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Included in today's SENSATIONAL Lie Watch:
  • Jack Tretton says PS3 sales are "100% up" year on year! (even though last year it sold 9.5m PS3s and this year it plans to sell 10m. 10m is not 100% more than 9.5m, you imbecile)

  • Jack Tretton says Sony will struggle to meet demand for PS3! (great excuse for not selling many of a thing).

  • Jack Tretton says lots of other things that aren't particularly true when taken in context of what Sony has said before and figures that are publicly available.

  • The full lie-laden article with cunty-chops is here. It is being saved for aggressive future use, as is Jack Tretton's sphincter, when he gets made redundant as Sony's gaming division closes in 2010.


    Anonymous PhotoBoy said...
    I see Tretton has resorted to flogging PS3s off the back of a lorry in an attempt to boost sales. If he manages to flog that one he's holding I think that should double their install base to two PS3 owners.
    Blogger qwertyboy said...
    Watch this....skip to around 5:30.

    5 Billion playstation hardware

    You have to listen to this guy.....if this isn't a blatent lie...I don't know what is....this guys either a lier or just can fukin read the autocue....Worth watching !!
    Blogger Markusdragon said...
    There's a shortage of PS3s. But only in houses. In games stores there's an abundance.
    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    There's only one way they might meet there target.
    Anonymous aaa said...
    aaaw won't mummy buy you ukresistance guys a PS3 for Cwistmas? Will Santy Claws bwing you one?

    you guys can sit here and have your little circlejerk while everyone else enjoys LBP, Resistance 2, MGS4, Uncharted2, Heavy Rain etc.
    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    That's a particularly inventive use of the word "everyone".
    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    why the hate uk:r?
    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    Oh-Oh! Twat alert! Hi aaa... you're a PS3-cunt right? God, I really don't know how these Sony fanboys manage such continued enthusiasm for their steaming turd 3rd place console. And gee; what mighty fine games you mention - Little Big Planet, MGS4 - yep, they're in no way commercial shite releases are they? I don't know which I find more offensive, the delusions that PS3 games are any good or the delusion that we give a shit either way...
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Now i want you to sit down and remain calm as i have some very bad news for you, Santy Claws does not exist, he's just a made up character designed to make little boys and girls like you be good for fear of not getting your presents, i'm sorry to have to be the one to break it to you but you had to learn some time.
    As for the circlejerk, i presume that's some kind of an american pubescent masturbatery pastime that hasn't really taken off over here, we prefer to wank solo over some nice Sonic porn.
    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    No. Now go back to your teenage bedroom world of only owning the console your milf mummy bought you, while everyone else enjoys the freedom of actually having a job and being able to buy what we choose.

    LBP - The Guardian will wank over it - no-one will buy it.

    Uncharted 2 - un-sales-charted more like.

    MGS4 - Sales long since peaked. 90 minute cut-scenes do not a game make.

    Resistance 2 - As generic as the first one? Shitter than Gears of War, which is an achievement in itself.

    Heavy Rain - Never fucking heard of it. The buzz must be massive.

    Why not mention Killzone 2, or will you turn 18 by the time that comes out, and yer mam will have kicked you out for being a whiny cunt.
    Blogger Craig said...

    "Santy Claws"? How old are you? 8?

    "you guys can sit here and have your little circlejerk while everyone else enjoys LBP, Resistance 2, MGS4, Uncharted2, Heavy Rain etc."
    Those games are pretty rubbish to be honest. The novelty of LBP will wear off soon after release. Resistance 2... brilliant, a generic shooter. Uncharted looks like tomb raider but with a man. Heavy rain looks pretentious.

    If you want to boast about the good games the PS3 has, you could at least mention Ratchet and Clank.
    Anonymous Percy said...
    Yet another PS3 fanboy trying to make out we don't like the PS3 because we can't afford one...

    I can afford one, I just don't want one, my 360 plays games for less money to the same standard (if not better in most cases). Either way that will go when the Dreamcast 2 comes along and saves the world.

    You will never convince us the PS3 is a good idea so why even try, you just make yourself look foolish...
    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    while you enjoy "LBP, Resistance 2, MGS4, Uncharted2, Heavy Rain" I will enjoy spore and crysis...
    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    Lie Watches get the best (i.e. worst) comments.
    Blogger MAK said...
    I don't understand the PS3 fanboyzzz.

    I owned a PS & PS2 back in the day, but didn't get a PS3 cos it was rubbish.

    Not cos I hate Sony, (though they are astonishingly inept these days, what with - well - the PS3, and the whole laptop battery issue) but because it was overpriced compared to a PS3.

    Why get a PS3 when you could have a 360 & Wii* for the same price?

    (*Sorry, I realise the Wii mention will win me no friends around here!)
    Blogger bilal said...

    It's partly to do with the credit crunch, but mostly to do with the fact that I've now finally finished MGS4 and so have no need for it at all (I bought it for MGS4).

    Hopefully, the fact I even bought one in the first place has been wiped clean by the sale (and actual profit from said sale), so I'm back in the club.

    And if any cunts try to get smart and mention Blu-ray, I'll just point at my PC, thanks. And no, I don't have a 360 either. Once the PS3's gone I'll have only Sega consoles (and a Wii and PS2) in my household, which will help with the energy levels and cast out evil spirits and save me from having to align my mirrors to send negative vibes out the front door.

    As for games, while you lot are enjoying all that shit that was posted in that comment a while ago, I'll be beavering away at SSF2T, which is the only game I need right now, so there.

    Back on topic, I thought those two big bouncer-types would be used to intimidate any passers-by into buying that PS3. That's what I'd do anyway.

    p.s. Swill Man's back in my good books - I just realised he's the one who uploaded the high-quality version of Don't Copy That Floppy to YouTube. Swill, if you're reading this, good show :)
    Blogger Phil said...
    I was intrigued by the PS3 fanboy's comment about forthcoming killer PS3 titles. 'Hard Rain' got my attention, so I googled for it and found some information about this non-game on wikipedia.

    This touted feature just about sums up Sony:

    "real-time tears"

    Boo-hoo Sony, Boo Hoo.

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