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"Commandant Harrison the launch is not going as planned. It seems we have underestimated the resolve of the British."

"Hmm. This is not good news Lieutenant Maguire ......we must instigate Plan B."

"Plan B.....are you sure.....with the money we are already losing on each console?"

"Yes, it's the last resort, we must do something to rescue the situation. Order the truck to deliver the big tellys."

"Er, yes Commandant, right away."

"But Maguire, this must be a secret do you hear? A secret. Do not tell anyone!"


Blogger Luvbeers said...
Don't forget the 10% who are still waiting at Virgin for the next shipment of Wii.
Blogger stx said...
That is an awesome pie chart.
Blogger Ino said...
that's a large 3%.

mjbwyqwf - beat that. took me 2 minutes to write it
Blogger giginger said...
If I'd know there was a free TV give-away I would've been right in that queue. It's a deal you can't beat. I don't want a PS3 but I do want a 46" HDTV.
Blogger ken said...
It would have been great to queue and get the TV with the PS3 but then as you leave the shop, you toss the PS3 away as the TV was actually the actual true
Blogger DenyEverything said...
No need to throw the PS3 away, you can make 320 quid on ebay and buy something for the telly.
Blogger SMEGHaMMeR said...
Thankyou, fucking awesome.
Blogger ken said...
denyeverything> true, I could buy a proper console like a 360 or Wii with games.
Blogger billy_dimashq said...
ps3's a proper console, too!

i mean tbh the last proper console was the cube - it's all about the multimedia capabilities nowadays. wii's the nearest current-gen thing to a 'proper' console if 'proper' means 'exclusively plays games', in that it does other non-gaming stuff a bit craply, but it takes SD cards, so score!

gimme a megadrive, any day

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