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We never liked Consolevania. Well, we never watched it, actually, as it was suddenly the new funny thing that everyone liked a few years ago, which meant we had to not like it as that's just how we are. We can't go liking and watching a thing that everyone else likes. Also, it didn't load the first time we tried it.

Anyway, series two of their TV show Videogaiden is now on TV, or a part of the TV called BBC Scotland at least, and you can also watch it on the internet if you live in the right part of the world.

So here's something about it.

Like we always thought it would be, Videogaiden is two podgy blokes with regional accents being all blokey about games while wearing cheap costumes.

Their big thing is a 'Make Shenmue III' campaign. Lots of people emailed us about this suggesting we join in. Sadly, Shenmue is shit and we hope SEGA never makes another one as it would cost too much money and no one would buy it again, just like last time. Also, if we were to do anything about Shenmue III we would have done it five years ago when it was relevant. Consider this a 'contribution' to the debate.

Anyway, the show's quite watchable even though it's 'A Bit YouTube' in places. And it's nice to see men who know the subject doing stuff about the subject, instead of a cheap version of Kate Thornton reading out the back of the box.

You can see it on TV if you live in Scotland or have the internet. It's not bad. It might even be funny if you can understand their weird Scottish words and sayings. We didn't laugh at it, but that might be because we're bitter about it not being us on the telly being all wacky and wearing wigs. Or maybe it's supposed to be more about games than funny.

Whatever. Nothing will replace Dominik Diamond :(
Blogger jawa said...
There's not enough about deep fried haggis or skag in it. And no bish to spray the man-code on either.

Blogger Night_Trekker said...
Sadly, Shenmue is shit and we hope SEGA never makes another one as it would cost too much money and no one would buy it again, just like last time.

You are dead to me, UK:R.
Blogger Atolmazel said...
If it's between you and the CV guys, UKR I.... I don't know! Don't make me choose!
Blogger Richtard said...
The animal crossing bit was hilarious, I thought. I also think you really want to go a bit youtube yourself. g'wan, give in to your darkest desires.
Blogger Monkeyman1138 said...
Fucking hell, not liking Shenmue or Consolevania? YOU ARE NOT HUMANS YOU ARE ROBOTS! *SOBS*
Blogger JoeMDesign said...
What have you done with the REAL UK:Resistance???
Blogger Dead Man Typing said...
UK Resistance would never critisise Shenmue.

Yu Suzuki made Outrun for crying out loud! How could you not love his unfinished tale of revenge!

You're the voice of Sega fans everywhere. How could you betray us by saying such a horrible thing!?
Blogger Guru Larry said...
I totally agree with UK:R.

Sega would be better off spenjing that money making new Alex Kidd and WonderBoy games. Plus a nice new Xbox Live version of Daytona USA.

But the show is nowhere near as good as their previous efforts. Infact I wouldn't believe they were even made by the same people, The Rapture TV forums has a great topic about it.
Blogger Rico Ricardo said...
I didn't think it was that bad. I'm sorry I'm not a super fucking nerd for not knowing their previous work. I just wish there were more non-patronising to true gamers gaming programs out there, or that the BBC had the balls to show it in all regions :(
Blogger yourdeathsince1984 said...


On behalf of too many die hard Shenmue fans.

Blogger mrplow said...
I love offensive sounding scots (so that'll be all of them...) blabbing about stuff... thanks awfully for introducing me!
Blogger mrplow said...
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Blogger paul b said...
Shenmue is fuckin awesome. You're not a true sega fan if you dont like Shenmue!
Blogger Kitt FDUK said...
What a shame you never bothered to watch Consolvania or even listen to what the campaign actually is. You can either vote for or against Shenmue based on whether you think it's great or pish.

Why am I bothering to explain to people who think it makes them cool to not know anything about what they they are talking about? A bit like people who are proud of having never seen Star Wars.
Blogger jawa said...
It's all got a bit retarded in here.
I wonder who will get the oscar.
Blogger Mark said...
You are indeed wise, Guru Larry. An Xbox Live version of Daytona USA would force me to immediately go out and buy a 360.

I never played Shenmue, but from what I read about it I never even thought "damn, I wish I had the relevant hardware to play Shenmue, and also a copy of Shenmue to play on it." Of course, I never think that about Zelda games either, so maybe I'm just a big wrong gay.
Blogger Mark said...
Of course, "damn, I wish I had the relevant hardware to play Shenmue, and also a copy of Shenmue to play on it" would be a very odd thing to think about Zelda games.
Blogger ihatesony said...
i love shenmue 1 and 2 but it almost killed sega and it would be madness for them to make another, they might as well set fire to a wheel barrow full of money.
Blogger Starke said...
As Kitt said, has anyone even got a clue as to what the "campaign" is?

Did anyone even pay attention? Did anybody actually watch it?

Jesus fucking Christ, this is like when people lambasted Canis Canem Edit (Bully, to you) without ever playing it.

People on the internets (a series of tubes, to you) are seriously stupid, sometimes.
Blogger Guru Larry said...
Thanks Mark,

I think we should all start a new petition to bring Daytona USA to Xbox Live.

Also one to stop Sega making more shitty Sonic games until they learn that Sonic will never, ever work in 3D.

Retire the Hedgehog and bring Back the Kidd!

(Alex Kidd)

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