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Specifically the photographs of mountains Sony keeps sending out to illustrate Gran Turismo "HD".

Gran Turismo 'HD'

That's definitely just a photograph of a mountain. It's not really impressive that PS3 can display photographs. You can get 1080p photographs off Google, and most phones can display photographs these days.

Sony Picture and Fax Viewer 3.0

Philips CDi could display photographs as backgrounds. So could the MEGA CD. This is not clever.

Adobe Mountain Viewer 7.0 CS Edition

You can see the join.

$600 Picture Book

Sony certainly faces its own 'Everest' in making people believe any of the shit it churns out these days.

Sony expects us to be impressed by Singstar's ability to play back music.
Blogger jawa said...
isnt shit like this illegal? it's like me selling my hot love spunk only to actually be providing week old pva glue.

sort of.
Blogger The Amazing Kazoo said...
I really hope they are real and they jizzed 20,0000,000 polys modelling them and another 2,000,000 on the sole yak that is at the top of the mountain thats the size of a pixel... which explains why the game looks so shite.
Blogger ScSiDaN said...
only fuck heads like sony can believe this shit will fly. wasn't grand turismo on the psp also going to so great, but is yet to be released? let us hope this shit also never makes it.
Blogger dw2k6 said...
im more concerned about the twat who posted a nasty attack on me on the comments of the blog where i write about games.
Blogger ScSiDaN said...
This post has been removed by a blog administrator.
Blogger ScSiDaN said...
dw2k6 - it must be a playstation fan boy that likes being gang raped by a primary school boys choir. FUCK him.
Blogger jawa said...
what attack on who doing what when
Blogger jawa said...
what attack on who doing what when
Blogger The Rod said...
Who gives a fuck. The pre-rednered mountains actually look quite nice.

/isn't going to be buying a PS3.
Blogger The Rod said...

Bah where's an edit function when you need one.

Blogger V1L3 said...
God forbid I interrupt the Sony-slagfest long enough to point out that the first two shots are obviously not pre-rendered, but I didn't think the comedy value was high enough to resist the urge.

It's obvious to the eye that has brains that it's the same mountain range, and the angle of the lower shot indicates that the mountains are definitely 3-dimensional (check the angle on the outcrop to the left of the sharp-angled cliff on the far right.

For all I know, the mountains are only made up of 12 polygons with super high-res textures... but since some textures are in fact photographs, you're right in a way.

Right... Just not funny.
Blogger Leon Ahoy! said...
It's not meant to be funny. Sony have issued these shots, which are supposed to reflect the quality of the new Gran Turismo.

It's boring really. I never make judgments until I have the real thing on my tv.

I do enjoy seeing the funny things Sony get-up-to though!

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