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We know SO MUCH about Richard Jacques we even know that his surname is pronounced "Jakes" rather than "Jacks". Which means everyone's clever headlines like "Richard Jacques off to SEGA" and "We'd rather Jacques" are WRONG and based on incorrect Richard knowledge.

Therefore our headline about Rich doing the music for SEGA's upcoming The Club is a good headline, a rhyming headline, and a right headline. Even though it doesn't scan as well as, say, "Richard Jacques off in The Club" or some other such lame entendre that will be all over the internet by tomorrow.

Anyway. here's a link about it that uses the very boring headline "SEGA reveals music composers for THE CLUB".

That's a screenshot of The Club. Hopefully Richard will see this update and send us a link to an audio sampler piece, although, what with copyrights and legal things, this might not be possible.

There are no audio clips on his MySpace page and we note with some sadness that we are not in his "top 12". There is a photo of him playing a piano though. He appears to be cheating by using a Mac to read the music off.



Blogger Snowcloud said...
All musicians with Jaques in their name have to be good.

And Sega is awsome.

And so are Clubs.

Blogger Jams said...
Blogger phorenzik said...
Another Sega game. Unfortunately, it contains guns. It will be shit. The music will be awesome though. It's a shame Richard can't get his tunes on good games anymore.

On another note, I interviewed Richard a few years ago for a website I worked for. If I remember correctly, I think he has some kind of top diploma in cooking.
Blogger flaphaven5 said...
In other news, did you know you can search Amazon specifically for movies featuring "child nudity"?
Blogger Jason said...
"I wake up and it's anotherrr dayyy,
Time to wish all my fears awayyyy".

MAN that MSR song kicked ass.

Word verification: rsmxkot - Stereotyped name of a Scotsman, initials R.S
Blogger TwoFlutes said...
The Mac IS playing the music... that sheisenhauer's piano is full of Golden Syrup.

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