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Sony's "semi official" - ie, written by journalists paid by Sony - blog recently asked its readers how they thought the first two months have gone for PS3 in Europe.

Can you work out what happens next? (CLUE: You can see it coming from 58 billion, billion, billion light years away with the naked eye on a cloudy night).

Threespeech PR disaster

It resulted in a totally predictable public backlash on Sony's kowtowing Euro mouthpiece. Here are some of the best moments. At least they didn't try to delete that awesome first post. Well done, Kerri. We love you, even if you're one of those pink-haired, flabby monster-women who usually work in game shops.


"I think the whole EU thing is going to slow to a halt if Sony don’t get the price of the unit down and, more importantly, *start getting some content on the PSN store!*"

"I’m currently recommending to my friends to wait until September before buying as it *may* be cheaper and there *may* be more popular franchises available..."

"I can’t remember the last time I turned my PS3 on... The PlayStation store is bare, and the release schedule over the next few months is also empty... These are hard times for early adopters who shelled out a lot of cash to play good games as quite simply there aren’t any more to play bar those that arrived on day one."

"There are no games I am interested in released here, and absolutely zero movement on the online store, and no reason for me to turn it on at all. Sony had better pull their thumbs out if they expect me to spend any money on games."

"It’s going to be Wii60 everywhere this generation unless Sony can remove their head from a dark place and slash the price by 40 percent in all territories."

"Well my PS3 is a very bad PS2 machine at the moment because of the lack of new content since the launch I’m having to just play badly compatible PS2 games on it. Played all the launch games and I’ve already beaten Oblivion on the 360 and PC. I’m also hearing from my local game more then half the people who have bought it have taken it back and sales are around 1 per week."

"I haven’t used it for anything other than the photo album for about a month."

"We need more games, and better games, all the games that I can play right now looks like they are unfinished versions. PSN sucks, every game has his own way to invite friends, you can not chat with a friend while playing a game. Please we need something equals to Xbox Live and if you can, Better than XBL."

"Lately its just gathering dust really. No new content just a bunch of old trailers and 20 year old games no one wants to play anymore. And what about the games, seems like all the titles just keep getting pushed back and pushed back, how are SONY supposed to keep me interested in the PS3 if there is no new CONTENT. Compared to XBL the PSN is a joke, really. But after all said and done, I'm happy with my 600 euro folding machine, glad i can help Stanford university out."

"I want a PS3 - but until a significant price drop occurs there is no way I’ll be buying one... Judging by the amount available in stores, I guess I’m not the only one!"

So when Sony's US PR goon Dave Karakker blames the internet for destroying PS3's image, he presumably means sites Sony is paying for itself rather than independent upholders of truth such as UKR?

The funniest thing about PS3's pointless existence is the one thing Sony's sheep-like loser fans think will save it. HOME, the cumbersome 3D chat-room system from 1998, that is costing Sony millions to develop - and will then be given away for free. We couldn't design the total public collapse of a major corporation better if we tried.

We are saving a regular copy of the page once every thirty minutes, should some sort of 'server accident' result in it disappearing or any of the comments getting inadvertently deleted. If you need our 'back up' version of the page at any time, please get in touch.


Blogger Bernat said...
united in resistance! ^_^

the fact is that all consoles are lacking... we need a sega console!!!

ikgyp: IKaruga Yes Please
Blogger Mainman said...
You're forgetting that HOME has microtransactions coming out the wazoo, like a reanimated Habbo corpse feasting on the wallets of the gullible.

A slow death AND squeezing extra cash out of your already near-bankrupt customers? Funny.

hksbjx: 'Xbox' pronounced with your head underwater.
Blogger MrLonghair said...
Right now there's so much truth on there that I'm surprised they're not already on the case, censoring and deleting. I see a Swedish PS3 owner mentioning seven weeks for faulty units to get fixed, serious issues with fan noise and fan speeds, and "I do not want equipment that’s louder than my stationary PC (which is loud)."

Impressive. Back to seeing if I can use my local celebrity status to blag one for free over here, I need something to make my dinner table level.
Blogger Jawatron said...
No one has posted on threespeech about PS3's being made for/used by cock monkeys.
Blogger ruggedtoast said...
My friend was doing management consultancy for Sony in Japan a couple of years ago. Apparently there were serious structural and organisational problems in all aspects of sonys business except the hugely lucrative PS2 division that was keeping HMS Sony afloat pretty much single handedly.

With the exception of that the corporation was haemorrhaging money, being outmanouevred by its competitors and was producing what they knew were over priced low quality electronics. There wasnt much coming out of R&D either and they were all pretty down about it.

Sony desperately needs PS3 and Blu Ray to be a success. Theyve got the pricing of the PS3 horribly wrong and totally ballsed up the launch in Europe.

If anyones holding shares it might be worth holding onto them though, I would expect a large sell off of a lot of sonys divisions in the near future followed by a take over of the remaining company. And Im not joking either.
Blogger Martyn said...
Just visited the link where sony blame the internet. Read the following statement, nearly spat my coffee on the keyboard:

For example, Sony didn't have nearly enough hardware at launch to meet consumer demand.
Blogger Saphion said...
Oh Sony, you great big bunch of wankers.
Blogger Billy Morris said...
Lol I can't stop laughing at this thread, it's awesome.

I know Microsoft are'nt angels, but I think they've earnt a bigger piece of the market pie now(out of Sony's share). For Wii/DS to get Geometry wars says a lot for the Wii60 movement.

Wii60 is a wipe out Sony to bring back Sega's former glory, strategy.

Sony never have needed help proving to us all that they're are a bunch of fuckwits pmsl.
"I think you would be hard pressed to find a product launch in the past several years that matched the buzz generated by PS3. The amount of coverage that came out of the launch was staggering."

Where do they get these ideas from?! There must be a load of yes men telling sony its all going great.

disablra - a disabled superhero
Blogger Ross said...
There was tonnes of buzz and coverage, notice that he doesn't mention whether it was positive or negative. This site's been on the case since before launch, and I for one have checked back every day.
Lots of coverage.

As for the internets fouling up their thang, at this point you don't really need to 'do' anything to help them along to fuck-upsville, you just need to sit and watch.
Blogger convercide said...
I'm not sticking up for Sony here but I'm a 360 owner and the release schedule has been terrible recently. There's nothing good coming out for ages either. *sigh*

zeaaoib - I can't get anything for this....
Blogger Saphion said...
Nintendo are just as bad, specifically Nintendo Europe NOT RELEASING ANY FUCKING Wii GAMES.

The fact the PS3 is still failing dramatically despite this makes it all so delicious somehow.


fkabo: Can't think of one, but it sounds humourous.
Blogger Matthew said...
Ah, why I continue to check UK:R every few days.

Well, that and I'm still waiting for a mention of Sega Saturn Magazine. But I'll read these other things very happily.

Bejucco: An Egyptian drink for dwarves.
Blogger Billy Morris said...
I love Nintendo but can't defend them there, Nintendo Europe need to fuck Europe off, let France take care of that multi-language shit!
We can have a UK/AUS division thanks, which simply convert the US version to PAL -simple. This problem of waiting for them to add the cost of languages really ticks me off, but DVD's are the same. It's not solely Nintendo's fault.

They should have something other than a fucking football game as online debut though, I hate the gladitorial shite, it creates violent morons who love the PS brand. '10 FIFA games for a quid mate'

At least ninty have some good ones coming up, i'm gagging to try out Dragonquest, RE:UC, Ghost squad ans Soul Calibur.
Blogger Raw Deal said...
Give me a "Market Crash" ... I'd like that.

I have all the current consoles. None of them are worth my time.

This gen stinks. Microsoft think they are winners, simply because Sony have lost the plot. Nintendo have hardly any creative spark left.

All these casual Wii owners; are they gonna buy the next Nintendo console in 4years? ... Of course not. The Wii is a fad.

The 360 has some reasonable games. LiveArcade is mostly a pile of dung.

The PS3 is a joke. A train wreck.

A market crash would be a positive thing. It would wake the industry up.

I feel sick, bye!
Blogger Marco said...
Proof that PS3s only sell to Malaysian pedophiles who hate violence but love kiddy fiddling:

"For me, I look forward to more creative and friendly games (I dumped Grand Theft stupid game into the dustbin with my kid - why are there so much killings? Are you guys - game developers - nuts?), and more multimedia functions."
Blogger Nate said...

I made two posts that were deleted for stating I wish I had just stayed with the 360!

They clearly are only looking for a certain kind of feedback...

Please tell me you screencaped posts by Nate
Blogger dw2k6 said...
Got a backup? All three of my comments were deleted.
Blogger Garfield said...
Hi Threespeech is another ad/viral marketing affair owned by, I mean really time/money would be better spent on big PS£ Ad's in Slough

Domain Name..........
Creation Date........ 2006-09-02
Registration Date.... 2006-09-02
Expiry Date.......... 2007-09-02
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Name Server..........
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Blogger Edward Tivrusky said...
David Karakker said:
Noting the PS3's unique approach, how do you deal with negative consumer perceptions from a public relations perspective?

That's kind of a tough question to answer. I am pretty sure if you asked just about any real gamer out there if they would like to have a PS3, their answer would be a resounding "Yes!"

He says "have" a PS3 not "buy" a PS3. I'd love to have a PS3 but i'd rather not buy it and so would many gamers.
Blogger Tavin said...
Still got copies of those posts? THey deleted mine from yesterday! Guess they only want feedback if it's in their favor...

Blogger liammanchester said...
Heres something that will put a smile on your face. Some people don't know when to give up when they are face down in the dirt.

Blogger David said...

fkabo: Can't think of one, but it sounds humourous.
How about fk aibo fk vaio and fk sony ;)

fgtoalj: a gay toadstool

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