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"Gee, Sonic! Look at all those businessmen in suits with umbrellas standing at bus stops! What is this strange place called? Let's go take a look! Can we? Can we, Sonic? Please!"

These photos were taken to celebrate the fact that Sonic was voted the most popular games character EVER in the UK and to publicise the London Games Festival. Incredibly, "the mainstream" has already reported on this as proper news.

We'd like to know just how many of the people who voted for Sonic have a copy of Dreamcast Sonic Adventure.

That costume needs a comprehensive re-stuffing. It's all over the place.

We have it on good authority that there's a lady inside that suit.

He last saw Tails semi-conscious in a gay bar at 3.30am last night.

Press Release
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A bright blue, spiky-haired, lightening-fast hedgehog has beaten not-so-Super Mario, cyber-babe Lara Croft and giant ape Donkey Kong to the title of the nation's favourite video-game character.

Over 500 UK gamers voted in the poll to mark the launch of London Games Festival, which is expected to attract over 100,000 computer games fans to the capital this week.

Ahead of his appearance at the Festival, Sonic the Hedgehog, the official mascot of computer giant SEGA, was crowned the most popular video-game character of all time collecting nearly a quarter of all votes (24 per cent). Super Mario and Tomb Raider's Lara Croft came second and third gaining 21 per cent and 16 per cent of the vote respectively.

The UK's top ten most popular video games characters are as follows:
1. Sonic the Hedgehog (24 per cent)
2. Super Mario (21 per cent)
3. Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) (16 per cent)
4. Donkey Kong (11 per cent)
5. Pac Man (10 per cent)
6. Link (The Legend of Zelda) (5 per cent)
7. Max Payne (4 per cent)
8. Pikachu (Pokemon) (3 per cent)
9. Niko Belic (Grand Theft Auto series) (2 per cent)
10. Blanka (Street Fighter) (1 per cent)

* Other (3 per cent)

For more information and images of Sonic the Hedgehog out and about in London please contact the SEGA press office at Mischief on 020 7100 9999 or
Blogger Knifetotheeye said...
Come on, own up.

Who voted for Max Payne?
Blogger Ren said...
And Niko Belic??? Fuck off and die GTA 4 scumbags!!!
Anonymous Anonymous said...
I'm going to pretend that the results being in percentage form are a tribute to Ulala
Anonymous Carr said...
It's because they only asked 500 people. Saying "124 people voted for Sonic" undermines the whole process.
Blogger AT said...
What no Altered Beast?
Blogger Brian said...
Hmm, sonic isn't going to run very fast with those legs. Still they suggest she is slim underneath that suit.....tentative would?
Blogger Bas said...
Sonic has a big package.
Blogger Asdf said...
lol, Blanka?
Anonymous Anonymous said...
The majority of lists like that are made up by PR companies and printed as fact by lazy journos anyway
Anonymous Anonymous said...
I'm boiling hot roaming the London underground in nothing but shorts and sandals so whoever was in that Sonic suit must have gone unconcious / suffocated by this point in the 'shoot.

p.s. Blanka fuckings rules and how did that GTA spod get into the top 10 ?
Blogger Branch-me-do said...
What the hell would Sonic be doing in St. John's Wood? There's bugger all there unless he carries on up to Finchley Road where he'll find the excellent Taro sushi restaurant.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
at least people in the uk acknowledge that sonic exists. here in the states every "gamer" is flaunting the popularity of shitty nintendo characters and jrpg villians.

also, i really liked sonic adventures 1 and 2. heroes was alright, but sonic 06 can fuck off (as can shadow the hedgehog).
Blogger bilal said...
Blanka? Not even Ryu or Ken?

Anonymous Racist The Tankengine said...
Why is Sonic wearing big gauntlet style gloves in stead of his normal ones?
Anonymous Anonymous said...
WOO HOO!!!! In your face Mario, Sonic is AWSOME!!!! Im tellin you this made my day, Sonic 4eva man. I like Mario okay but compared to Sonic he just seriously sucks!
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The London Eye photo shows a classic case of having an erection and trying to pin it down under your clothes.
It goes right the way up the bloody outfit!
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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