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Remember Trip Hawkins? Probably not. Anyway, his company Digital Chocolate has had another trademark AMAZING IDEA. His idea is as follows:

New mobile game develops your brain

Digital Chocolate's Brain JuiceTM game lets phone users train their mental muscles anywhere

Sydney, Australia, October 17, 2006 - Digital Chocolate, Inc., a leading publisher of high-quality, original (HA HA HA!) software for mobile phones has today announced the launch of its latest mobile game, Brain JuiceTM. The game, which has been designed to exercise the brain, is the first in a series of Brain JuiceTM games to be published throughout the last quarter of 2006.

Brain JuiceTM can be played on any mobile handset and provides brainteasers and puzzles from three categories: mathematic, visual, and memory, offering different challenges to the brain. The problems are suitable for all ages, with the difficulty level changing according to the user's progress. For best results, a daily dosage of Brain JuiceTM is recommended.

Head of Digital Chocolate's operations in Europe, Managing Director Mr. Ilkka Paananen commented: "The Brain JuiceTM mobile game joins in the growing trend of health-related consumer products. It simply makes mental exercise more enjoyable." Mr. Paananen also hopes to influence the general perception of mobile games. "Games offer relaxation, stimulation and fun, and this is undoubtedly beneficial for all dwellers of stressed urban environments. We believe Brain Juice will cause a minor revolution in mobile gaming, bringing us more gamers from new user groups, such as academic professionals, women, and baby boomers."

The game tracks the players' progress over time and shows it in the form of a graph, making brain power comparison great fun for the whole family or a group of friends. By excelling at the micro-games inside the game, one can unlock more levels and more micro-games. For additional variation, brain development enthusiasts can order new sets of micro-games monthly. The game can be downloaded via the WAP portal of all major operators and content providers. Brain JuiceTM is available from 3 Mobile from their Planet 3 Content Portal, Vodafone Australia, Vodafone New Zealand, Telstra, Optus, Virgin Mobile Australia and Telecom New Zealand.

Brain Juice. What a clever new idea

Mobile phone gaming. Shocking. To the core.
Blogger naWker said...
WOW thats like no other game i have heard of before. Still arent all mobile games non-original and rehash's of once great games.

Maybe you should use the phone itself for a game, like get on the train and start bouncing it off peoples faces. All the while your bestest R&B mp3's are playing really loud and getting you chased down the train by a guard with a double limp.

Blogger Fer said...
Another fun game for mobiles is to call a school, store or any big building and say there is a bomb inside.
Blogger dw2k6 said...
and when a guard catches you in nawker's game he puts 8 bullets in your head thinking your a terrorist. You know, just incase one bullet doesn't kill you.
Blogger Guru Larry said...
Well it's a well known fact that Dr. Kashikawa stole the idea from Trip Hawkins, travelled backwards through time and released it on the DS.

Just like Trip stole the idea for the 3DO from a rambling tramp suffering from dimensia.
Blogger Guru Larry said...
dw2k6, Thats only in the Brazillian version!
Blogger jawa said...
i bet he stole that idea off his brother stephen.
Blogger nodesofyesod said...
Why's that? Is his brother Stephen Hawkins related in some way to Stephen Hawking the physicist?
Blogger jawa said...
No his brother Stephen Hawkins is a famous intellectual property thief.
Blogger nodesofyesod said...
Trip Hawkins has a brother who steals people's houses? Why would he do that if he's clever enough to be an intellectual?
Blogger jawa said...
would you steal houses if you were clever enough?

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