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Will anyone beat this? 320 pounds for a PS3 + a game and an extra controller! Well done Kanyevil86 that's cost you 180 pounds, well it would if you'd actually honoured the deal. No doubt your account will be closed by the end of the day? We imagine all the other sellers are currently trying find the button to "End Auction Early". Ebay is going to be the funniest site on the internet for the next two weeks.


Blogger Drew said...
It just keeps getting better and better! It's like Christmas in Spring, twice!
Blogger shonky said...
To be honest even Sony fanboys should be gloating at these smug, shamless scalping tossers getting their comeuppance. "I've got 8 pre-orders, yes i have, because i'm fucking smart, no flys on me. Going to make a killing. Now watch and learn. Im like Gordan Gekko me." HAHHA HA AH AHHAH AHHAH AH HAHAHAHA HA AAHHHHHHHHH HAHAHHAHA

Am i over doing it a bit?
Blogger Fiddy-Pence said...
This Machiavelli has bought *5* of the 3 game bundles and is trying to shift them at another £125 a piece, EVEN THOUGH YOU CAN STILL ORDER THEM DIRECT FROM PLAY FOR THE ORIGINAL PRICE.

What a cunt.
Blogger Jayne said...
Im just hoping this scalper gets it in the neck....

will make my day to see this one fail, just like all the rest on ebay.
most of the PS3's that are due to finish by 10am today are either below retail or at retail but with £25 shipping.

Merry Chiristmas Everyone... !!!
Blogger Deej-UK said...
I'm nearly in tears.

12 years I've been waiting for this. 12 long years of prophecising the downfall of the evil empire. 12 long years of crushed Sega fanboy dreams.

But our day has finally come. Saturn, you shall have your vengeance.
Blogger BrendyFitz said...
Lookie here -
This guy got negative feedback for that auction, apparently he wouldn't send the PS3 and offered him something different.
Blogger primaleyes said...
We keep going on about the " Evil Sony " .. but Ebay needs to be destroyed as well.

Down with Ebay ( Scum greedy evil machine )
Blogger jamespo said...
you were right, auction # 280090769015 was welched upon

Naughty Natalie.

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