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The dream of having a job about where you're encouraged and allowed to be rude and dismissive on the internet continues.
  • This thing which mentions SEGA in the vaguest, slightest and almost certainly un-true-est fashion possible.

  • This thing in which we celebrate not having to pretend to be excited about Gears of Cocking War 2 any more.

  • This thing which is topical and about newspapers.

  • This thing about how poor people are buying iPhones.

  • This thing about how FOOTBALL is meant to make men buy mobile phones, because you can't not use pictures like this when they come along

  • 'I'll just impulse-buy this expensive item'

    About as interesting as listening to people you don't know talking about how their bank is failing to pass on the reduction in interest rates. 3/10.
    Blogger AT said...
    Footy, birds and beer.

    All a man needs.
    Anonymous Cutman said...
    If I wanted something as interesting as footy on my mobile I'd drop my phone on the floor and stamp on it.

    I hate our culture :(
    Anonymous PhotoBoy said...
    I finished Gears 2 the other day, I thought it was pretty good fun. Certainly more worth the hype than Halo anyway...

    So far I think the unsung hero of games out this half of the year is Saint's Row 2, much more fun than GTAIV and it can manage 30fps most of the time.

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