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Some statistical news people have decided it costs Sony $448 to make each PlayStation3, so if you're thinking about getting one to laugh at or smash in a brutal revenge smashing, do so now while it still HURTS THE ENEMY BOTTOM LINE.

'Minus two billion, plus another minus one billion, plus the sales from Denmark...'

And hurts the enemy bottom itself.


Anonymous Major Clusterfuk said...
I've thought about buying a couple hundred thousand units for grenade practice for this exact reason but sadly the downside is that selling more than ten units per week would reduce their production costs significantly so i've decided to accidentally carpet bomb their factory instead.
Blogger Phill said...
If you really want to rub salt in Sony's festering wound spread the word that for £49 you can buy a 320Gb WD Scorpio HDD which is 100% compatible with the PS3.

I'm amazed anyway that you can only fit 2.5 inch drives in it. Thing is the size of a pensioners bungalow.

Anyway, if you have to buy a PS3 this year get the cheapest one and stick your own 320Gb drive in.
Anonymous PhotoBoy said...
Don't Sony lose more money if you leave their console on the shelf and go and spend the money on a Dreamcast instead?
Anonymous Anonymous said...
I do believe Sony sells the PS3 at a loss, in the hope that they make money from the games that people buy with it.

Assumption is the mother of all fuck ups.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
I tried to buy one today (£125 in Woolies when closing down) but there were people in the shop so I didn't bother
Anonymous Major Clusterfuk said...
"if you have to buy a PS3 this year..."

My men are trained to cut of their own hands with their standard issue bayonets before being forced by terrorists to purchase PS3's, anyone trying to pedal these torture devices should face a war crimes tribunal.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
If they lose money when they sell the things, how much are they losing while they are giving them away free with mobile phones?

The funniest part is that it isn't just Sony Ericsson phones that you get them with. I foresee Kellogs and a new family sized box any day now.
Blogger Supersonicjim said...
Hopefully Gary C. is holding out somes sales figures for Christmas day so we can all have a white Christmas.

I know I am having a white birthday now.
Blogger Cmdr_Zorg said...
I did hear some very interesting sales figures the other day, but until Chart Track stops being such a bunch of fucking DATA NAZIS they'll have to stay off the internet.
Blogger SMEGHaMMeR said...
hahaha that's well gay
Anonymous Anonymous said...
"I do believe Sony sells the PS3 at a loss, in the hope that they make money from the games that people buy with it."

Would this plan not be helped by making some games people want to play? I swear the Wii has a more appealing line up. THE WII!!
Anonymous James said...
Help me, the boss has brought a PS3 into the office for the final day at work. Everyone is wondering why I'm not playing... what do I do?
Blogger colin said...
James, you have two options:
1) Play the thing and be forever damned
2) Allow others there to play it for longer than 5 minutes and then they will all understand why you didn't play to begin with. What have they got there? Lair? Home? Anything that's on the 360 as well? If that's the case, they'll see soon enough. Heck, in five minutes they may give up while still only 5% through a required install.

There is a third option. Perhaps you work at Sony and that's why the boss brought it in. If that's the case I suggest option 3: honourable suicide.
Anonymous James said...
Cheers for the advice Colin, I'm holding back blurting out my political views concerning Playstation because I'd get fired most likely. They've got MOH Airbourne, Fifa and Tiger Woods - good grief. Can't wait to get home to my Wii60Cast. I don't work for Sony, thank goodness.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
PS3 games now £10 at John Lewis.

Including Sega Superstars Tennis. ( This should bump up the attach rate.

Let the bloodshed continue.

I remember the day when I was in Virgin and the Saturn shelves where being cleared out, it felt like my heart was being ripped in two. Well now Zavvi have gone tits up, maybe other retailers will come to realise - YOU NEED MORE SEGA!! Get this Sony crap off the shelves, try flogging it for a tenner or less.

Victory is within our grasp.

2009 The year PS3 gets finished off.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Now that would be cause to get the old fella old and have a happy ending. At my desk. At work.

During an AGM.

With my Mum.
Blogger Apples and Oranges said...
I've considered buying a PS3 because of them losing money with it but when I was almost getting the box out of the shelf I felt disgusted and went home, bidding Panzer Dragoon Saga and another data card for Saturn, and two VMUs for Dreamcast out of Ebay. Worth it.

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