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In Osaka, apparently. The writing says that the 23rd of each month is SEGA Day.

But EVERY day is SEGA day?

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    "Sumiosan*, did you see what happened. The day it rained" (sic) :(

    *Not sure if that's how her name was spelt in hindsight.
    Blogger dw2k6 said...
    gary, get me a gamespress account, i will tell them i work for UK:R.
    Blogger Night_Trekker said...
    I'm building a glorious Sega house. So far I have Sega Park windows, a grimy but attractive roll of carpet and now a Sonic doormat.

    Someday it will be complete. And then I'll get no visitors, instead of the 1-2 per month who stop by now to ask for directions.
    Blogger Jacob said...
    Is the doormat a metaphor for today's Sega?
    Blogger Benjamin said...
    Yes, it is a metaphor because you can clearly see that the floor underneath is cracked and in need of repair, but Sega continues to believe that spitting out a new edition of green eyed Sonic the Hedgehog will cover up the company's flaws and make everyone overlook its faltering foundation.
    Blogger jawa said...
    Shouldn't someone who actually loves sega just take that and put it in a glass cabinet? Instead of letting all the proles walk on it?
    Blogger Branch-me-do said...
    NightTrekker, don't forget to go and pinch that wall with the greasy nigger Sonic the Hedgehog mechanic from that garage... then your house will have a wall!
    Blogger Anne Packrat said...
    Is it possible to get this in a size to fit my PSP? I need something to replace my Zelda wallpaper and lord knows I have nothing else to do with the damn thing.
    Blogger スロ / Bernat said...
    Exactly where? I will be in Osaka this winter.
    Blogger Darryl said...
    That mat is in quite a few places. It's the doormat that they use for the Club Sega buildings. I took a picture of one outside the Club Sega in Sagami in Kanagawa. There isn't one outside of the Sega tower in Akihabara, though, which is kinda odd =/

    The Club Sega in Sagamihara is in the under-shelter area opposite one of the train station exits (the one with the *massive* escalators)... This is sagami-ono train station, by the way, and not the other sagami...

    Picture of the outside sign here and the doormat here. Although no doubt I've left replying to this for so long that I doubt anyone will notice these posts ¬_¬

    Just keep your eyes to the floor as you enter any Sega buildings and you'll see that they are quite common. I remember how excited my friends and I got when we saw the Club Sega, and then the DOORMAT!! For some reason we were more excited about that I think ¬_¬ (at least excited enough to take a picture...)

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