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Folklore is a new PS3 game. It's a single-player fantasy game that's brown, even though PlayStation owners want FIFA and Gran Turismo and WipEout, not brown games about being a sexually ambiguous dwarf embarking upon a voyage of discovery on a farm.

Send this one back to the drawing board, Sony. It's not really going to help things.


We've lowered the JPEG compression to factor three, which makes it look slightly worse than the original file so people finding this from Google Image Search think the game looks really nasty. This is the sort of sub-viral anti-marketing we take great pleasure in.


Blogger Friday said...
I have no idea what's going on in that screen shot (and in fairness I don't think the JEPG artifacting is to blame for that).

It doesn't look like anything I associate with being fun though.

What the hell are those mutant (presumably enemy) things in the background?
Blogger Luvbeers said...
I think the character design needs some work... for example:

100% better! (someone had to do it)
Blogger giginger said...
It looks like a fucking Furby!
Blogger Lord Onan said...
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Blogger Lord Onan said...
I was actually a little worried that the PS3 wouldn't be able to render brown quite as well as the PS2, but this has put my mind to rest. I look forward to Tekken 34: Beige Edition.
Blogger Saphion said...
Why is all the scenery made out of shit? Maybe they took all the bullshit Sony produces so much of and put it in a game.

Blogger Qjimbo said...
Man, this takes me back to E3... all the games looked brown! Clearly thats something that they haven't moved on from.
Blogger Shumar said...

That is the worst screenshot I've ever seen.
Blogger Nigel Tufnel said...

Can we have some updates on those LG girls?

Shit, wrong site.
Blogger Rob said...
That is some pretty brown there, but to be fair to the game, other screens of it look pretty nice.
Blogger Billy Morris said...
Yeah but look who you'll be playing it with:-

( >.<)'' shakes head
Blogger Raw Deal said...
This has to be the worst console generation ever.

Where are the breakthroughs? .. I've seen nothing that blows me away.

It's really sad, and tiresome. I expected some brilliant things this gen, but it seems like all the devs in the world have lost the plot.

Hi-res last gen looking games abound. Poor framerates, lack of finesse. I can't believe how bad things are.

Even the Wii hasn't got any gold-standard games. This must prove that the industry has run dry when it comes to creativity and skill.

Sad days.

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