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God knows what that means. Probaly a remake of some rubbish old game no one remembers. Typical SEGA. Never gives us what we want.

NiGHTS. On Wii. Crikey

There's a new Ratchet and Clank?!
Blogger Andy said...
So it's true. New Nights. I think I just came.
Blogger Byronic Hero said...
In case anyone's wondering, drömdemon återvänder is Swedish, and translates to (as far as I can gather) return to dreaming. So there.
Blogger arancarlisle said...
Two years of Swedish classes at University have taught me that "drömdemon" is a made up word that is a combination of the word for dream and the word for demon. Återvänder means "to return".
Blogger FuzzyPiggy said...
So this is their reward for setting up large scale pirate torrent boards, getting SEGA exclusives!

(CAPTCHA word: "numfi" - the noise you make when your gag is too tight ...not that I would do that sort of thing you understand!)
Blogger matt said...
it had to happen, Wii is perfect for this!
Blogger Jarod said...
What is it that "we" want again?
Blogger Toby said...
Segas drömdemon återvänder = Sega's dreamdemon makes his return
Blogger Jonathan said...
he holding some sort of imaginary penis in his hands, and about to perform some depraved act?
Blogger Zeipher said...
Actually it's

"Dream demon returns"

Drömdemon is not a made-up word, because it's actually two legitimate words without a space between. This happens a lot in scandinavian languages.
Blogger Zeipher said...
Actually, it says "Dream-Demon returns"

Which is actually a spot-on translation.

I'm Norwegian.
Blogger Saphion said...
Fuck NiGHTs (well, not really), I demand Phantasy Star Online DS dammit.
Blogger Javier said...
Sonic & Mario in the Olympic Games has just been announced for Wii and DS, developed by SEGA. Discuss.
Blogger JoeMDesign said...
Sonic and Mario in the same game... NiGHTS returns... Could this be the greatest day of my biased Sega-loving life?

Word verification "Kjaaa"

Yes! Even my word verification sounds cool! Oh glorious day!

Blogger nodesofyesod said...
Why don't you all please stop being such geeks about the Swedish translation? We got the idea in the first post about it.

I had Nights on the Saturn, wasn't it a bit shit? Nice graphics as I remember but very on-rails gameplay as I remember. We all just pretended to like it more than we really did cos we all spent a fortune on the new controller you needed to play it.
Blogger nodesofyesod said...
Can't we have a new "Gynoug" instead?
Blogger Liam said...
"drömdemon återvänder" is Swedish and translates to "gonna fuck this one up and decide Shenmue isn't worth it"

A new Ratchet & Clank you say? Lord knows the gaming world has been crying out for one.

Word Verification: objofx who was probably the handyman in Asterix's village!
Blogger JetsamParadise said...
I have no knowledge of Swedish and would even have trouble pointing to Sweden on a map, but to me it looks like, "Sega's Afterburner Doraemon", which sounds exciting.

I did some digging and it turns out it's an ACTUAL game!!! Here are some screenshots:

Verification - vadwd - An STD transmitted between plant-life.
Blogger phorenzik said...
I've been waiting for this announcement for over 10 years. what a shame that Sega are now wank and therefore won't be able to do the game justice.

Don't gang up on me. I speak the truth. You all know it. It's the old Sega we love. The present day Sega is all about hockey management sims and wank RTS games.

I do hope I'm proven wrong though.
Blogger Liam said...
If I went back in time and told my 10 year old self this would happen I would have kicked my future self in the balls.
Blogger jawa said...
Did someone say Shenmue? When's that korean shenmue mmorpg coming out?
Blogger Billy Morris said...
I can only assume this post is satire? How can you say Sega dont give people what they want, when NiGHTS 2 this is exactly what half the Lik-Sang community had dreamt about for years. Rumours of Radiant Silvergun 3 on Xbox360 too, only re-affirm that they ARE in touch with their hardcore audience. They've also tried to make Sonic games work better in 3D. The advent calendar in Christmas NiGHTS is what made the build up extra special, because it was the 1st sensible use of the internal clock, and the soundtrack is very emotive too. If anyone else has a go at NiGHTS i'm going to buy a Chavstation 3, of course i'm not, but just so you know i'm serious! :D
Blogger phorenzik said...
Billy Morris:

Is your post meant to be ironic? Or are you a thick twat? I can't decide.
Blogger mute said...
"it had to happen, Wii is perfect for this!"


Nights was designed to take advantage of an Analog stick, and that's the best possibly method of playing it that I can think of.

The Wii has an analog stick, but so does every console in the last three generations.

Using the remote would be like pointing a mouse, and having the NiGHTS character chase it, rather than actually controlling him yourself.

Which sounds trivial, but something that integral has a big effect on the overall game.

If only I had enough faith in Sega's non AM2 developers to not completly cock this up.
Blogger mute said...
This post has been removed by the author.
Blogger Carl Johan said...
and here i thought i was the only swedish fag reading this
Blogger Billy Morris said...
phorenzik: You call me thick, then can't understand my comments?.. now that's being ironic. Oh no.. have'nt bought a PS3 have you? lol only messing

It's obvious, this will play like Super Mario Galaxy, controlling NiGHTS with the analog stick, and pointing at obstructions with the Wiimote, it's gonna be awesome.
Blogger bowdie said...
What the greasyshit is going on here? 1up are saying gamereactor have pulled and changed their front page.
Blogger bowdie said...
Can anyone translate the page at GR?
Blogger Lyris said...
Billy Morris, are you American?
Blogger phorenzik said...
This post has been removed by the author.
Blogger phorenzik said...
He must be American. Why else would he miss the point completely?
Billy: I suggest you re-read your awful post again before you question anyone else's intelligence.

Apparently, Nights is being developed in America by the USA division of Sonic Team. This means that it's bound to be good doesn't it? I bet they give Nights and Reala machine guns, and they have to skateboard around the levels occasionally wrestling each other to the ground whilst rap music blares out.
Blogger Billy Morris said...
phorenzik: If you re-read your awful post you'll see that my initial post was'nt in response to anything you said previously, but you felt it necessary to insult my intelligence, hmm that's intelligent.

If lyris explained his comments, maybe i'd have understood, i'm not a mind reader!
Why did'nt you and lyris just give the links 1st and say 'read this' dont you think that's a bit irish?

How can I be expected to know everthing on the internet? SEGA USA are making it? all i've read so far is that the original japanese designer is'nt involved because he left SEGA.

I agree if it's not at least being made in japan, then you can already expect a dip in the quality. I'm on your side there! I just remember the good old days.
Blogger phorenzik said...
Are you some kind of mole that's been planted here to infuriate me? It certainly seems so.
Why the hell would you need Lyris to explain his comment?
It's a question!
It said are you an American?
Why would you need to be a mind reader to understand this?
I'll re-phrase the question so it's easier for you to understand:
Are you?.....were you born?....No. It's no good. There is no easier way of asking that question. It's written in plain English. Even an idiot could understand it.
Good day to you sir, you have indeed set me off.
I'll have to beat the missus again now to vent off some steam.
Blogger Billy Morris said...
ROFLMAO! You are funny, Yes I am a mole if it makes you feel any better.
The lyris 'Billy Morris, are you American?' comment, was followed by your comments stating that I must be, because i'd missed the point.
BUT at this point I had'nt known NiGHTS 2 was getting made by SEGA USA, like I said, I only read the original designer was'nt involved up to that point, assuming of course that it would be made by the rest of the team in japan.

I definately agree with you about SEGA USA probably adding guns and skateboards lol, this describes half the PS catalogue i.e.GTA.
You've got me worried about it being in safe hands, so I got what you and lyris meant in the end. Although some of my faith in SEGA has been restored since the Sonic revamps, I dont know if Japan was behind this though.
Blogger Saphion said...
Look, answer the bloody question.

Are you, or are you not American?
Blogger Billy Morris said...
When I make references to Chavstation 3 before the 'am I american' question, dont you think this is a big clue? lol, not the mention the website name.

I fail to see what this has to do with the original subject, it reads like 'Are you american ..because(insert insult here)', obviously i'm not taking that bate. I'm just trying to get ppl to explain the relevance.
I was going to respond with simply..why? but that looks like i'm messing about.
Blogger Billy Morris said...
Well I have to say after readng the comments of the narcissistic imbercile 'tobyeross' on the 'SONY's PS3 SALES LIES EXPOSED' post, i've FULLY realised what the 'Am I american' comment meant. It was meant to criticize, but trust me I'm nothing like that idiot.

I commend you saphion for standing up the overbearing sony employee.

I'd sooner have SEGA replace Sony anyday. I was one of those fools which bought a PS1 when they 1st came out, and my mate had a Saturn with NiGHTs, COTA,FIGHTERS MEGAMIX, VIRTUA COP 2, ATHLETE KINGS, ETC. Its funny how retrospectively I hold them all up with affection, as oppose to just remembering Tekken and Crash Bandicoot. After that I 'resisted' the PS2 and got a Dreamcast, which is still awesome!
Blogger Jeff said...
Nights into Dreams, god I loved that on the Saturn. No really, if you have a Saturn go play it, great game, very early 3D worlds.
Blogger n8n8baby said...
I am guessing the control scheme will be similar to Sonic and Excite Truck, in that you will hold the remote sideways and tilt to steer. I'd almost rather they just port the old one over with better models and tilt control, because God knows Sonic Team hasn't made anything worth half a shit since Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg (which was the best Sonic Team game since NiGHTS).

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