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A man has kept this. The tin says it is best eaten before 1995, although if you're after any sort of nutrition it's probably best not eaten at all.

Sonic HP pasta shapes!

THE SLIGHTLY CONFUSING EMAIL: "First of, this was once british HP sauce and not that crap you find in tesco budget sauce so it tasted awesome, it was just tomato sauce and pasta, thats it!! it says it got no E ingredientes so happly give it to your kids. The shapes of the pasta where: Sonic, chopper, batbrain, orbinaut, ball hog, sally acorn - no tails even though he's on the front cover of the damn tin. Muzzymon."

Sonic HP pasta shapes!

Beautiful artwork, so much better than the US version. Really captures the essence of Sonic 1 and makes you proud to live in a country that feeds its children on licensed pasta snacks.
Blogger Jawatron said...
Did a man send that in or a dyslexic child?
Blogger Friday said...
I just saw a Sonic T-Shirt in GAME - had had a pre-worn look. I could only find it in 'small' though.

That was only about half an hour ago, so I'm sure it's still there (Stratford shopping center - very manky).

As I'm fat, and have man-boobs (and need something to cover them) I got an XL lego starwars one instead.

I couldn't find any XXL t-shirts at all :-(

Fuckers. Who do they think keep that store running?

It's not the twat in front who spend about 15 minutes dicking around handing in two PS2 games he just bought but was returning (because he'd obviously just copied them).

After waiting ages, the woman on the till forgot to include the t-shirt while charging me for games I was buying, so it had to be run through as a separate transaction. I think I confused her by trying to buy three things at the same time.

The other staff were apparently having a nap in the store room.

At least I shoot zombies in the face now (RE4 Wii), if I can get round the overly sensitive controls. Actually seems like a decent version.

I hope Flatout (360) is good. I was suckered in by the back of box.
Blogger Friday said...
Followup: No, Flatout 2 is not good, in fact its buggy and the game world is totally inconsistent.

Computer controlled cars reset before you eyes, your car plows through very large fences big round straw bails, but spins cartwheels end-on-end after hitting a traffic cone.

I can't work out how the hell Stunt Mode is supposed to work, it's not explained properly, seems highly random, and no one could be arsed to write a real manual so it just has meaningless waffle in it instead of useful tips.

It's such a piss poor Burnout knockoff, trying to look good off the back of using a third party physics engine (oh yes, look what some middleware you licensed can do, very good, now where is the effing gameplay?).

I was hoping it would be a *good* Destruction Derby knock off, but sadly not. One of these years I learn to not do impulse game purchases.

Anyway, 'Bugbear Entertainment' and 'Empire Interactive' are now on the list for when the revolution comes. I'm not buying anything from those cowboys again.


Sorry, I'm treating this like it's my own personal blog now, I didn't mean to, but no one seems to be posting at the moment anyway.

I can't believe the PS2 advert got so many responses, but no one seems to give a toss about Sonic pasta shapes.

Some people need to get their priorities straight IYAM.

Anyway, back to RE4 I guess, even if the controls are a we bit duff. I just try and convince myself "it adds to the tension".
Blogger JetsamParadise said...
There's one or two Sonic T-Shirts on in the usual sizes. They're cheap and come with free P&P.

I'm going to raise my hand and admit my dislike for the Sonic pasta shapes tin. Who gives a **** about the Marble Zone? Where's the Green Hill Zone? Pathetic.

On a seperate note, why has it not been mentioned yet that a Sonic RPG game is being produced for the Nintendo DS? I demand coverage!
Blogger Nigel Tufnel said...
Friday, start a blog so we don't have to read that kind of crap ever again.

Blogger Friday said...
I've got one, but I honestly couldn't be arsed at the time.

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