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This is bound to come in handy next March:

"We're still on schedule to launch PS3 in March throughout the PAL territories" - David Reeves, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

David Reeves quote watch

We will be checking the internet every day to see if this remains the case, Dave. And anything less than 50,000 units doesn't count as a launch, either.


Blogger MrJolly said...
Why not drag the MCV out from April/May where the head bloke from Sony claims the first ps3's off the production run are Pal and that we'll be getting the machine first? I love Sony lies.
Blogger jawa said...
Who stuck hair to the back of his head?
Blogger Son_et_lumiere said...
I was bored so I made a terrible photoshop of him.
Blogger jawa said...
It is terrible. but entertaining.
Blogger RancidMare said...
Looks like Q's gay brother
(Q from ST)
Blogger Mentski said...

hehe, I crack me up. Sideways.
Blogger Uninexen said...
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Blogger Uninexen said...

In what must surely be considered as another blow to Sony's newly released Playstation 3 console, another formerly announced exclusive is headed over to the competition.
In light of the recent demotion within the Sony Computer Entertainment infrastructure, Ken Kutaragi will now be appearing on Microsoft's Xbox 360 console.
Kutaragi responded with a jubilant, "Fuuuuuuuzion Frrrrrrrenzy!!!"

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