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This is an illustration of the broken underside of someone's Mega Drive power supply unit. Regular readers will be pleased to know that this update represents a new all-time low for UKR, so it can only get better from here.

Fig. a, the broken underside of someone's Mega Drive power supply unit

EXCLUSIVE REPORT: "I have a Mega Drive power block with a broken pin on the bottom. It still works, I just have to pull the two lower legs apart each time I want to use it. That sounds a bit rude I guess, so it might fit on your site. Unfortunately I don't have it with me so I had to draw it instead. I was going to use a SEGA font to make it look better but for whatever reason it won't show up in MS Paint. I would've put all the voltages and stuff too but I can't remember those. LW"


Blogger phorenzik said...
You seem to be having an even slower day than me.
Blogger qwertyboy said...
forget the most boring SEGA image, what about the most exciting SEGA image ever...check this shit out.

All you need is the SEGA KAraoke and the SEGA modem added on and then its perfect !!
Blogger Mark said...
Still less boring than the PS3 bashing. Except the Ken Kutaragi photos, I like them.

I'm getting a DS Lite next week. Is Sonic Rush any good?

tmbsgelh: looks like it should mean something in txtspk.
Blogger phorenzik said...
Sonic Rush is OK. It's great if you compare it agaist the GBA ones and all those wank 3D versions.
It's not so great when you compare it to the MD ones.
The soundtrack is mint though. it's by the fella who did the tunes for Jet Set Radio.
Blogger Saphion said...
Phorenzik's analysis of Sonic Rush is spot on.

SEGA's supposed to be supporting the DS a lot more now so hurrah!

Going completely off tangent, wouldn't Mrs. Pacman give a fantastic blowjob?

nugrk: The sound of Mrs. Pacman giving a fantastic blowjob
Blogger bilal said...
i really should give sonic rush another chance.

i kept getting pissed off when sonic would go from one screen to the other. also i'd love it if they included the old sonic sprite (even as an unlockable) so i could pretend i'm elite and retro.

p.s. my t-shirts arrived today. who writes the addresses? Zorg? i'm gonna keep the packaging and sell it on eBay when he inevitably gets done for something really dodgy and becomes famous. i'm wearing the sega vest one right now at uni. gets lots of stares and chants of 'sega vest!'. saving the RIP one for friday...

gymzliel: arnie's secret stash of 'athletic enhancements'
Blogger Mentski said...
I never had a proper Sega power supply, due to owning a hong kong import one - Which looked like the Japanese one with the far cooler colour scheme.

Funnily, it came with an almost exact copy of the old 48k Spectrum power supply, but without the Sinclair branding.

And there is my interesting Mega Drive PSU story.
Blogger bilal said...
i've got 6 bare md1's in my attic. i won them on ebay for about £30 altogether, but i hadda buy a psu.

so i have an md psu.

i'm gonna convert and sell them, but i'll hold onto one of them. a couple are the older style with the 'high definition graphics' bit which will help me feel better after i get bored of the ps3's pseudo-hd and yearn for some proper stuff like revenge of shinobi and art alive
Blogger Bara said...
I used to use my snes power cable to power a really old pair of record decks.

But it was shit.

can that be your next story?
Blogger Markusdragon said...
it can only get better from here
Sub mobile phone quality camera + the hole in the side of my Dreamcast where the modem should be but it's mysteriously gone missing whilst in storage?
Blogger Ian said...
My Japanese MD power supply is surely more interesting. At least it's got a picture of Sonic on it.

Incidentally, my t-shirt arrived. Cue much bemusement from my wife. "I don't get the joke". I didn't even attempt to explain.

Word verification:mohikns
A long lost dyslexic Native American tribe
Blogger Jawatron said...
This is the pinnacle of UKR news. I can now smash my laptop on my head and go and live in Radford Park throwing my own shit at people and wanking in bushes.

Well that's the weekend sewn up anyway.

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