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Literally hundreds of them. Well, at least 15, which is still a lot when you consider the search terms (girls, playing, Wii, photos, of, naked, XXX). And they obviously don't mind you looking as they've put the photos on the internet for looking at:

Flickr Wii girls

More Flickr Wii girls

Yet more Flickr Wii girls

Yes, it's more more Flickr Wii girls

It's amazing what you stumble across while searching for Thai ladyboy party piss porn.

None particularly hot, it has to be said

Too lanky

Too trashy

Looks like a ringer

They may not be fully aware of what they're doing or what's happening, but at least it looks like they're having fun. Well done, Nintendo. Go and knock yourself out.


Blogger Ashley said...
The death of gaming is here.

Nintendos next big hit - Mario Make Up.

Use the Wiimote to get that mascara just right.

And then take a puppy for a walk.

Fucking girls ruin everything.
Blogger Halverde said...
I'll take the blue-haired one, thank you. Reminds me of Sonic, and that.
Blogger Rikki said...
At least now I understand why people have been throwing their Wii remotes through their TV screens - nobody tightens the strappy bit to stop it falling off their wrist...
Blogger dw2k6 said...
thailand? someone needs to fucking bomb that country to get rid of the queer men in dresses.
Blogger Night_Trekker said...
"None particularly hot"? Being a bit picky, aren't you?
Blogger Uninexen said...
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Blogger nodesofyesod said...
What's with those oversize black sunglasses that some of the guys in the pics are wearing? If they're a new fashion, I don't think it will catch on - or are they just a way of making it easier for girls to win?
Blogger Mr Udagawa said...
i can see it all now... wii washing up, wii ironing, wii cooking, wii tidying, wii hand-job, wii pick him up from the pub, the list goes on...
Blogger phorenzik said...
Thats all well and good, but who's making the fucking tea?
Blogger Bas said...
Would, would.

Maybe, wouldn't.

Not in a million fucking years.



Wouldn't, wouldn't.

Would, don't know.

Blogger Uninexen said...

Spurred on by the success of the recent release of the RTS videogame 'Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth II' for the Xbox 360, Electronic Arts announced the greenlighting for an all new RTS to debut on all three next-gen consoles.
Entitled 'Corporate Strongarm Tactics', players select one of several warring factions in the bid for market-share dominance.
Details include a list of selectable factions available.

Plebian Fodder WorkForce -
Technologically advanced, offset by poor defense and resource management.
Order of the MilqueToast-WunderWeissBrot.
Directly falls under the shadow of the BigBoy Clubbers.

UnionMate OverSeers -
Weapons savvy.
Symbiotically tied to the Plebian Fodder WorkForce, aiding in defense.
Order of the HellHath-NoFury.
Utilizes the 'Litigious Demonetizer', a weapon that siphons resources from the BigBoy Clubbers.

BigBoy Clubbers -
A.I. and pathfinding virtually non-existant.
Bunkered within a ziggurrat of precious Mazuma and powered by the spinal fluid of Plebian Fodder WorkForce.
Order of the ProPagan-Dadaism.

CrossAnalyzed Consumer Mass -
An NPC of ill-defined and indifferent organic mass.
Psychically undulates and gesticulates to BigBoy Clubbers banshee call of the 'Sports Iteration Ad-Naseum'.
Processed into Soylent Crackers by the BigBoy Clubbers.

"We couldn't be more excited!", stated a company spokesperson for EA games, concluding, "Why,...we're so overconfident that we've decided to change the company tag-line of 'It's In the Game' to 'It Be All Up In Yo Bidness'.
Blogger RancidMare said...
Oi Uninexen....

get yer own bloody website.
Blogger Leon Ahoy! said...
I've never met a girl/woman who likes games. It's a myth. Sure they may have a go, and giggle, but on the whole, it's like womens professional football; i.e Very strange!

Then again, the Wii is a whole new ball-game, so who knows, they may really embrace it ( " ohhh isn't it cute, and fun!!! )

Violet Berlin will hate me now :( *lol*
Blogger Uninexen said...
Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary...
Resistance - an opposing or retarding force.
Accomodate the retarding force, RancidMare....
Blogger Benjamin said...
Everyone looks to be enjoyable holding a remote in her hands except for the red headed girl, perhaps because the scarf appears to be cutting off the flow of fresh oxygenated blood to the brain.
Blogger Enough_Rope said...
Well, they've really managed to open the door to the 'non-gamers' this time. For that, I applaud them.
Anonymous Marie said...
I'm a girl and I love playing video games, just completed resident evil 4, now playing the godfather!

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