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There are four perfectly innocent photos of the little SEGA car to draw you in and earn your trust, then a horrific image of a man's SEGA tattoo.

"Some images that could look nice in your website. I haven't found any SEGA tatoo yet... apart from mine, I mean" - Clozeone.

Ahh, isn't it sweet?

Isn't it just the cutest thing?

What a lovely little idea!

TOMORROW: Gold cock rings photo special.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
It's Waku Waku Sonic Patrol Car! Imagine the drop in crime rate if we could get these things patrolling our streets like they do in Japan.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
he could've at least 'shopped out his tumourous growths.
i was eating while i scrolled down.
I left half a sandwich.
Blogger Multiverse said...
You didn't have that tattoo done. You were actually assembled in one of SEGA's top secret manufacturing facilities. They implanted all your childhood memories to make you appear more human
Blogger weatherbox said...
It follows now to stage a photo of Zorg wearing the Dreamcast Police Department (that's what I took 'PD' to mean anyway) coat driving about in the Sonic police car extorting SEGA conformity from the general public.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Would. The guy, not so much.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
If SEGA enters the hardware biz again with a major console, I will tatoo SEGA too somewhere.
Anonymous GigerPunk said...
By 'somewhere' do you mean on yourself or on someone else (i.e. like Clozeone or a random passer-by)?
With or without permission?
Anonymous Anonymous said...
The tattoo's the funniest thing I ever saw. And the stupidest. It's what's referred to in the trade as a scratcher. Sonic the Scratcher.

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