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Thanks to the amazing device that is... the Argos In-Store Stock Display System! We've had loads of these photos from keen readers - AND WANT MORE.

The brave green box speaks the truth:

Lincoln Argos - lots left

This was taken by a reader in Argos, last Friday. PlayStation3 launch day. 33 left. In just one store. 165k? BOLLOCKS.

Argos overstock shame

THEN HE SENT THIS ONE: "I emailed you last Friday with pictures I took in Argos in Lincoln, showing that on launch day they had 33 consoles left. Well, I dropped back in there today and had another look. Needless to say, the results were... a little surprising. 64 of the buggers! Either 31 people were really pissed off with their purchase or Sony decided to add more supply, given that demand is so high..."

Argos Bury - doing badly

Then, yesterday, we got this. This was taken in Argos in Bury. 62 available. In just one store.

Lying cunts, basically

And we got this one from somewhere in Northern Ireland. This is not us being crazy, or relying on anecdotal evidence from one or two people. It's a simple fact that PS3 has not sold. 165k is a lie. The truth will come out. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but one day.

And we'll do an update on them all next week. We'd also like to hear from you if you work in Argos. Just to know how awful it is. And we'd quite like to hear from someone at Chart Track, explaining how PS3 managed to sell precisely 165,000 consoles and not, say, 164,785 or 166,321. Surely it wasn't... A GUESS based on what Sony told you?


Blogger d mcspeedy said...
Interesting stuff:

Google Trends 360 vs. PS3 vs. Wii.

Very little search volume in the run-up to launch, relative to 360 and Wii ...

(and yes, '360' is a specific enough term to represent searches for the console -- the volume is ~zero before mid-2005).
Blogger d mcspeedy said...
And while you're there, check out the same trends for all regions. That's a lot of buzz for the 360 launch vs. PS3.
Blogger ThwartedEfforts said...
Can't someone just fucking ask Chart Track and save us all the drama?
Blogger oto said...
Has anyone else noticed that 165,000 is exactly 75% of 220,000, the reported UK allocation of PS3 systems?
Blogger spordan said...
Sadly I don't have photographic proof, but the tiny argos extra store in wolverhampton had an impressive 71 consoles in stock yesterday afternoon.
Blogger Big G said...
I think its pretty obvious how they sold 165k is shipped means thought about making
Blogger andy ® said...
Arogs in st albans had 15 left in stock today and according to my m8 there they sold 2 or 3 over the weekend and was outsold by 360. Don't believe the sony propaganda machine
Blogger praxis22 said...
"Why doesn't somebody just ask chart track?"

Bloody good question, so I did:

+44 (0) 20 8741 7585

Spoke to Dorian:

He said the number is only an estimate, which he qualified by saying it's pretty damn accurate, when I asked if the real number was higher or lower. He did also round the number, didn't say what the real number is, I didn't ask.

He said that the data comes from EPOS (Electronic Point Of Sale) systems. Till's and the like, and that they covered 85% of the market. That figure is for 2 days.

So now you know :)
Blogger Capt_Jax said...
Like I said. Lets see how many are left at the end of this weekend. I bet it will be loads.
Blogger Friday said...
LOL @ "just ask chart track" (and well done that that man).

I suspect though, that the drama will continue till the end of the month (and it will be the end of next before we get a really good idea of how it's going, one way or the other).

60 units in a small store is hell of a lot of stock (my nearest London Argos never has anything I try to order in stock). I wonder how retailers will react.

Meanwhile, what the hell is Nintendo doing about stock? There are *stacks* of Wii's in stores on the continent, but you STILL can't get one easily in central London (with better luck in zones 3-6).

Though I do have one (thanks to someone at works S.O. who works in GAME [yes yes, I know]), I know a few people at work who are still hacked off they haven't been able to just go into a shop and buy one yet.

The lack of sufficient remotes and nun-chucks in stores is also annoying (especially as I lost my second remote).
Blogger Ino said...
how do you lose your remote???

so... If you bought your ps3, there is noone to trade games with?? riiiight??? yes. ok.
Blogger Dead Man Typing said...
My Argos store got 17 for launch day and still has 7 left today. None are reserved. I have sources.
Blogger SchwangSchwing said...

It might be worth taking pics of 360/Wii stock for comparison
Blogger David said...

watch the first vid especially

The BBC is really starting to piss me off with their coverage of the PS3 they haven't said ONE BAD THING about it. My licence fee pays for no adverts on BBC why is the news filled with PoS3 adverts I thought Beeb was supposed to be completely impartial (didn't a lack political impartiality cause a lot of trouble a few years back)
Blogger colin said...
I've given this a lot of thought, and I don't actually think it's a lie. I couldn't wrap my head around how something that seems to be doing so shitty is actually doing so well. Then I realized what the problem was: we don't understand numbers.

Of course there are 165,000 people to buy the PS3 at launch! It's a Playstation! There are people who would buy the name alone. However, in all of the UK 165,000 isn't even a big number. Think of how small that number is compared to, say, 10 million even. It's less than a fifth of one million for goodness sakes. It's tiny and insignificant. The thing is, Sony could have sold 165,000 turds if they'd wanted to, because there are still 165,000 Sony fanboys/retards left. But that isn't what matters.

What matters is that if there had been a million wiis or 360s at launch, they'd have sold a million. Sony had over 200,000 and couldn't even sell that. 165,000 is nothing; it just means they had 165,000 available.

The other thing is "fastest selling console" doesn't mean anything. Think about this, if say instead of the arbitrary 2 day measure we're seeing here the measure had been "most sold in 12 hours", Sony would have been the worst seller since before the Dreamcast, not best. If they continue to not move the extra units and we measure fastest selling as most sold in two months, then they will almost certainly be shittiest in years. "Fastest selling in two days" only means "most available in two days". We knew that before they went on sale.

So you see, it isn't lies, it just doesn't mean anything. It's only fastest selling because it's the most available, and because the arbitrary point of a couple days was used instead of a longer or shorter time. None of that means it's doing well. It's still doing shit. The numbers don't lie; the ideas do.
Blogger Branch-me-do said...
lno: "how do you lose your remote???"

Perhaps they threw it into their "S.O.'s" "F.A.C.E."?
Blogger Ino said...
colin - what you're saying is true AND sony are lying.

that's the best of it all.
Blogger Raymond said...
I don't have a PS3 but plan on getting one just for Bluray (and eventually for FF XIII and MGS)

I believe the sales figures are most likely true but it doesn't say much about why people are buying PS3. It could be because people just want a cheap Bluray player (the low software attach rate might explain this).

Sony has always used formats as a trojan horse to get people to buy games. It was hugely successful with PS2 and it may well work for PS3 too. Unfortunately, the jump from DVD to Bluray is much smaller than the jump from VHS to DVD, and awareness of HDTV is extremely low by comparison as well.

I think sales will drop dramatically for the next few weekends unless Sony manages to really push the Bluray message across to the majority of non-tech oriented mum and pops out there. Their current TV ads make 0 sense and is going to hurt them severely.
Blogger slim1945 said...
I think what Colin said was quite accurate although i still think those figures are miss calculated.

If you are conservative about those argos stock numbers and halve them to say a 30 per store average, then multiply the 30 by 680 (number of argos shops in uk) you get 20,400.

If argos alone has more than 20,000 unsold PS3s of the 220,000 at launch i find it hard to believe there's only 35,000 left split between all many other retail outlets.

Only 35,000 consoles across the whole of the UK would certainly see stock shortages and sellouts in certain areas, they could'nt possibley be distributed so evenly as to be in stock everywhere.

As far as i can tell you CAN get a PS3 anywhere and at a discount.
Blogger James said...
I'm guessing due to the expense of the PS3 and the readily availability online people ordered online and did not feel the need to line up or buy from argos. I lined up for my 360 to midnight because I did not have a preorder, if I had I might not have bothered either.

BTW I know the sales for my local Gamestation and Game were very poor as well according to the staff I chat too.
Blogger Chris said...
heh. love the adwords at the bottom of this page... they need a filter which can tell if the host webpage is bashing the product or not :D
Blogger slim1945 said...
Not Argos but only 5 sold, 55 in stock
Blogger Richard said...
oh dear, oh dear. I see that you're not bitter at all, now that you were all wrong and that your little site turned out to be a complete waste of space. 165000 were sold in the UK. Sony released 220000 in the UK. Simple maths tells me there are around 55,000 left. And yes, that means there are lots left at Argos. Get over it. You lost. Move on.
Blogger johnson said...
richard bought his ps3, and is disapointed with his "machine".

So he goes to blogs to feel better about it.

So richard still wants to believe there are many many people in the same situation he is, so he doesn't feel bad about it.

But then he realizes he knows noone to trade ps3 games and his ps2 favourites don't work on his "beautiful" ps3. too bad

Then richard writes some sort of comment on a blog just to feel better. but he doesn't. If he was happy he wouldn't even bother writing this as he was too busy with his console in the first place.
@ Johnson

It would've been easier to just call him a gay and be done with it.

And more accurate, probably.
Blogger ThwartedEfforts said...
I think our new pal Richard has forgotten the huge number of eBay sellers desperately trying to recoup their 'investment', the fact that 10% of the entire UK allotment was preordered and subsequently cancelled by disgruntled gamers, and that trying to measure a console's success based on its first two days on sale is merely a construction of Sony's marketing machine.

What we know for sure is that, unlike every other next-gen console launch ever, it wasn't a sell-out. Look at the launch pics, look at the massive sales slump in Japan and the US. Ask yourself if they're a sign of all the great things to come, or whether you're a berk for hosing last month's mortgage payment on a fucking toy.

Richard by name...
Blogger archagon said...
Richard, that doesn't make any statistical sense. If 3/4 of all the consoles were truly sold, then the average store sold-stocked ratio would be exactly that. However, most of the stores we've covered have a much lower ratio -- 1/10, more or less.

Consequently, in order for the reported sales to be correct, there must be a whole lot of stores with a ratio much higher than 3/4 -- but we haven't seen a single one!

Strange, very strange.
Blogger Ino said...
so if 165.000 figure was real at the time it came out, by now every single unit would have been sold. right? something like that?
Blogger ThwartedEfforts said...
In short, yes.

Sony are making a big thing about how successful the launch was, and how high demand is, but the facts speak for themselves: it's a week later and thousands of unwanted PS3s are still milling about on shop shelves throughout the country. If the new system were truly the coveted product Sony claim it is, there would be none.
Blogger TwoFlutes said...
568/3703... just like an episode of Lost...
Blogger Druidictus said...
You may want to Digg this story;
Blogger Dead Man Typing said...
Oh I was wrong by the way, there were still 8 PS3's in my Argos and there still are now.

Still 9 out of 17 sold in a heavy residential area isn't bad.

By the way this Argos didn't get any 360's until almost 2 months after launch with good supply afterwards. A Wii came in one month after launch, and there's been a trickle of one or two every so often, but since January the store has only had 20 Wii' in stock total. And every one has sold the same day it came in.

In fact an area manager actually put out a priority bulletin to all his stores to try and get a Wii for his son because he couldn't find one anywhere.
Blogger billy_dimashq said...
what's all this boring 360/Wii talk?

can't we just cuss the ps3 without trying to justify it by pointing out how 'successful' the other consoles and their launches are?

it'd probably save on the crappy sony fanboy posts. or not...
Blogger Wim said...
It might be worth taking pics of 360/Wii stock for comparison"

What Wii stock? It's still impossible to find one, although, having one in front of me, I really don't see why.

lnpyrte - Swedish for farting?
Blogger Dragonbait said...
This post has been removed by the author.
Blogger Dragonbait said...
Richard, If your PS3 is so wonderfull, why are you here posting comments instead of playing on it???
Blogger Mentski said...
Maybe he was posting using it.

Whilst furiously wanking.

...and crying because noone loves him.

qgzfhpg: Mayan god of something. probably ducks.
Blogger Peter said...
My local one (Edinburgh North Bridge) has 6 left, which seems alarmingly low.

I have no idea how many they had initially though.

Word verification: netcmd
Blogger Mentski said...
Cheltenham Argos is down to 22, and according to a contact at the local Virgin, they are only down to approx 75% of their initial allocation as of today, and he was taking that from the nationwide stock numbers.

Over the initial weekend that the mythical 165k units were sold, they'd only got rid of 50% of the allocation...

Those initial weekend sales were more likely to have been somewhere around 100,000. It still suprises the hell out of me that that many people still had more money than sense, but seems a far better estimate based on the stock numbers I've seen.
Blogger slim1945 said...
Take a look at this if you haven't seen it already it's hilarious!

"Take this online petition, for instance. Whether it's made in jest or not doesn't really change the fact that it's absolutely hysterical. It seems a group of Devil May Cry fans are extremely upset about the game going to the Xbox 360 and PC in addition to the PS3 -- so much so that they're going to boycott Capcom and not buy either version."

Read the full story here

Read the totally gay sony fanboys petition here
Blogger J said...
Blogger Friday said...
Oh slim, that's awesome...

*cries tears of laughter*

The comments on the article and the petition itself were a joy to read.
Blogger Peetfeet said...
My local Argos on launch day had 60, by the end of the day (friday) they had 54 left. The following monday they had 54, thursday? 54. Checked again today when passing..... 55! Someone seen the light and got their money back LOL
Blogger Capt_Jax said...
Remember kids, get down to your local Argos over the weekend, preferably Sunday afternoon and see how many they have left. I'm pretty sure no new stocks have been 'shipped' so lets see what ChartTracks numbers are for this coming Monday!
Blogger tobyeross said...
Wow, the entire Microsoft fanboy concentration of the world has come to one site; Seriously, get a life.

Chart Track is the most reliable source there is in the UK for this type of thing.

There are NUMEROUS factors that you people have forgotten:

1. This is one HELLISHLY expensive machine, released in the middle of the month before tax month.
2. This is March. Its essentially the WORST month of the year to release it. Mainly, its not christmas.

To the person who used Google Trends. You need to remember, the PS3 has TWO names which it can be used: Ps3, and PlayStation 3.
Once you add Ps3 and PlayStaiton 3 together, it puts all of them incredibly close together. Ps3 is still last, but by a minimal amount.

You need to understand, that no console, however much you pray before bedtime is going to fail this generation. The PS3 european release is amazing in many ways, and what we can really take from it is relatively little. It sold amazingly, in a very bad month. It did this everywhere. However, it didn't sell out. Then again, nor did the 360. We still don't know the sales results of the last week. We will soon enough.

When you actually look at the three consoles, Sony is missing something which the other two have had for the last 3 months, which is a REALLY good game.

Zelda, and Gears of War achieve this, almost on their own for the Wii and 360 respectively.

Neither Resistance, or Motorstorm are anything like the whack that Metal Gear Solid 4, Gran Turismo 5, Grand Theft Auto (Multiplatform, but it will still make a big difference), Final Fantasy (both XIII, and VS XIII), and the numerous others. Naturally, being fanboys as you are, you'll believe that ALL of these will swap platform, no matter how unlikely that is (especially in the case of MGS4).

I could quote, 90% of you, and rip you to pieces, props to the very few which were actually remotely unblind.

Sony is the only console to have a respectable amount of units for a launch, got to give them credit for that.

To David; the person who is depressed that the BBC hasn't caught the media-anti-Sony train:

They are reporting the news, not lying. Sony has confirmed the numbers, and they aren't going to lie, because the fall out would be tremendous. Sony broke, virtually every console sales record ever, thats the news. We, as hardcore gamers, and some of us intelligent enough to analyse the facts can see past this and discuss many reasons for why, yes, its a positive for sony in this way, and a negative in this way.

The main thing is that these photos are MEANINGLESS. Argos for one, is somewhere I'd never personally shop for a console. 165,000 have been sold whether you like it or not.

Now, for the people mashing at the keyboard to tell me what a fanboy I am.

I have an XBOX360. I do not have a PlayStation 3, and probably never will.

Better than me saying it, I can prove it. My Xbox Live name is The Trebuchet (that is a space in it). So you can look me up if you want to prove to yourself that someone could be this blasphemous.
Blogger Friday said...
I love it when people not only miss the point of this site, but put so much effort into it.

I like the idea of a points system for scoring unique posts. Maybe with bonus points for people that pronounce there is a pro-Microsoft agenda.

I assume they think the regular logo is related to that famous 80's application "Microsoft Hedgehog" (the one with the annoying Fox that kept popping up saying "It looks like your hunting for emeralds" and offering to help).
Blogger slim1945 said...

Don't give a wank if you have a 360, an xbox or Bill Gates love child.

I've seen the BBC coverage of the launch and it definately scewed facts to make it seem like a much more successful event.

They even stated 100's of people camped overnight, when in truth only a few sad money waisters did, the rest of the 120 total arrived much later.

Apart from that i find you totally gay and had to stop reading you're comment incase i myself became bi-curious from the homo-erotic subliminal undertones.

I have a PS3 (you can ask my mates if you don't believe me) but i don't buy their games because Sony did run over my dog and rape my mother.
Blogger Saphion said...
Look tobyeross, we have no room for logic here. Now fuck off.

And besides. I'm a Nintendo fanboy (apparently).

So there.
Blogger tobyeross said...
I love it when people not only miss the point of this site, but put so much effort into it.

Effort? My dear god. Effort would have been proving you were wrong. A couple of minutes typing was joyously fun.

I like the idea of a points system for scoring unique posts. Maybe with bonus points for people that pronounce there is a pro-Microsoft agenda.

There ISN't a pro-microsoft agenda here? Now I don't know about the actual site (Apart from the fact that its posted a news article which is completely illogical). I don't know what their feelings are. What I do know is the READERS, or atleast the ones commenting are HORRIFICALLY biased.

I assume they think the regular logo is related to that famous 80's application "Microsoft Hedgehog" (the one with the annoying Fox that kept popping up saying "It looks like your hunting for emeralds" and offering to help).

... Right!

Don't give a wank if you have a 360, an xbox or Bill Gates love child.

Obviously you do, or else you wouldn't be posting with your jaw clenched.

I've seen the BBC coverage of the launch and it definately scewed facts to make it seem like a much more successful event.

It looks to the untrained gaming industry eye like a superbly succesful event. I suppose you were more happy when a BBC editor said that the PS3 would cost 'Over £500'. They posted the news, and it was a succesful event. It could have been more succesful, no doubt, but they are telling the truth. They just aren't going to complicate matters with casual gamers and non-gamers with giving them a long winded history of how the gaming industry works.

They even stated 100's of people camped overnight, when in truth only a few sad money waisters did, the rest of the 120 total arrived much later.

Again with the angry fanboy words! Bravo. Why do you CARE? 100s of people WERE at the launch, there are pictures of them at the launch parties.

Apart from that i find you totally gay and had to stop reading you're comment incase i myself became bi-curious from the homo-erotic subliminal undertones.

When you are going to be as rude as you are, you could atleast do yourself the justification of not looking like an idiot because you can't read a comment which you are planning on attacking.

I have a PS3 (you can ask my mates if you don't believe me) but i don't buy their games because Sony did run over my dog and rape my mother.

Not that I believe you. You'd buy there console, but not there games.. That seems pretty stupid.

You are, the EPITOMY of a fanboy, and it shows clearly that there is a pro-microsoft agenda in the readers, Mr, first person I quoted.

We have no room for logic here. Now fuck off.

I realised that, thanks for reassuring me though.

And besides. I'm a Nintendo fanboy (apparently).

Well done for being different.

So there.

Blogger Slim1965 said...
STOP PRESS there's a new series of Auf Wiedersehen, Pet where the lads go to Europe to build an asylum fot ex Sony fanboys. Here's the theme tune sung by Jimmy Nail.

Reading on a site,
That the PS3 is shite,
This is livin' alright,
This is livin' alright,

Then you see your homeboys,
Who hype up Sony's toys,
This is livin' alright,
This is livin' alright,

Along comes launch day,
Armed with six months pay,
Then you blow it on a console that's shite,

And your PS3 looks lame,
Without a one deicent game,
This is livin' alright.

You Regret what you've done,
Xbox live looks much more fun,
This is livin' alright,
This is livin' alright,

Go to HMV in the town,
Still no good games to be found,
This is livin' alright,
This is livin' alright,

Searching all day,
For buyers on ebay,
But it looks like you're stuck with it for life,

And no one wants it here,
Because it's too f##king dear,
This is livin alright.

Your ad campaign is lame,
Sony it's Auf Wiedersehen,
This is livin alright.
Blogger tobyeross said...
Well DONE! Instead of posting a reply, you post something completely unrelated which is fanboyish.

How do you sleep at night.
Blogger slim1945 said...
Quote "How do you sleep at night"

With your mum, you fag :)
Blogger Saphion said...
Tee-hee, tobyeross is taking the site and comments seriously.

Let's all point and laugh! Tee-hee-hee!

Now seriously, fuck off.
Blogger tobyeross said...
"How do you sleep at night"

With your mum, you fag :)

Keep going, you're just making me look more and more right to anyone who isn't stuffed up Peter Moore's ass. Then again, that seems to be 99% of this site.
Blogger tobyeross said...
Tee-hee, tobyeross is taking the site and comments seriously.

Let's all point and laugh! Tee-hee-hee!

Now seriously, fuck off.

Awww, this is cute.

As soon as you get someone who makes a comment which is unanswerable because it is correct, unbiased, we get homophobic insults... 'Your mom' insults... Then we get the 'Lolz, we don't take it seriously, why do you. Get a life' comments.. We get anti-Sony poems (though I must admit, I hate the This is Living adverts too). (See here is the difference between me, and you. I have the ability to see the positives and negatives, whereas you do not.

Whats next.. hmm... 'Your a fag'. Oh wait, had that already.

'You ginger paki?', that could be coming up (Heard that one on XBL the other day :/)
Blogger slim1945 said...
Why Tobyeross

I am genuinely hurt by your alergation, some of my best friends are ginger pakis.
Blogger tobyeross said...
Now that makes you laugh.

If they really were your friends, surely you'd call them pakistanis, as opposed to 'pakis'

Secondly, you're the one using the insult out of quote. Not me.

But that is a good one. I can't beat you in an argument, but I'll call you a racist ;D
Blogger tobyeross said...
I must say, this has been one of the most amusing things I've seen all week.

Keep going with the insults. Its hilarious that you can't steady yourself enough to make an actual competent argument.
Blogger Saphion said...

I thought "Hmmm, perhaps I should give the [Insert Name Here] wins a 'I've Completely Missed The Point of UK:R' award thing a rest because quite frankly, nearly every post has had some delusional idiot doing exactly that and it had gotten somewhat stale." I don't do it and look what happens! Tsk.

Look, I think I need to spell it out for you.



If you'd done your research you'd know that UK:R is (arguably) satire, (satire or not it's still funny as long as you don't take it seriously) and the only console it can be accused of being biased for it the fucking SEGA Dreamcast. Not the Xbox, Wii or any other shit.

I mean, fucking hell, you might as well go over to Idiot Toys and criticise the reviewing technique.

You can try and look smart by picking apart everyone's posts but, news flash!


All you're doing is making yourself look an arse by actually taking these comments seriously.


Now will you please fuck off?
Blogger Saphion said...
And look, you're nothing special, we've had plenty of people who have done the exact same thing as you for ages now.

It's just that it seems to be taking you longer to realise your mistake.

Have you fucked off yet?
Blogger tobyeross said...
I thought "Hmmm, perhaps I should give the [Insert Name Here] wins a 'I've Completely Missed The Point of UK:R' award thing a rest because quite frankly, nearly every post has had some delusional idiot doing exactly that and it had gotten somewhat stale." I don't do it and look what happens! Tsk.

If its satire, it fails. Miserably.

I am a humourous person. I find many things amusing. I don't find this site amusing because it isn't satire, or amusing. Its trashy, anti-sony jokes. To make it amusing they'd have to drop the anti-sony part. There are plently of things which are amusing about this, this this, Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony. This only hits out at one, it doesn't give the impression of satire. If it does. It fails. If you laugh at it. You fail at humour.

Look, I think I need to spell it out for you.

Yes, you do. Because no-one here, except you seems to understand it. Including the blogger.


I don't take it seriously. Its all crap.


I came here in the hope of saving some people from madness. I may or may not have done that.

Whatever you think, everyone here, except perhaps you (you've failed to actually say anything relevant to the topic at all), is a fanboy.

If you'd done your research you'd know that UK:R is (arguably) satire, (satire or not it's still funny as long as you don't take it seriously) and the only console it can be accused of being biased for it the fucking SEGA Dreamcast. Not the Xbox, Wii or any other shit.


Yet it has a plane shooting a PS3, and 'Europe at War' on the homepage.

There are many things funny in this world. That ain't it.

I mean, fucking hell, you might as well go over to Idiot Toys and criticise the reviewing technique.


You can try and look smart by picking apart everyone's posts but, news flash!

I don't need to try and look smart mate. I'm more intelligent than every single one of you put together.

You, are the only one I can't criticise, you are the only one who isn't being a complete fanboy here. In some ways thats a good thing. You however fail to have a half decent sense of humour, because this is verging on slipping on a banana skin.

Yes. But only because you failed. There are many posts up here which are serious. I didn't attack either of you two in my original post, I attacked the ones who were just being imbeciles.

All you're doing is making yourself look an arse by actually taking these comments seriously.

Are you seriously trying to tell me that you believe ALL THESE PEOPLE don't take it seriously?
Blogger tobyeross said...

To the two people here who think that the people here are humourous:

You are wrong. Nothing more to say

To the rest of you:

I look forward to seeing if any of you actually try and discuss this seriously.

To this site:

You fail at humour.

You could post a joke, you could post a funny picture. You did neither. You posted something which is clearly not intended to be a joke.
Blogger Saphion said...
You don't find UK:R funny.

Well done.

We do.

Now fuck off and leave us to it.
Blogger tobyeross said...
And look, you're nothing special, we've had plenty of people who have done the exact same thing as you for ages now.

Perhaps. There is one difference.

It's just that it seems to be taking you longer to realise your mistake.

Yes. You however do not see what teh true mistake is.

The mistake is believing that ANYONE on this site has an IQ of over about.. 85. and that a moderately decent discussion could be had from here.

Curse me for having too much faith in humanity!

Have you fucked off yet?

You obviously don't really want me to fuck off, else you'd stop posting.
Blogger Saphion said...
P.S: Are you American?
Blogger Saphion said...
By all means, carry on. Although I find UK:R humourous, the only thing funnier than that is when someone missed the point and goes on a rant. Even more so when we point out what UK:R is about and they still carry on.

Go on. I'm quite enjoying reading your replies.
Blogger tobyeross said...
P.S: Are you American?

No, I live in Devon, born in London. Not a drop of American blood in me.

Could you explain why you asked that?
Blogger tobyeross said...
Just so you know. I understand that humour is primarily an opinion. I have no problem with you saying that it is, or that its meant to be.

I am only answering those who are being serious. Thats a lot of them. You must be able to see that.

You find this funny in the same way that I find South Park funny (You may enjoy that too, I do not know).
Blogger Saphion said...
Just that pretty much all of the people that have done exactly what you're doing now, have been American.
Blogger Saphion said...
Although admittedly the grammar wasn't as good with those.
Blogger slim1945 said...

Look, I think I need to spell it out for YOU. If you don't like this site FUCK OFF

If you think some people take this site seriously you're right, YOU obviously do so FUCK OFF

If you think i'm a homophobic racist you're wrong so FUCK OFF YOU GINGER PAKI FAG.
Blogger Rock Punchgroin said...
Well, as an American I want to say the PS3 bombing miserably is fucking hilarious.
Blogger tobyeross said...
I never said you were racist.
Blogger shadman said...
This comments thread wins.

And toby, dude, read some of the non-Sony articles if you need a better idea of what UK:R is. We hate Sony for 1 reason: they lie and they're not Sega. OK, 2 reasons.
Blogger Saphion said...
In other news, the PSO GC/DC servers have not long ago officially shut down.

Blogger nodesofyesod said...
Toby - we UK:R regulars are all very sad lonely men with excessive masturbatory habits and far too much allegiance to Sega.

What exactly do you want here? Whatever point you were originally making has simply got lost in your seemingly endless tide of snide supercilious claptrap.

Why anyone would hang here if they don't find this place remotely funny is beyond me. Are you a missionary? You seem sanctimonious enough. If you want a sensible, measured debate about anything don't come here. We're all of us complete cunts.
Blogger Friday said...
I wish they'd bothered to update the basic graphics (textures/models) for PSO on the 360 from the DC version rather than apparently just re-using what elements they had to make new maps.

They still looked impressive for an aging title, but obviously the graphics and environments wouldn't stretch the original X-Box (or even PS2) - and getting a critical mass of people to subscribe to subscribe to an elderly looking console game was never going to work.

The basic combat gameplay is very good (I like it much more than the mechanics in WoW/L2/CoH/SWG, etc. - though it's a bit too simple of course), so I hope they don't abandon the MMO aspect when it comes to future titles in the franchise.

Just needs more polish (better textures/models), slightly less cumbersome UI (which is actually nice once you are used to it, but needlessly daunting initially) and some decent environments deserving of a game on current generation console.

Someone is certainly going to come up with a smash hit MMO console title at some point, and PSO is perfectly placed.

Sorry for going-off thread topic (Saphion started it).
Blogger Saphion said...
I still have a fetish for red boxes to this day thanks to PSO.

I wish it was in line for a re-re-re-re-re-re-release. Only with spiffier graphics. PSU just seems a bit naff.

Anyway. Back on topic.

PS3 is shit and if you like it you can piss off.
Blogger ultra-sega said...
tobyeTOSS possibly the most deserved winner of 'I've Completely Missed The Point of UK:R'

according to you...

We are a 'Microsoft fanboy concentration'
- wrong

This site 'fails at humour'
- wrong again

We've forgotten that the PS3 is 'one HELLISHLY expensive machine'
- FFS pay attention

'what teh true mistake is.
The mistake is believing that ANYONE on this site has an IQ of over about.. 85'
- Ha! i have 'teh' IQ of 86 which must be 85 more than you

You say you have a XBox360 yet you are leaping to the defence of Sony and accusing us of being pro-Microsoft. Why don't you go post your bs on some pro-Sony site where they will appreciate it, rather than flame a rather obviously pro-Sega site.
Blogger Mentski said...
"I came here in the hope of saving some people from madness. I may or may not have done that."

Who do you think you are? Jesus?

Our beef with Sony goes back almost 13 fucking years! Before Bill Gates even thought "hey, this games industry seems to make a whole lot of money, I think i'm going to try and dominate that too"

Were all Sega fanboys here man. All bitter Sega fans that saw our beloved company fall from grace, because their opponent was willing to LIE to gain a greater user base.

Sega never had to lie to sell their consoles!

We don't need saving. We dont WANT saving. Unless you are Sega. Then you can save us, but you're not, so fuck off.

fzemlt - sounds and looks little bit like feltch.
Blogger mrplow said...
You do realise now that PSO will come out as a re-re-re-re-re-re-release with spiffier graphics exclusive to PS3. Just to piss you off :(
Blogger colin said...
Wow, I leave for a few days after having read a bunch of intelligent stuff and come back to find that someone seems to have forgotten to lock the gate on the retard pen. I particularly like the comment from one guy that Sony wouldn't lie about the numbers because of the potential fall out. The "All I Want for Xmas" thing really demonstrates that they are concerned with lying. Also, having one of their most important representatives in an interview saying that he'd give you money if you could find a system here in North America, claiming they were not piling up, really proves that lies have continued to be something they avoid.
Blogger dw2k6 said...
im not a sega fanboy. Its just sony are complete cunts.
Blogger Squall20XX said...
I've never seen someone quote so much. Dreamcast will win this generation all games are like £5 and the box is only £20 you cant go wrong.
Blogger Squall20XX said...
What would happen to UK:R if Shenmue 3 came to PS3?
Blogger slim1945 said...
"What would happen to UK:R if Shenmue 3 came to PS3?"

Those Neo-Con Nazi Fashist Commi Capitalist Bastards would'nt dare!
Blogger tobyeross said...
God, I can't believe my own stupidity. I'd totally forgotten how Sony wiped the floor with Sega.

No, that isn't it. I thought you'd be past that, considering it was 5 or 6 years ago :/

I'll leave you to your remniscence.

Blogger Fiddy-Pence said...
Oh... he's gone. Shit... What am I going to do with this custom built giant award I just gold plated?

/writes "posthumous" on it

Job's a good'un.

Oh and for the record, I'm not a SEGA fanboy (though I loved my MD), I just hate large corporations who think pretending they're 'down with da kidz' will endear them to their userbase.
Blogger Saphion said...
Wow, I don't think tobyeross has even realised he's missed the point (as demonstrated by the clutching-at-straws 'Sony wiped the floor with Sega' comment).


Let's see how far he's willing to go with this.

Anyway, PSO on the PS3 (or indeed PSP) would be THE ULTIMATE FORM OF SIN.
Blogger ArugulaZ said...
"I am a humourous person. I find many things amusing. I don't find this site amusing because it isn't satire, or amusing. Its trashy, anti-sony jokes. To make it amusing they'd have to drop the anti-sony part."

So in other words, you have no tolerance for criticism of your sacred cow.

I don't know what statement UK Resistance's editors are trying to make with the site. However, I find it incredibly cathartic that there's someone on the Internet with the bravery to take a stand against a company which has been unquestioned and uncriticized by the media for nearly a year.

The Playstation 2 was launched to the acclaim of a sycophantic audience. Nobody questioned the wild exaggerations and boldfaced lies that Sony used to sell the system. One analyst even compared its launch to a coronation, implying that the PS2's victory in the console wars was guaranteed.

You've probably gotten used to this dogmatic acceptance to Sony's leadership of the industry. Now that people aren't willing to accept "It's worth it because it's Sony," it's starting to worry you. You can't imagine the video game industry without Sony's dominance, just as I couldn't imagine video games without Nintendo's leadership back in the 1980's.

Well Toby, things change and empires fall. Sony can't rule the video game industry forever, and there's every indication in the past year that they won't for long. In my opinion, it's for the best. Pundits have complained for years that video games have reached a point of creative stagnation, and a change in leadership will go a long way toward addressing this problem.

Frankly, I don't care who leads the industry... as long as it's not Sony. There needs to be a new approach to game design in order for the media to evolve, and that won't happen with Sony still holding the crown. There's still room for them in the industry, but not as leaders.

Blogger SonicTatRoss said...
How do these idiots find the site?
Some dick on a Sony forum probably told them there were people taking the piss out of ps3 and came rushing to defend their precious box with blu ray.
TobuyRoss its just a box wires and chips and things in it, its not your friend or a member of your family.

Everyone knows only Sega consoles have a soul and Dreamcast could play vcds and had buggy heat and 4 wheel thunder thats two "hip" "in with the youth" off road racers to PS3's one.

if Sony want to tell me I have to rebuy all my only fools and horses DVDs on Blu Ray they can Fuck off!

PS not all people called Ross who come from Devon are as much of an idiot as this guy.
Blogger Evildead666 said...
Good, the twats gone at last...

It was literally draining the humour...

I don't own any consoles, but in contrast,my bro has them all...

Keep up the good work,i can't wait to see the proof that they didn't sell that much...and if they did, how many bought games with it...

I suspect people with HDTV's may have been blinded by the "Its a SONY" and wanted a HD Player for their HDTV...

You have to admit it is the cheapest Blu-Ray player out there.
Even if its a dodgy decision either way, HD-DVD or Blu-Ray, for the moment.
Blogger CaptainChaos said...
Seems Sony are delivering more PS3 onto the market, this can be the only reasn why store stock levels are raising...

I did noticed Woolworths getting desperate, and discounting the 360, as nobody wants it anymore...

I also heard about the global 360 recall due to reliability issues... Seems you are loosing the war...
Blogger Mentski said...
How can we "lose" the war when the majority of people here aren't Pro-360 either, you fucking tit.

We just want to see sweet, sweet justice served against a company that lies and cheats to win.

Do you see?
Blogger Mentski said...

Dear Zorg.

Please put the old Sonic Themed banner back up so these utter twats that keep stumbling on the site at least have some kind of clue to its allegiance.

And a Princess Rinko update would be nice too.

Blogger Saphion said...
CaptainChaos, why do you end each sentence with '...'? Do you not realise it makes you look like a fucking emo?

And it's 'losing', not 'loosing' you thick twat.

And hey, not all of us support Microsoft you knobjockey. Although compared to Sony, they aren't gigantic wankstains on the jeans of the game industry.

Now piss off. Quietly.
Blogger Billy Morris said...
Here here, for me and many of my friends, the order of loyalty is:-

1. Nintendo & Sega
2. Microsoft
3. Fony

At the time of the PS1 launch I used to work for Electronics Boutique in Hull, and it's no exaggeration when I say that at least 80% of PS1 Sales were enquires stating 'Have you got the console which plays the copies games?'

Which in itself speaks volumes about today's Chavstation culture.

I hate Sony, I dont like microsoft, but at the VERY LEAST they dont try and fool the public with a consistent, long term period of lying.

Its the same brainwashing which is happening with HDTV overall, because people can visibly see that an Analog signal does'nt have f@@king pixels- period. Analog is the Highest definition you'll ever get!! But the word 'digital' just melts in the mouth does'nt it.

In addition, people dont like formats forced on them(Blu-ray), and using their console to do it, AND making the loyal customers pay for their own global corporate tactic.

If Chavstation fans are so cheap, why does it come as a surpise to anyone, that the PS3 is doing so badly?
Blogger CaptainChaos said...
"majority of people here aren't Pro-360"

Yeh right, that's why the blog owners is a editor for Xbox magazine in the UK...

LOL, who are the fakes now...
Blogger Saphion said...
Wow, I didn't know I worked for Xbox 360 magazine too. I hope I'm being paid.

Odd choice, seeing as how I've never played a Microsoft manufactured console in my entire fucking life.


That's the most idiotic logic I've ever heard.


You have to be a fucking moron to come up with that shit.

"LOL, who are the fakes now..."

What? What the fuck? Where did anyone call anyone a fake? Are you a fucking simpleton?

Get this through your thick skull. The commenters here are (and here's the key phrase, try to remember it, dickass. I'll put it in bold so maybe you'll take notice) either Nintendo or Xbox gamers united by a love of SEGA and a hatred of Sony. You don't have to be an Xbox gamer to see how blindingly obviously shit Sony are.

I thought I told you to piss off anyway?

I repeat: Twat.
Blogger Saphion said...
Please point out to me on the website where it says "XBOX GAMERS ONLY" because clearly I'm missing it, and as a Nintendo gamer I'd best piss off now.

Once again: Twat.
Blogger CaptainChaos said...
Say what you like, but I did a whois lookup for

And the name of the Registrar of this domain is: Gary Cutlack

You can do the look up at:

Anyways, who's Gary Cutlack you ask.

Official Magazine of the XBOX 360. And Scroll below and you will see that Gary is a " Features Editor " for the magazine.

Seems Gary has some underhand motives methinks... Wonder how much he is getting paid by MS to run this site... Free Vista Laptop perhaps...

However I don't suspect the muppets posting here get anything..

Frnakly if their consoles were as good as they say, they wouldn't be posting this tripe...
Blogger Billy Morris said...
CaptainChaos, anybody who takes Sony's side these days immediately identify themselves as 1 of 3 things:-
1. Sony Employee
2. A Chav, and a mass pirate
3. A f@@king idiot

I've never owned a Xbox either, and i'm ashamed of ever owning a PS1, owning a PS is just an insult to good taste.
I would buy an Xbox360 though because of the Sega games and DOA4, buying a Wii goes without saying, it's incredible value.

The point is, you act like you've done your research, when if you had, simply, you'd hate sony for lying year on year, especially at the gameshows showing FMV footage and a dramatic trailer, as oppose to the actual game graphics (not that that's all there should ever be to a game), but you knew that did'nt you? hmmm...

Just take it like a man, Sony are indefensible.
Blogger Saphion said...
Further proving your idiocy by missing my point. Completely. I daresay it made a 'whoosh' noise as it went past you.

Do you think we care that Zorg works for an Xbox magazine?

Do you? Think about that for a moment.

Do you think that affects us at all? Go on. Carry on thinking. I'm sure it hurts but you carry on there.

Now, what is UK:R's 'thing', apart from the temporary Europe At War theme? That's right. As a satiric SEGA fansite. You know what?

It has been for a number of years now.

A number of years.

Guess what company used bare-face lies and underhanded tactics to oust SEGA from the console buisness? Go on. You can figure it out. Perhaps.

Now do you get it? We're all SEGA fans who hate Sony regardless. Whatever console we currently support makes no difference.

Do you think we even give a fuck if Zorg were to get paid for this? It's a fucking site for us to vent about Sony for being generally shit and breeding a new generation of shitty chav gamers and destroying the only games company that made decent games.

But you were probably too busy jumping to your beloved Sony's defense to realise this, CaptainEmo.

Now piss off before you get upgraded from 'twat' to 'cunt'.
Blogger SonicTattooRoss said...
Dont you get it, if you want to stir some shit try telling us PS3 is better than Dreamcast.

Go to a XBOX360 forum on Gamespot if you want a smart arse 14yr old argument where you quote every line we write in one paragraph and tell us how wrong we are in the paragraph below. This is obviously the first time you've been to this site otherwise you'd know the PS3 banner is only temp during the ongoing war. I think also its time the Sonic Logo back up so these morons will

Blogger Billy Morris said...
lol Saphion, I nearly fell out of my chair with that last comment.

Not nearly as much as some moron daring to put the word 'hardcore' in the same sentence as the word 'sony' lol yeah good one- not.

I'd love a Sega machine where you could play original Naomi arcade discs. drool.

Ironic the main PS3 title is 'Resistance: Fall of Sony' -hopefully :D
Blogger Friday said...
Beware: Long post. Zzzz.

I think what CaptainChaos is actually saying is "Say what you like, [because I'll ignore it and continue to miss the point]".

I think you'll find that many people who liked and owned a Dreamcast like X-Boxes too. Both consoles share a similar approach to physical system design and when it comes to software development (noting that not least, both of which had Microsoft SDK's available). Like Microsoft now, Sega before them understood the basic importance of having good underlying development platform and what that ultimately means for gamers.

Both also require a greater understanding of consoles that goes beyond incorrectly and blandly assuming "PlayStation is teh best? Right?", another reason why there is a fair bit of cross over between Sega console owners, Nintendo console owners and Microsoft console owners.

Now, I spend most of time time being a huge fan of Apple products, it's great for cross platform software development (which is important to me) and for personal use. I really quite dislike most Microsoft products - specifically their operating systems (I can think of about 10 other operating systems I'd rather use).

However, as a (non games) developer, I can really appreciate what Microsoft have done for the industry on both with the Dreamcast and the X-Box.

Unified API's mean that applications play together and work together consistently (this is why X-Box Live! works so well, while it didn't even OCCUR to Sony to develop a unified API for developers to use). Straightforward SDKs mean games are quicker to market and easy to develop so you can increase the risk factor in development and it limit the potential for bugs. XNA is brilliant idea (developers being able to leverage 3rd party inexpensive toolkits like the Torque engine is something that bodes well for gaming).

I am fan of a company when it does things I like. The PS One, developed in conjuction with Nintendo untill they fell out with Sony, whereby Sony exercised an option in the contract to walk away and sold it themselves was a good platform. Sony subsequently telling outrageous lies about the much delayed PS2 and the even more delayed PS3 did not make those platforms better, and it did not endear me to them when we saw the titles on them were really like.

i.e. Just like the Dreamcast versions, but with some polygons converted to spites to get the framerate to keep up on the PS2 version (e.g. DOA).

Sony are good at brand marketing, but their hardware is very late to market, very expensive, significantly under-delivers compared with what was promised and the software support is very poor compared with the competition.

Some amazing rabbits will have to be pulled out of the hat to turn it around now.

I don't think Sony have what it takes to do that, not least because they have entirely committed to Blu Ray (which was also responsible for the delay to market) which means the cost is still grossly inflated but also because they really don't "get" software - and having great software is I think going to be increasingly important.
Blogger Saphion said...
Whenever I try to say anything as smart and logical as Friday's last post it always comes out as something like "Sony are shit".

Blogger Mentski said...
UK:R was started a good 10 years ago.

Did the Xbox exist then?

No. No It didn't

You lose, sir.

Poor old Zorg's got to put food on the table somehow, you know. And there are no Sega magazines now.
Blogger ino said...
lets go back to "blue skies" instead of "blu-ray"

that was pretty smart, don't you think???

sony are teh shitzorz haha i korean hate sonys love marble zone robotnik kill sony fans tails kill sony fans too hahaha
Blogger Billy Morris said...
Yeah nice one Friday, that's the most precise you could get to how most sensible people feel.

I fancied a change when I originally got PS1, call it foolish curiosity. Sad rumours of atari's console were'nt good and the pad was just major overkill.

Now i'd give anything for Multi-region Saturn and Dreamcast and all the awesome shoot'em'ups.

Even though i'd want Project RS3 to come to Wii, I dont envy the 360 crowd, i'm just glad it went to them, rather than the PS crowd, and fueling their delusion of somehow being hardcore lol.

More to the point it's just and excuse to buy a 360, so I can get other up to date Sega titles too :D

Ino: It's re-assuring to see people in Korea hate Sony too.
Blogger rebel jedi said...
I have never been the slightest bit disappointed with any of my games consoles, I think they all are/were awesome.

The list of games consoles I've ever had is as follows (in order of purchase):

Atari 2600
Nintendo Gameboy
Commodore Amiga 500
Sega Dreamcast
Microsoft Xbox
Nintendo DS
Microsoft Xbox 360

From that list there are 2 points to note:
- Friday's theory works for me too.
- Sony's lies have never fooled me :p
Blogger Dave said...
Dear outsiders who only just found UK:R from some link on Eurogamer, (especially those who think they've discovered some great 'all I want for xmas' style plot).

This is a local blog for local people. There's nothing for you here.

Though based on what you have told us, it seems the 'real world' is even more scarely retarded than I had realised.

Thanks for the warning!

I shall now return to my hole. In the ground. For a wank. Etc.
Blogger Munter_S said...
'Kinell. I go away for a week to the proper old-timers board and when I come back it's all gone to fucking shit.

A veritable cuntucopia of cuntrags.

Who was in charge of raping last week? They should be shot.
Blogger nodesofyesod said...
When Captain Chaos leaves school to get a job, he'll realise that working on a magazine like Zorg does has precisely fuck all to do with important teenage issues like console-fanboyism.
And what's with the long-winded detailing of his sleuthing in finding out Cutlack's details. Everyone who is a regular here knows what Zorg does for a living don't they?

Now fuck off and go back to fluffing the pricks queuing up to bludgeon your mum's prat.
Blogger LastChance said...
I recently plugged the DC into my new HDTV. If I were completly honest about ShenmueII I would have admitted that the opening scene was a bit crap what with the rubbish-looking islands and murky 'sea' around Hong Kong.

Not any more. It turns out that the DC was future-proofed and even better than I used to think it was, which was brilliant and, to those with IQs of 86 or higher, obviously better than the PS2. The islands are now a wonderful vibrant green, and the ocean looks like the ocean. Although Ryo's arse still looks like the men in the black car shoved a poker up there.

Virtua Fighter was nearly PS3 exclusive -- that truly would have been sleeping with the devil. The only thing better than not publishing Sega stuff on Playstation at all, is to make sure that Playstation gets crippled versions like they've done with Virtua Tennis 3.
Blogger Hamstermemnon said...
Yes we know, we know who zorg is, what his job is, what other sites he does, I think I've even seen him on tele, I do know I have stalked him to his local, and got rat-arsed in his general vacinity, but thats just things you do when your after, after all there's only so many times you can day-dream about a 3-up with Emily Booth and Sally Yoshino.
Saphion rocks today :)
why have I got a german blog screen again??
Blogger Cyber Razor Cut said...
Getting back on topic. Argos Farnborough hasn't sold a single PS3 in 5 days! Painfully languishing on 24 stock items since Wednesday.
Blogger Ben Chud said...
Roll on the Chart-Track sales figures for this afternoon - strange how they've been released a lot later this week than last.
I suppose they have to allow time for royal mail to deliver the brown envelop that contains the "true" Sony sales figures, probably accompanied with a some used notes that amount to roughly the same amount.
Blogger amagni said...
The only thing for it is for UKR to go members-only, or at least have some kind of age-verification on the comments, like if you can sing the theme tune to Metal Mickey
Blogger DaveP said...
no way, im 29 and I barely remember metal mickey. let alone the theme tune. how about supergran instead?
Blogger DaveP said...
what was the UK:R flame record for the Versus TV by the way? has this one come close to beating it yet?
Blogger dw2k6 said...
im not a fanboy to anything, but it has to be said the dreamcast was one of the best consoles ever made. It was so good it didn't need modding to play pirates!
Blogger slim1945 said...
The Dreamcast was THE best console ever made, even masterbation comes in second.
Blogger Saphion said...
Fuck yes.

I think that's all there is to say, really.
Blogger Warmwaterpenguin said...

Let us not, in this time of war, think only of the enemy and not of the suffering within our very own borders. As of today, Sega has officially discontinued the formats for both the Saturn and the Dreamcast and have announced the end of their repair services.

So what of it? Is Dreamcast dead? No! Dreamcast fights on, and she demands that we fight beside her! Does our enemy lie? Let us obliterate him with truth! Does our enemy cheat? Let us shame him publicly! Does out enemy send insipid fanboys to flame us? Don't allow their narrow-vision to discourage you. We have been fighting this fight for a over a decade!

Wank, men, wank! Wank for HD Shenmue! Wank for PS3 launch failure! Wank for a new NiGHTs! Wank for an on-rails Sonic! Wank for Blue Skies and for Sega! Wank though the world crumbles around you!

I implore you gentlemen, wank.
Blogger Marc said...

I'm way too lazy to translate but basically, the author thinks Sony is lying about the numbers of PS3 solf in France. Most stores he called had still a bunch in stock (some sold only 30% of their stock) whereas they were supposed to have sold 78% of them according to the Sony numbers.

They don't say anything about Wii stocks but the Dreamcast seems to be outsold everywhere!
Blogger amagni said...
Sorry DaveP, down here in Australia we get the BBC shows a bit later than you guys, so I saw MM in the mid-80s.

It's getting better, though. I just heard there was gonna be a brand new series of Dr Who coming to Aus this year, they've got some guy called Sylvester McCoy to play him, should be ace!
Blogger Billy Morris said...
ben chud: This lie needs sorting out! :-

check out the last 3 digits lol
Blogger Billy Morris said...
Warmwaterpenguin: Here's what I read:-

Lets hope DC2 replaces PS3 god please i'll never ask you for anything other than joining in on two lesbians mid-action.

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