
Blogger Saphion said...
I have to say that the shadow behind the Generic Shooter Drone Guy looks really fucking terrible.
Blogger Roberto said...
KZ2 Video just released. Looks better than previous E3 vid. UKR should eat a healthy dose of crow.
Blogger Phil said...
PS3 Fanboy-ism...... well isn't that the pot calling the kettle!
To be honest, there are lots of people who enjoy the PS3 AND the XBOX 360 (just like people have a real car and a bullshit runabout for shop trips). However, it never ceases to amaze me how XBOX fan boys are ALL the same. Same arguments, same bullshit comparisons!

Here's the truth guys, it might be hard to accept, but the Xbox was created to get the geek-iverse into console gaming that is, PC gamers and such. As a result MOST of Xbox and the 360 games have been games usually seen on PC FPS', strategy games etc. Therefore, Xbox fans are generally hardcore gamers, who help to perpetuate the idea of the guy sitting in his bedroom (á la World of Warcraft), with his headset on wanking into a sock at the latest Halo release!

On the other hand, most PLAYSTATION fans, (be it on PS2, PSP or PS3) simply use gaming as ONE of their many entertainment choices, hence PLAYSTATION systems being multimedia devices and PLAYSTATION games being more epic and akin to movies in their storylines, plots and sense of scale (God of War anyone......)

In summary, We're "Gamers with Girlfriends" whereas, in my limited experience, Xbox fanboys are "Geeks with gamers-wrist"

Blogger yankwank said...
Phil: Your post is really funny I've got to say. Might I ask why you think your rant is relevant on a Sega website?

That other twat further up. If he thinks Zorg is 16-17, and yet this site has been running since 1996, then surely Zorg should win some sort of world's youngest webmaster award.

Seriously, and all you other American fuckwits, we don't give a shit about Microsoft. We just hate Sony cos they killed Sega. Get it into your stupid fucking gun-toting frontal lobes.

Oh, and before the other usual stock comments start coming in, we DON'T have anything better to do than slag off Sony, but that's because most of us are stuck at work.
Blogger Friday said...
"X-Box" fanboys? Sorry- that would be not so much "the wrong end" but the wrong stick entirely you have hold of there.

The new E3 demo for Killzone doesn't look anything like as good as the original pre-rendered trailer. There really isn't any getting away from that.

I'd give it a go if it was put in front of me (and hope they had sorted out the gameplay from the first one), but that doesn't mean Sony are not lying weasels or that the title is not up to par with what was promised.

Graphically it's doesn't look as sophisticated or solid as what we've seen from the latest Unreal engine (GoW) or in GRAW2 on the 360. It's not far off though (better than either GRAW on the PC, and has the edge over QW:ET I would say, even if it has much cruder dynamic lighting).
Blogger ThwartedEfforts said...
We're not Xbox fanboys. We're just enjoying how new PlayStation owners, once robbed of their £500, do not return to the store for a refund but justify the decision to one another by reading and posting overeager comments on Sony-sponsored web sites. HAY GUYS THIS IS AWESOME!! I can only imagine you've never seen a pig wearing lipstick before.
Blogger Marketing Monkey said...
yeah that looks as awesome as the original E3 trailer...oh hang on i was supposed to look with my eyes and not gaze from my bollocks?

in that case well done fellas you spent $600 on a blue ray player that isnt as good as a proper games console.

in any case as you are all gamers with girlfriends (that knob up above excepted) you probably also have bills and homes to maintain. tell me do your girlfriends love you wasting your money on shit that doesn't actually have any purpose.

like a PS3

cause the games are shit

the few games it has

for the slow I'm saying the PS3 is shit and fanboys all suck each other...
Blogger Cmdr_Zorg said...
I keep trying to watch the Killzone trailer, but the link's broken - it keeps redirecting me to a really boring-looking Gears of War clone.
Blogger Phil said...
In reference to my comment about Xbox FanBoy-ism. It was in reply to;

Saphion said...
Oh christ. Someone left the Witless PS3 Fanboy Floodgates open again.

God help us.

Aren'tWeRunning? said...
Is it just me or are the graphics of the first shot not looking any better than GOW ? which is the fittest FPS ive played.... death to the PS3


So to those who feel offended about the remarks, they weren't aimed at you-unless you're an Xbox fanboy!

Similarly, although the raison d'etre of this site is to mourn the loss of SEGA's hardware (Master System: Ground breaking, Mega Drive/Genesis: Sublime and of course the Dreamcast: about 5 years ahead of its time) and celebrate it's software, I very much get the sense of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" in regards to general pro-Xbox & Microsoft posts emerging from Anti-Sony topics!

Other than the Sonic references etc. any passing user could easily mistake this for an Xbox fansite!

Blogger Friday said...
.... other than all the PlayStation references etc. one could easily mistake sites like Three Speech for teenage-chav invested spunk-a-thon of a marketing exercise.

Calling the PS3 overpriced and under-delivering tat isn't the same as 'being an X-Box fanboy', it's just stating the obvious.

And it's the same story we went through with PS2. It's like an action replay, only this time round people are noticing that we've all been here before and are not buying into the PS hype from the original PS console.

The 360 has a lot more games, and bar MotorStorm, they tend to look better (unfortunately MotorStorm manages to shoot itself in both feet by only having 8 very similar tracks and somehow thinking that's "okay").

Despite being monkey spankers in their own right in oh-so-many-ways, Microsoft get a fair bit of kudos purely and simply because they've come out with a couple of consoles that are actually reasonably good (with decent graphics, good games, internets and multiplayer and everything). And they didn't tell huge pokies about it (though EA took it upon themselves to have a go).

The well deserved long standing dislike of Sony notwithstanding, people will only start liking them when they stop actually being crap. Simple as that really.
Blogger John said...
What a pile of shit that looks. I won't be buying it.

To the last comment, about Sony being crap, what would it take for Sony to have done with the PS3 not to be crap, and this site to be positive about it (very unlikely I know). A blowjob hole? Free japanese underage looking dancing girls?

ryyjpn - A Japanese baker
Blogger Slight said...

Sony are crap because they lie through their teeth about the capabilities of their consoles (emotion engine 'Toy Story' lie, Killzone 2 lie, in fact there's a whole wiki dedicated to cataloguing their lies and mis-representations regarding their consoles and games. They are also incredibly arrogant, assuming that because PS2 was such a big success the public would swallow whatever they were given. Well its not working this time thankfully.

My anti-fanboy credentials: I have no current gen console, last gen I had a PS2 (gave it away to my brother after a while), and Xbox and a Gamecube.

I also own a Sony Vaio but I won't be making that mistake again, their service centre kept trying to palm me off with sub-standard replacement parts when the screen started going blotchy in the warranty period.

Oh also, Sony DRM, Sony proprietary formats etc etc etc. Though MS are just as bad on those fronts.

lqqcx: The sound of me puking on people who pledge their loyalty to fucking brands,
Blogger Friday said...
The previous poster has some good points (UMD on the PSP is retarded, it should have games on a solid state medium or internal HD - even if they are DRM'd). I've gave my PSP away for nowt I was so annoyed by the UMD format.

I think (a) Not lying outrageously about the system and being deceitful pricks about it on the PR front and (b) not including Blu Ray, which is completely superfluous as far as gaming is concerned.

Not tacking on Blu Ray would have meant they could have released it as originally planned a year or so earlier AND it would have been more sensibly priced.

The price itself would be alright AFAIC if it had actually been spent on things that are valuable to have on a console, but when I'm buying a HD player I'll buy a dedicated one, not a pap console one that won't have half the features you'd get in a decent one (see every console DVD player, ever).

Oh and actually getting online gameplay right (and providing a unified API for developers to use) would have been nice. They can still fix that though (and I think they are slowly starting to understand they fucked up there, but I expect they won't fix it properly till the next console comes out, though possibly it might get sorted when Home comes out - because marketing types will start to demand it so they can track and market to individual users more effectively).

Not sure about it having a 'pleasure hole' though. I'm not putting the old boy in anything that looks like a tabletop grill.
Blogger SonicTattooRoss said...
I just watched the new Killzone trailer on gamespot and although I'm sure the game will be shit, I have to admit it the graphics do look pretty damn good, not quite as good as the e32006 trailer but still I have to eat my words and admit it looks very nice.
Blogger Saphion said...
Gah, I'm sick and fucking tired of being labelled an Xbox fanboy despite never playing one in my entire fucking life.

Unless the demo pods in shops count.
Blogger Labatyd said...
LMAO at the rabid Sony fanboys. I especially found the comparison between 360 and PS3 users hilarious. The truth would be that to lay down $lot$ for a console with no decent games would make PS3 owners the ones with too much disposable income, not to mention no girlfriends. No, your hands don't count.

If there was any justice in the world, all current PS3 owners would be tarred and feathered.

And then Shot.
Blogger Richard Parker said...
i cant believe wot a bunch of dumb xbox fan boy kidz you all are!!!!! ps3 RULZ and you are just jealous you chose the wrong console instead of ps3. moto storn is the best game ever. You need to get girlfriends…..haha, no sorry, I can’t keep that up.

Come on wise up, the PS3 really is a pile of shit. I’m a designer with coming up for 20 years experience and if that was the best I could manage with the resources Sony have to offer, I think I would hang myself in shame. I mean, the thing was a year late, fair enough these things happen, but you think they would have made the most of the delay to develop some real killer original titles. But no, you get dodgy ports of old 360 games we have already played and an utterly piss poor on line service. Shocking really.

The playstation range is shite, the walkman range is shite, the TV range is shite, they really should hire some decent engineering talent, quick time. Yes, I own a 360 and it’s far from perfect, but the software is strong (enough to make me forget PC gaming completely), xbox live is slick and as general rule it offers a quality all round entertainment package.

And for the record, I do have a girlfriend, a rather fantastic very dirty one in fact. So I get to play good games and do all the stuff you see on those torrent sites, stick that up your arse Mr I love Sony and nothing else will do.
Blogger ThwartedEfforts said...
The trailer's okay, but then I've not seen a trailer that didn't look sumptuous and inviting -- they're proof that you really can polish a turd. The problem remains that it's just another cut-and-paste shooter, albeit one with nice lighting and a fanbase so gagging for it that the #1 slot on sales charts is guaranteed.

Speaking of which, do PS3 people still use a joypad to play these sort of games? Because that's so fucking special needs it should be featured on Blue Peter. No wonder today's console owners all sound so backward.
Blogger Joel Alfaro said...
I thought it was going to look much much worse. There's some really crappy looking things in it, like textures and some of the characters faces in the beggining, but the overall look and action is impressive. I can say that at least it interests me more than Halo 3.

Not enough to get a PS3 for it, however.
Blogger Omaesan said...
They released that tiny little screenshot as bait, and you (after all you are totally naive) took full hook, line and sinker! HA!

No word on the trailer or the gameplay videos eh? xDDD
Blogger hipass said...
Omaesan said...
They released that tiny little screenshot as bait, and you (after all you are totally naive) took full hook, line and sinker! HA!

No word on the trailer or the gameplay videos eh? xDDD

To begin with, using the word "owned" and actually meaning it instantly denotes you as either a) 14 years old, b) a cunt, or c) a 14 year old cunt.

Secondly, using "xDDD" further fortifies the first parameter.

Now that we've established you're definitely a 14 year old cunt, we may begin.

You must realise there are no fanboys here, merely haters of Sega's demise at Sony's hands. Once you've managed to get that stored in the three-to-four cells your brain has left, the site may make more sense.

Even the gameplay video doesn't match the original CGI as promised. It's better, but you were still lied to, sonny jim. There's no two ways about it. "OWNED".

PS. Chris was not at the NDA-only viewing. I know, because i was, and did not see him. I regularly watch him from the bushes outside his house, and his ugly mug was nowhere to be seen at E3.

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