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Apparently, according to an email we got from an actual German (he yielded to our superiority by speaking the Queen's English) German politicians want to ban video gaming.

This is probably a wild, sweeping exaggeration, but we can't be bothered researching things at the best of times and especially not when they're in German.

And also because it has resulted in photos like this appearing on the anti-ban site GAMING IS NOT A CRIME:

He is a typical German video gamer, apparently.

The campaign wants to highlight the "real gamers" of Germany and show that not everyone who plays games is a sick, anti-social weirdo. We have obviously focussed on the ones that do look like sick, anti-social weirdos for comic effect.

It's nice to know that German hardcore gamers sometimes look exactly how you'd imagine them to

SAYS THE GERMAN: "We are doing an online-petition, because they want to ban videogames in Germany! The government thinks that every gamer is a potential psychopathkiller. So we ask people to register and upload their picture. Even if the Tommys don't care about Germans being f*cked by the government, you still have to do a little newsflash about the site. Why? Because it is sponsored by segaON and consists of totally embarrassing pix like these. It is a comedy goldmine!"

This is what happens to a country when David Hasselhoff is considered a positive role model.

There are also women on it. German women, but they still have all the right bits for doing stuff with/to and some are quite passable.

It's a shame Germany hasn't got a Frag Dolls.

"Gaming has many faces - and one of it is yours. Show it: Your picture loads high and shows operational readiness level! Support our on-line initiative, in order to show the public that players are completely normal humans from all social classes and not part of a dark fringe group. We reject the overall condemnation of PC and video games in the connection of acts of violence, which ignores social and personal bad states of the authors unjustified. Players stand together - for their hobby, for appropriate protection of children and young people and against material force."

"The play has many faces - and one of him is with you. Show it: Your image charges the high one and shows the operational level of promptitude! Support our initiative on line, in order to prove to the public which the players are human the completion normal of all the social classes and not part of a dark group of fringe. Us kids the total judgment of the PC and the video games in the connection of the acts of violence, which is unaware of bad the social and personal states unjustified authors. The players are held together - for their pastime, for suitable protection of the children and the young people and against the material force."



Blogger Nick said...
"Good luck, Germany!"

Those were the very same words that kept coming back time after time to haunt my poor grandfather.
Blogger Jawatron said...
Who put shit on those guys faces?
Blogger Carriageman said...
looks like the David Dickinson fan club

Its a bobby dasler
Blogger Robotron2084 said...
Can't they realize ?
Their photos of fat hiphop retards, toxic punks, and fatty tuning amateuse teen gives humanity the best of reasons for banning videogames in Germany (or banning Germany)
Blogger Luvbeers said...
Yeah this guy will show them that gamers are normal not murderers.
Blogger Ian said...
The real issue in Germany is FPS games. They're known as 'todespiele' which translates literally as death games. Interesting piece about in PCZone, I think it was a couple of months back so it might be on the CVG website. I'd link if I could be arsed.
Blogger slim1945 said...
So let me get this straight.

Shiza porn = good
necrophilia = good
video games = bad


Word verification
hundust = nazi produced cocaine (what were the odds of that?)
Blogger Saphion said...
The translating into French and then back again was fucking genius.
Blogger Doink said...
The one in the first photo is quite hot. Is there a nude photoshoot please?
Blogger Roger Braun said...
It's "Killerspiele", not "Todesspiele". They even want to ban the manufacturing, and everyone who makes a game where violence is a main objective will get a 2 year sentence... Luckily, I'll go to Japan next year!!!1
Blogger Alex said...
fifth one down (in black and white) - would. well, maybe. if he wasn't into any of that scheisse business.
Blogger Jawatron said...
Do you get gassed if you think about video games whilst flying over germany on the way to someplace cheaper?
Blogger Patrick Peter said...
This post has been removed by the author.
Blogger P.P.A. said...
I am German, and it's true that they want to ban "Killerspiele". However, the funny thing is that nobody ever defined the word. They want to ban something and nobody knows what it is exactly. (I'm sure not even the ones responsible for the new laws know it. <_<)
Blogger Speile said...
wow, its a good thing i have the "i" and the "e" the wrong way round. Not that i would care if they banned me from germany anyway.

quelee: suposedly a name, in french thats, "Que, Lee?" or "what, lee?" so take this name and never be listened to.
Blogger liammanchester said...
Germans like to ban most things that seem inappropriate. Then again if people like this exist in Germany they might have the right idea.

Auf Weidersehen

Blogger bilal said...
never mind germany,

where's my fucking t-shirts? i ordered them on monday!

for this outrage i voted 'cunt'

flipping cunts

gntamceo: the head of the company that makes the guntam games
Blogger J said... are fucking funny.
Blogger Tom said...

I hope that guy's real...

Blogger Fiona said...
Interesting,heres an idea..swap 'gamers' for 'Jews' and substitute 'the german game censorship' for 'Hitler and Friends' and it makes you wonder if Germany is suffering Deja Vu...

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