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It's the cold weather's fault. Makes it hard to write words in interesting or funny combinations.
  • This thing in which we pretend to react in pretend horror to The Sun doing stuff like this.

  • This thing about Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

  • This thing about Master Chief-costumed bank robberies.

  • This thing about the latest thing scientists have managed to do to mouse brains.

  • This thing about the MemoryCleanse(TM) Retrospective Discreet Firewall , because you can't not use pictures like this when they come along:

  • While you were sleeping (I tried on your tights and had a wank)

    At this rate of decline we're unlikely to remain under contract past Week 50. 3/10.
    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    Too much Xbox, not enough VF5R.

    I give this update a 2..... out of 10.
    Blogger glimbrick said...
    hahaha, that sun promotion for xbox claims that you can 'stream live tv to your xbox', which i presume, you'll be using with your tv, upon which you can probably already watch tv broadcasts without the inconvenience of the worlds noisiest fan and disk drive, which is probably still spinning the disc because you haven't thought to take it out.

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