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Years ago, there was a mad bloke who used to go round Southend-on-Sea with a big marker pen writing CANCELLED on all the posters advertising forthcoming gigs. His dedication was legendary. No promoter could escape his midnight scribblings. We thought of him when we heard today's news and made this in his honour.

Shouldn't have wasted so much time doing the mountains

Tomorrow: Gran Turismo PSP CANCELLED! Probably.


Blogger jawa said...
does 'concept' really mean 'shit'?
Blogger JibberX said...

Thought it'd be CANCELLHD?

Definitly not CANCELLSD.

ED is sooo 2 years ago.



I'll get me long... coat...

Blogger Nick said...
"The Gran Turismo official site lists the genre for Gran Turismo HD Concept as "Real Driving Simulator,"...For Gran Turismo 5, the genre is listed as "Online Car Life Simulator."

Uh oh. You know what 'car life simulator' means. Four words:
Blogger aporkalypse said...
"Concept" means "demo" in this case. 10 cars, one course.

I bet Microsoft make the Forza 2 demo bigger to take the piss.
Blogger ScSiDaN said...
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Blogger ScSiDaN said...
gt4 should go into a genre called: MBS or Marketing Bullshit from Sony, where it will join it sable mate gt psp.

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