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Because the 1993 Sonic The Hedgehog calendar features some AMAZING lost Sonic artwork. We are particularly fond of the one in which Sonic is rescuing Tails from the clutches of a giant crab.

The stories the pictures paint are many and thrilling:

Sonic calendar

1993 - when Sonic could sell products his name was on.

Sonic calendar

We recognise this one! It was on the box.

Sonic calendar

If you happen to have worked for SEGA in the early 90s and happen to have this artwork in a hi-res format on whatever kind of disc things were stored on in the early 90s, PLEASE GET IN TOUCH.

The Sonic calendar again

This one we recognise from somewhere.

The Sonic calendar again

Amazing! He's like Tarzan and Superman rolled into one. And quite gay.

The Sonic calendar again

Moving. Genius. Storytelling at its finest.

The Sonic calendar again

Lots of inspiration for gay fan fiction there (we're currently 50,000 words in and Richard Jacques has just got sucked through a portal into Sonic's world...)


Blogger Elliot said...
I'm sure the third and fourth were on some game books that I used to read as a kid.

And yep, a quick search shows that I'm right.
Blogger Kaoru said...
Beautiful :) I think a couple of them were 'pull out posters' in Sonic The Comic at some point
Blogger Lacey said...
Fuck yeah! I had those books!!!

I want my books back :(
Blogger Halverde said...
I had a huge poster version of #2 on my wall as a kid. Wish I still had it.
Blogger phorenzik said...
Sega power gave away a huge double-sided poster of images 1 & 2. It was awesome, and adorned my wall for many years.

word verification: xageuade
Sounds like a drink from the future
Blogger hostility said...
I bought the very same calendar the day I purchased Sonic 2, which sort of reminds me how expensive the game was back then. I'm sure I paid upwards of £49.99 for it.

I popped into gamestation after work a few days back, and they sold Sonic 2 in mint condition for about 7.99 in the classics section :(
Blogger bry159 said...
Ahh, Metal City Mayhem.

Blogger Vixen said...
I remember getting 'Sonic 2' for Christmas back in the day, then crying when I realized that the one on the advert was for the Mega Drive and I couldn't play as tails in the Master System one. Very traumatic times..
Blogger YojimboUK said...
#3 and #4 are respectively from "Zone Rangers" and "Metal City Mayhem", published by Puffin and written by me.

Blogger SonicFanatic said...
Most of these artworks were commissioned out to an artist called Duncan Gutteridge. I managed to bump into him at a Collectormania event in Manchester where he proceeded to sign a large print of the Metal City Mayhem artwork for me - joy! He occassionally sells prints of these on eBay via his website if anyone's that interested - just Google the name.
Blogger Persona said...
That underwater one technically doesn't make sense because Sonic can't swim. That's why he always runs on top of the water or under it (or just straight-on dying on contact in the new 3d ones).

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