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We'll let these speak for themselves. Although they don't really speak, it's more of a tortured howling sound echoing through time from 1995.

They wouldn't be smiling so much if they knew the cheques were going to bounce.


Blogger stx said...

uqsxmamp - the sound of a baby disengaging from a disengorged breast.
Blogger PaulHill said...
Photograph 12a: Is that Gotham? AGAIN?
Blogger Benjamin said...
Given the amount they clearly spent on "models" they really ought to have hired a proper photographer. These shots are just embarrassing. I like the one of the bloke with a migraine in shades of blue to reflect the gentle misery that pervades the scene.
Blogger Adam said...
in picture 12 she's not even looking at the screen! and her thumbs aren't on the controls!
Blogger Raton-Laveur said...
It's not even plugged in on most pics, for shit's sake.
Blogger shadman said...
I particularly like the subtle placement of the PS3 console in most of the shots. They're obviously now playing up to the fact that it's the size of a small family car.

And yes, the photography is very, very bad. My mobile phone can take better pictures.
Blogger John Bull said...
No 1:

"Holy shit! she REALLY thinks you're a 12 year old boy!"

"Told you Home was awesome, bro. If you click that photo button on the left you can see the pics of herself that i got her to send me."

No 2:

"Holy shit! They finally added background downloading!"

No 3:

"We is da Richmond upon Thames massive. Alright!"

"No Kelvin, its pronounced 'Aiiiiight.' Honestly sometimes i despair, dear boy, i really do. Now hurry up and upload that picture to MySpace."

No 4:

"Dear Mummy, thanks awfully for the baking tray you sent me for my birthday. Sylvia is most taken by it."

No 5:


No 6:

Dear Daddy,

I asked for a new Mini Cooper for my birthday and you sent me a baking tray - so as you can see you're 'little princess' is now dating a BLACK MAN.

You know where to send the keys.



No 7:



"Tarquin! What have i told you about throwing your toys!"

No 8: (guy nearest the camera)

"Err... Darren man, this Metal Gear solid trailer is cool an all, but can't we play some games?"

"Ain't got none man. Couldn't afford 'em"

No 9:


No 10 - No 12:

"Seriously Darren, why does the PS3 have to be in our Facebook shot?" "I paid 600 quid for the fucking thing and i'm gonna get some fucking credibility for it if it kills me."

No 13:

"Yep, you're right - that's not upscaling"

No 14 - No 16:

"So yeah, look if we stand like this its almost like we're actually PLAYING Gotham!"

WORD VERIFICATION: jxkprn - what Jill found hidden under Jack's mattress.
Blogger ThwartedEfforts said...
In all fairness, anyone living in what appears to be the showhome of a swanky apartment block with views across some chichi London wharf filled with boats sat on twice yearly by their futures trader owners is actually very likely to have a PS3, given that it is something priced beyond its true value by about 300% and is used almost exclusively by cunts.
Blogger RoboSel said...
FFS, Sony have sold out that much that they even have to copy the shit Wii adverts!!!?

(When I say sold out, I don’t mean sold out of PS3's, because of course that will never happen)
Blogger Edward Tivrusky said...
Shocking! How low can Sony go?
You can see her mimsy! 0_0
Blogger Matt said...
Uhhhhh, is it just me or are there two people playing what appears to be a non-interactive demo/replay (single player game at best) in the lat picture.

I've never seen such shit :)

fqzimun - the process of sony getting fucked
Blogger tentonipete said...
I especially like the photos taken from INSIDE the television. Hansel would be proud.
Blogger Al said...
Bluetooth earpieces: Not trendy, just sad. FACT.
Blogger Nick said...
Hmm. Is that PGR 3 they're playing, by any chance?
Blogger Ooshka said...
Anybody that wears a Bluetooth headset when they're a) not driving or b) using both hands to type a vitally important information that if not typed at that point will result in the destruction of the world is a Grade A, complete and utter, UTTER cunt.

And more so if they're playing on a PS3 while doing so.
They all change clothes 4 times!

I think its meant to suggest that you can play the ps3 once a day, for about 10 minutes, for 4 days. and then you will look like they do in picture 3
Blogger bilal said...
when i saw the first pic it brought back memories of my childhood where the white kid would always get the new consoles but conveniently have just the one pad, so we minority types would end up egging him on in the hope that we'd maybe get a go.

but alas, white kid would usually finish his go just before his bed time (about 6pm) which is just plain early if you ask me.

p.s. i'm getting a ps3 this week for a measly £300 in exchange vouchers i've built up over the past few months so it'll work out pretty cheap, and i'm gonna wear my RIP tshirt when i do. wish me luck!

and i'm gonna have just the one pad and invite a random white friend over to watch me play it on my new telly.

ahh, all those years slaving away in newsagents have finally paid off. when kutaragi prophecised i'd decide i must work more hours to buy a ps3, he was... well, wrong, but still. i just wanna play VF5
Blogger Zero Iscariot said...
Where is the Metal Gear 4 going to Xbox 360 post, I mean it is the WWII equilvalent to Hiroshima... This is D-Day bitches, very official and such.
Blogger Jayenkai said...
Photo 3.
"This the only game you got?"

"You paid, like, what, £500!"

".. Wanna play Wii?"

haqshg - Shagging someone who believes they enjoy playing a PS3.

BTW : In quite a few shots, they're all looking close to the floor, and yet the later shots show the screen halfway up the wall..
That must mean they're actually enjoying the playfulness of a mouse trying to find it's mousehole.
Blogger Raw Deal said...
Even worse than what Nintendo are doing.

These things actually put me off gaming. It's like say: " We get paid to pretend to play games. You geeks pay to play games all the time "

Sony further bolster my hatred towards them.
Blogger Eddy said...
why does the woman in the picture third from bottom have a bucket of paint in her lap?!
...or is it an empty bucket to throw up in?
Blogger phorenzik said...
Photo 6 upsets me the most. Why is she pointing and laughing at me?

Also, she reminds me of that rascist from S Club 7.
Blogger Jawa said...
It's good that H from steps founda new job. I like the ones in blue. Reminds me completely of the rainy sunday morning paperound i had to do when i was 13. Depression and desperation.

Blogger Branch-me-do said...
I notice they're not especially 'black' black people.

Also, in the penultimate picture the half-caste brotha is secretly making his move on the blonde while his sister LaShonda distracts H from Steps.
Blogger Saphion said...
What an absolute bunch of Nathan Barleys.
Blogger dw2k6 said...
Kotaku stole this update...Again.
Blogger Liam said...
Good fucking CHRIST. It's like Home™ came alive!

Nicked from GAF:
Blogger tenno said...
"Haha!", says Sony, "You gamers are not pretty enough for photos playing this multimedia system!"

lrpoccvv: loud radical penis opposition cunt commander vulva valve
Blogger Toasty said...
> They wouldn't be smiling so much if they knew the cheques were going to bounce.

That's fcking hilarious!
Blogger David said...
Every single photo has someone with a "I wish this was a Wii" Expression

ajyxj: Ajax Cleaner for your personal bits
Blogger defankt said...
is that one of the "famous duo" Jay and Daz?
Blogger Z said...
If someone's mentioned this already then I apologise for the repetitivenes, but in Pic 13 and 14 I'm pretty sure that that's the same image on both screens. Likewise for pix 15-16. This could obviously mean any number of things, from they're playing a game that's crashed and they're tryin to salvage what little gameplay value the console offers, to someone failed to find the 'start' button and unpause the game.

Place ur bets ladies and gents.
Blogger Andreas said...
Pretty sure I've seen those people in some kind of Wii related advert, possibly some kind of competition...

Sony conspiracy?
Blogger John said...
It's kind of hard to imagine for people to play like that with a regular controller.

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