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Some dodgy shopkeeper has spent the afternoon standing in the street, trying to flog PS3s the day before he's supposed to. Naughty, but desperate times...

And, of course, there was no queue or excitement.


If you want one (YOU DON'T, we're being hypothetical) head down to London's cheap electronics/foreign food district now.


Blogger Studley said...
And nobody wants to mug him either, even though he'd clearly offer no resistance. Proof that you can't GIVE them away.
Blogger Matthew said...
Since sony have decided that losing $300 on a PS3 isn't quite enough they decided to give the people who queued at Virgin on Oxford street a £2500 HD TV. So when it goes on fire like all sony stuff does these days it will topple and crush their PS3 - forcing them to buy another.

Still though, the jammy bastards...
Blogger FuzzyPiggy said...
Ha ha ha ha!!!!

Just read on BBC that Sony/Virgin had to resort to giving 42" TV's away to get people down to queue for a PS3 last night!!!! Then send them all home in cabs!!! Fuck that I would have queued for a 42" TV then chucked the PS3 out the cab window at the nearest Sony PR cunt, then laughed as the chav's give him a kicking while fighting over it!!!

CAPTCHA: wghqm - that sound of wind escaping that signals the vomiting is about to begin!
Blogger Long May She Rave said...

Yet another reason not to buy a PS3.

Apparently it turns you into a black/white Mexican with dandruff and a really fucking stupid voice.

Also, according to my local ASDA, PS3 games will cost upwards of 70 - 100 pounds.
Blogger Saphion said...
HA! That one is for the Dreamcast you SONY FUCKERS!

Oh my, it tastes so good.

Buh-bye Sony!
Blogger Deej-UK said...
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Blogger Munter_S said...
Quick! Someone rape him!
Blogger jawa said...
Quick! Someone rape me!
Blogger Fiddy-Pence said...
/rapes furiously with the fervent desire of a HAPPY HAPPY MAN!
Blogger Fiddy-Pence said...
Blogger dw2k6 said...
kotaku stole this update.
Blogger Long May She Rave said...
Wishes are unstoppable ...
Blogger phorenzik said...
A bloke I know who works for the Sony Centre came into my shop today. He said they have sold 128 PS3 consoles in less than 15 minutes.
To physically put that many consoles through the till, then wait for card transactions etc etc, would take longer than this.
Also he said they had over 300 people waiting outside before they opened this morning.
Strangely, when I walked past this morning on my way to work there was nobody there.
I have come to the conclusion that he is a lying cunt.
Blogger Andy said...
I've just come from Cheltenham's highstreet. Argos, Virgin, HMV and both of our game stores are all sitting on stock.

Here comes the failtruck.
Blogger Mentski said...
Cheltenham gave up early on. One guy I know that works in the Game across from Smiths told me they were nowhere near hitting their preorder targets.

I never once even got begged to preorder one, but saying that, most of the people who work in the game shops/departments either know me, know of me and/or probably scared of me and know better.

I'm more of a mental than that bloke who walks around with a trolley laughing and shouting all day.
Blogger Liam said...
"Only 24 left!" proclaimed the hand written sign outside the Virgin Megastore in Norwich this lunch time. Plus several in GAME opposite and Gamestation just along from it.
Blogger Andy said...
I've been told that that guy with the shopping trolley and the laugh is called Derek, and he's a world class shoplifter and mentalist.
Blogger Nathan said...
Just been round Liverpool and every shop selling PS3's still have stock. With HMV, Gamestation, Virgin and others with "Released today, no need to pre-order, come and pick one up now." signs plastered in the windows.

A heart warming sight for sure.

pzaznrzi- a new type of funky Italin pasta.
Blogger Long May She Rave said...
Ooh ! Ooh ! Even better - none of the Tescos in a 3 mile radius of my house are selling PS3s. FACT. That's three freaking Tescos.
Blogger Fi Ess Bee said...
This is the best launch ever for hilarity alone.
What's most amazing is that i know people who are actually surprised by it, I'm not.
Blogger Saphion said...
Oh man. While I down Walsall (also known a Shitsville) today, I made a point of going into all the game shops and smirking at all the UNSOLD PILES OF PS3s they had. And even better, LITERALLY NOBODY WAS BUYING THEM.

EVERY SINGLE SHOP had them in stock. Every single one.

It felt so good.
Blogger Cyber Razor Cut said...
Fucksticks. I've spent today trying to get a Wii. Not a single one anywhere. Even had an argument with the turds that work in Game.

Lots of PS3s though. Asda hadn't sold a single one by 2 today.

Stitch that Sony!

Verification word - nantrv - A performance invalid carriage.

ALSO.. If you work at game or gamestation, please stop mentioning you work in the 'Games industry', you're in retail. Geddit?
Blogger FuzzyPiggy said...
Just take a look at eBay! Hilarious! People paying 510 quid for PS3+1 Game, already opened!!!! Christ, you can down to TESCO tomorrow and get a new one, same package for £420!

Unless SONY are out buying them up to drum up interest in the newspapers "EBAY PS3 CHAOS!" or some such crap!
Blogger Mentski said...
Last time I looked the only listings over the retail price were starting bids, or somebody confusing matters by selling more than one in one auction.

If there are indeed PS3s for sale on Ebay over retail price and WITH bids, my cynical mind can only lead me to believe someones doing some phantom bidding to try and drive the price up, which wouldn't suprise me considering the amount of no reserve/low starting bid listings that are up there with no chance to turn a profit.

Verification: hynkudaq - A Misheard Street Fighter special move... HYNKUDAQ!!

Blogger fuzzix said...
The ZX Spectrum is OBVIOUSLY better than the C64. Only a cunt would think otherwise.
Blogger SMEGHaMMeR said...
I demand, no, actually.. i dare you all to walk into a currys shop tomorrow and ask an assistant if they have any wii's in stock.
Blogger Richard said...
Blogger Richard said...
Blogger ShiningSkies said...
The manager of my local GAME store practically begged me to get a PS3 the other day.
I was browsing the 360 and DS aisles and he asked if I was interested in buying the PS3- as they had some still in stock- and had some 'good' deals.

I politely declined his offer and said I'd need to "wait for a price drop before considering buying the system".
To which he replied "Oh well sir, I can assure you there won't be a price drop for quite some time"
-"Then it looks like I won't be buying a PS3 for some time"

-It's never good to see the manager of a store trying to sell items that should be selling themselves. I remember with the Wii the same manager was practically beating off crazy parents and kids a like and (practically) crying in a corner because he couldn't get teh stock in fast enough.
-To this day I haven't seen a single Wii console on the shelves in that store- as soon as they come in, they go straight back out again.
Blogger pawanjit1982 said...
all you ps3 haters are idiots!, the only reason you're buying a wii is that it's cheaper, slightly different, but with shit graphics and shit games, oohh and a console thats not much more powerfull than a ps2!!, xbox 360 (waste of time!), the ps3 has more powerfull processor, better graphics, better games, looks much much better! has a blu ray player wireless pads! i coulde go on and on!, all this for only £400-425? you lot epect everything to be 10p or cheaper, you must realise developing a extraordinary console and entertainment centre(PS3) cost's MONEY!, YOU ONLY SAY THE PS3 IS SHIT COZ IT'S COSTS MORE THAN PREVIOUS CONSOLES! WELL DUH!!, STOP HATING AND APPRECIATE THE BEST CONSOLE(ps3) FOR WOT IT IS , a superior machine to anything on the market now or for the next 3-4 years at least!!, EVERYTHING I HAVE JUST SAID IS 100% UNDENIABLE TRUTH! SO YOU TRAMPS THAT CAN'T AFFORD A PS3 STOP SAYING IT'S CRAP JUST COZ YOU HAVEN'T GOT THE MONEY TO BUY ONE!! hint! get a decent paid job and stop spending you're dole money on heroin!!

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